Donate Program

Cruelty towards dogs is rarely reported. As a result, the animal abuse statistics numbers are way higher than you can imagine. But even the ones we have are pretty disheartening. 

It is a worldwide problem that dogs are neglected and mistreated. We now see how profound the problem’s impact is, but what can we do to help?

Well, understanding your dog is one thing. But let’s talk about the facts:

Animal Cruelty Facts

  • Every minute a dog is mistreated or neglected
  • Over ten million animals in the US are abused to death 
  • Thousands of Greyhounds, Pit Bulls, and Boxers die each year
  • Laboratory testing uses 115 million animals in experiments every year.
  • Dogs comprise 65% of all abused animals. 
  • Above 50% of the US’s fur comes from China, where cats and dogs are bled and skinned to death.

Donating program

Proud Dog Parents was founded to improve the well-being of dogs.

We do this by:

  • Providing Proud Dog Parents with free weekly information to understand their dogs better.
  • Donating a meal when people sign up to our newsletter (already more than 10000 meals donated)
  • Helping local shelters by donating money
  • Providing free information through blogs, ebooks, and programs