What does a Yorkshire Terrier cost on average per month?

What does a Yorkshire Terrier cost on average per month?

$75 – $1,200 monthly

Small terriers like the Yorkshire Terrier are very popular. Even though they are lively and energetic, they don't require a lot of exercise, and despite the fact that they may be stubborn and tough to teach, their little stature ensures that they won't physically take over the house. This makes them popular with senior citizens.

What does a Yorkshire Terrier cost on average per month?

Because of their popularity & purebred status, a single cat can cost upwards of $1,000, while the yearly cost of raising this type is $1,800. The average cost of owning a Yorkie is estimated to be $25,000 over its lifetime.

For the majority of pet owners, they're worth every penny, but it's crucial to be prepared financially so that your new pet can live a long, healthy, and content life. The following paragraphs will detail the expenses.

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The One-Time Costs of Bringing a New Yorkshire Home

The dog itself is the most expensive part of owning a Yorkie. You can save money by adopting instead of purchasing, and if you must purchase a puppy, think about whether you really need an exhibition-grade Yorkie with registration papers or if you can get by with a pet quality Yorkie, which is substantially cheaper.

What does a Yorkshire Terrier cost on average per month?

In most cases, free Yorkies come through friends or family members who are no longer able to care for the dog, either from friends and family who are prepared to give up one of their most recent puppies. Puppies should originate from parents that really are free of genetic and health issues, otherwise you run the chance of your puppy developing similar issues.

Between $50 to $500 can be spent on adoption

The majority of owners prefer to adopt rather than buy. The reasons why dogs are given to rescues or shelters are numerous. When a Yorkie's owner dies, the dog is often put up for adoption, while some are well-trained and behaved, one should visit the dog to check that it is the case before adopting.

Compared to purchasing a dog, adoption fees are lower, but they can vary greatly from shelter to shelter and you don't have the same level of freedom or assurance that you would with a traditional purchase.

Breeders can expect to earn between $500 and $2,500 every litter

When purchasing a Yorkshire terrier from a breeder, there is a wide range in pricing. Expect to have to pay about $500 to $800 for a puppy of companion or pet grade at the cheaper end spectrum. Despite the fact that it won't have kennel club paperwork, both of its parents should have passed health screenings.

Exhibit-quality canines will set you back at least $1,000

You will have to pay a fee of $2,000 more than if your family tree is filled with prize winners.

Puppies of this breed typically cost roughly $1,200.

Assembled and Provisioned

$1,125 – $975

Supplies will be the second-largest expense of owning a dog. Some goods should last your dog's entire life, whereas others may have to be changed every few years or even more frequently. Quality of the objects, your puppy's chewing habits, or even how well it has been toilet-trained all play a role.

How Much Is a Yorkie's Monthly Fee?

The monthly cost ranges from $75 to $1,000

Assuming that you pay for regular walks and if your pet requires emergency treatment as well as some pet sitting, your monthly costs are unlikely to exceed the upper end of this spectrum. For the most part, you should anticipate to pay roughly $150 each month in expenses.


Per month, the range is $60 to $600

In addition to making sure your Yorkie is free and happy of disease, good health care also entails giving him the food and nourishment he needs. You'll also have to keep a check on things like their nails and ears, as well as their overall health. Whenever it comes to cost, age is the most important aspect. Puppies are expensive, as are older canines.

Every month, I spend $20 to $50 on food

There is no doubt that the Yorkie is a smaller dog than the Huskies or St. Bernards. Food of high quality, however, is necessary. By doing this, you're ensuring that the Yorkshire Terrier is getting the nutrition it needs without overindulging. Trainees can benefit greatly from treats as well. The overall cost of feeding your pet will be determined by the brand of food you choose, rather than the quantity.

Grooming services range from nothing to as much as $100 a month

Your Yorkie doesn't need a groomer if you take care of his or her needs yourself. In order to keep their nails and ear piercings in good condition, as well as to ensure that their hair does not get in their eyes, they must get their hair cut and their nails trimmed. The cost of a professional groomer is typically $30 per month for those who employ them once or twice a month. There is a price to be paid for high-quality show grooming.

Prescriptions as well as Veterinarian Checkups

$20 – $250 a month

You may not need to take the Yorkie to the veterinarian at all in certain months. You'll feel at home there during the other months of the year. There are wellness plans that you can buy, but they often don't save you much money over the course of a year compared to paying for individual treatments. You can also search around to discover affordable veterinarians, but keep in mind issues like convenience of access, operating hours, and more.

Insurance for pets

Monthly spending ranges between $20 and $100

One approach to budget for veterinary expenses is to purchase pet insurance. Although some insurance require you to pay the fees up front and then get reimbursed later, it normally covers unexpected expenses. Insurers normally have a maximum amount they will pay out per treatment, per year, and per policy, so it's important to check these out before you acquire an insurance coverage.

Behaviour and Training

10 to $150 per month

It is true that the Yorkie is a little breed, but it is also prone to becoming naughty & yappy around strangers if it hasn't been properly socialized early on. Make sure your dog has some training, and budget for someone to look after your dog if you have to go away or are otherwise incapable of providing the attention and care it need.

Classes for Training

$100 per month or less

You will need to give instruction for your dog, whether you wish to teach them yourself, take professional lessons, or have a behaviourist approach visit your home. It's a good idea to enroll your Yorkie in training lessons, which typically cost $25 per month. The price varies, but it's less expensive than hiring a therapist to come to your house. Training at home may still necessitate the purchase of treats as well as other training aids, even if you do it yourself.

From $5 to $500 each month for entertainment

It's crucial to keep your Yorkie amused since a happy Yorkie is a better behaved, fitter dog who is also more outgoing and friendly. Make sure your dog has plenty of playthings and gets out on a regular basis. It's possible that you'll have to pay for an expert dog walking service if you can't take your dog every day. This is when the fees might add up.


Ranging from $5 to $20 a month

Consider getting your dog a toy subscription box if he or she runs through toys quickly or grows bored with the ones they already have. If you don't want your Yorkie to get bored, you'll need a constant supply of treats. The cost of a high-quality toy is far less than the price for a new couch for a bored Yorkie.

The cost of a month's worth of walking ranges from $0 to $500.

Assuming you require a professional to step in and walk the puppy every day at a cost of $20 a walk, $500 may seem like a lot. Taking your dog for a walk is free if you can do it on your own.

Factoring in Additional Costs

You'll want to have a little extra cash set away for miscellaneous expenses. For instance, insurance policies do not cover some exclusions, such as furniture chewing or weeing, so you'll have to buy new ones. There are always some unexpected charges, even if you use products as pet insurance or wellness plans to help you plan and budget.

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