What if your Yorkshire Terrier licks excessively?

What if your Yorkshire Terrier licks excessively?

Because licks are really the canine counterpart of kisses, they are a lovely way for your Yorkie to show affection. There are dogs, however, who are unable to discern the appropriate moment to cease running. They may smother you with many licks that you feel like you're being smothered to death. You may also notice that your Yorkie dog licks the hands whenever you try to pet or brush the coat.

What if your Yorkshire Terrier licks excessively?

It's easy to see how a simple welcome might quickly escalate into something more serious. This section explains why pups do this and how to get the Yorkshire terrier to stop licking anyone so much in just two weeks of training.

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Why Does Your Yorkie Keep Licking You?

Human licking consists of a number of steps:

It is the most common way a dog expresses affection.

Dogs have a hierarchical view of the universe. There is a pack of wolves living in our den (home). The Alphas (leaders) of the pack are in control of the Betas (followers) (others).

Your Yorkshire Terrier perceives you as the Alpha if everything is going according to plan. Because of this, you should expect your dog to display some level of submissiveness. This includes licking.

Finally, we must take into account the saltiness of human skin. Salt is carried away by perspiration as it exits the body through the skin pores. If this were not the case, the blood's salinity would increase dangerously high. As a result, each and every lick is a unique experience.

When the Yorkie dog licks you crazy, it's probably because you're responding in some way. If this is the case, the positive reinforcement you receive may act as a powerful incentive. Dogs might get stuck in a rut. In the event that their owner becomes irate as a result of their licking, the dog will lick to express their regret.

Psychologically, licking is a pleasurable experience. Endorphins (the brain's "feel good" chemicals) are released when a dog licks repeatedly. So why would you stop doing something that's good for you?

Yorkshire Terriers may well get swept away in their passion for their Alpha while also receiving attention, smelling salt, and experiencing an increase in endorphins as they lick their owner.

This may appear to be a significant obstacle to overcome. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem.

Training your dog to stop licking your face

To teach a dog to quit doing something, they must first grasp what it is. This is a part of this training.

Here's everything you'll need to get started:

Make sure you've picked your training rewards wisely. Despite the importance of positive reinforcement, high-value training rewards are the most efficient and effective strategy. If you want to train your Yorkie effectively, you need to use a variety of methods, including the following: small serving sizes, moist foods, foods that are only given out for training, foods that are extra tasty, and foods that are of a higher quality than standard dog kibble.

In terms of training treats, Wellness Gentle Bites Natural Wheat Training Treats are excellent. Even though these are advertised as puppy training treats, because of Yorkies' small stature, these are excellent for Yorkies of any and all ages, are all natural, and available in a variety of flavors like lamb and salmon.

Keep a handful of sweets in your back pocket and a curled up fist in your other hand.

Aim to learn yourself to stop licking few times a day, if not more. There should be 10 minutes between each session. Do this training if your Yorkie's behavior is making it difficult for you to interact with people in the house.

Pick a place to train where you won't be bothered by anything around you.

In order to train, perform the following actions:

Allow your dog to lick you as part of this training so that he or she understands what is happening. The next step is to use physical posture and order to halt the licking, while rewarding the animal for doing so. Your Yorkie will eventually come to abide by your commands alone.

Allow the Yorkie to lick you when you have training treats in the pocket and a curled-up hand. Every five seconds, repeat the word "lick" in a loud, clear voice. If your dog ever stops moving, keep your voice low. For this licking session, you should be able to tolerate the tickles for at least 20-30 seconds before stopping. There are 4 to 6 "lick" commands from you every 5 seconds, thus this will take between 4 and 6.

You will just rise to the point where the licking will come to an end. While your Yorkie is snuggled up next to you on the couch, try kneeling up to give him a good stretch. During your ascent, say a command phrase to signal the end of the licking. Even if you're using the terms "off" or "no," it is preferable to use the word "stop." Therefore, you'll say, "Stop licking," putting emphasis on the "stop" part of the phrase.

In spite of your role in getting the biting to stop, applaud their efforts with an exuberant voice: "Good, stop! While holding out the treat as a reward, I exclaimed, "Good dog!"

This should be repeated for the full length of the 10 min training session.

Do not physically rise after 5 days; just deliver a stern command of "no lick" to your dog. If your Yorkie does what you want it to, reward it with a treat and lots of squeals of delight. For at least a week, keep going in this manner (no rising) If your Yorkie strays from the path of obedience at any point, go back on stage of physically regaining control.

In two weeks, the Yorkie should be completely trained if you do this twice a day. Instead, you may have to start by just licking their lips to get their attention.

A Yorkie's Hand Licking Training

When it comes to the preparation of the snacks and Step #1, there are only a few minor tweaks that are necessary.

Training rewards will still be used, albeit in smaller amounts. If your Yorkshire Terrier is going to be licking the hands, you won't want to be holding a reward. This is why you should carry around 20 or more in an accessible location. Additionally, two sessions every day should be planned and held in an area free of distractions as part of the pre-preparation process.

Step 1: Start licking as soon as you have your training treats handy. This may involve petting your dog's coat or maybe starting to brush it, depending on how he generally behaves. The licking is a vital part of the process, so don't interfere with it by insisting upon brushing (or whatever your genuine aim would otherwise be).

Every five seconds, repeat the word "lick" in a loud, clear voice. If your dog ever stops moving, keep your voice low. 20 to 30 seconds is the recommended time frame for this licking session. When the command 'lick' is delivered every 5 seconds, this equates to 4–6 commands every minute.

Last Thoughts

We have high standards for the canine members of our family. When it comes to our Yorkies, we want them to always respect housebreaking regulations, be friendly to other dogs, greet visitors in a'smooth' manner and never chew on anything in the house! You must therefore be polite and patient when working with your Yorkie in order to get him to quit licking you excessively. Don't be too hard on yourself if you see a little progress. Keep in mind how fortunate you are that your dog is so willing to learn from your patience and perseverance.

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