Why you should walk your dog!

Why you should walk your dog!

Do you know dogs can be your best companions on a walk?

Yes, of course you knew that. 

You don't have to wait for a friend to go out for a walk when you have a pup at home. Because your dog is your best friend. 

Proud Dog Parents vets get a lot of questions about why it's good to walk your dog. Therefore, in this article, the benefits of walking your dog. 

Of course, you already knew that the walk is not just fun but also plays a vital role in your dog's life. Improving a dog's health, behavior, and bone strength becomes easy when you walk it regularly.

Why you should walk your dog!

Therefore, gather the related accessories, and let’s walk your dog daily. Proud Dog Parents was created to give dog parents accurate information about their dog. Unfortunately, there are many online companies that are only out to make money. Proud Dog Parents is dedicated to improving the health of your dog. 

Approaching an authentic source of information is highly appreciated. Currently, we recommend you to seek help from our FREE EBOOK Walk your dog like a pro. It is one of our preferences when it’s about some dog-related issue.

Keep yourself engaged with the guide and know about some benefits of walking your dog.

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Is it cruel to not walk your dog?

That walking your dog is good for him, most proud dog parents know.

We get a lot of questions about whether it's bad for your dog if you don't walk him. Many people think they are a bad dog parent if they don't walk their dog.

It is not cruel not walking your dog

The biggest concern they often have is about the amount or walks with their dog. For example, parents who don't walk their dog every day because they are working. Does this mean that you are then a bad dog parent?

No. I don't think so.

We all know that walking is good for your doggie. Still, life is not always in your control and it can happen that you don't walk your dog one day. Don't feel guilty if your dog doesn't get a walk one day.

Just don't make it a habit.

Just like people, dogs need the outdoors to relax and keep moving. So if you are structurally unable to walk your dog, arrange for family or a dog walking service to walk your dog.

The right amount of exercise for your dog

The main question the experts at Proud Dog Parents often get is: how much exercise does my dog need?

The honest answer is that this cannot always be said. This is because there are many factors that affect the amount of exercise your dog needs. Think of age, breed, health but also personality.

Watch this video for more information:

Health Benefits of walking your dog

Okay. Back to the subject of the article for a moment: Why should you actually walk your dog?


Because it's healthy for your dog :)

Although there is a wide range of lists, we pick a few benefits from our FREE EBOOK Walk your dog like a pro.

Benefit 1: Improves the mental state

The walk is not just beneficial for joint health but also improves dogs' mental health as we know that dogs are rich in energy and like to consume that energy, so give them a walk. If you are not putting them in walk or exercise, they may use this energy in something destructive.

Without walk, they may get the chewing habit and hence ruin everything that comes their way. Walking a dog allows them to notice other wildlife and as well environment. In this way, you can reduce the boredom and anxiety in your dog.

Benefit 2: Improves the emotional state

If your dog is getting stress, crying at night, or bark excessively, then you must walk your pup. We need to keep our dogs emotionally stable and healthy. Improving a dog's emotional health is easy just by taking it out for a walk.  In this way, you can spend quality time with your dog and hence improves the Bond. Reducing your dog's attention-seeking behavior and anxiety is easy by walking it.

Benefit 3: Improves Personal Condition

When you take your dog for a walk, it’s you getting the motivation to walk regularly. In this way, you not just help your dog to cope with its health issues but also improves your health. Also, walking your dog means not waiting for any of your friends to give you company.

There is nothing wrong if we say that dogs are the best companions at the exercise of walks. It is not just always available but always ready to join you for a walk, isn't it amazing?

Benefit 4: Reduces boredom

When it’s about reducing boredom, walking plays an important role for you and your dogs. If you have a hectic routine and don’t have enough time to spend it with your furball, it may get boring. Let’s be responsible and fetch time from your practice to take your dog out for a walk. In this way, you can help your dog cope with boredom or anxiety.

Benefit 5: Good exercise

If you are not aware of the other dog exercises, then walking is a suitable replacement. In this way, your dog will not get the behavioral issues. Reducing social anxiety becomes easy when you walk your darling pup.

walking keeps your dog fit

According to the EBook, if you are walking your dog regularly, it is unnecessary to put it into hectic exercises.

Benefit 6: Good behavior

When a dog gets bored, living alone for longer times, and not getting enough attention, it may get behavioral issues. In this case, the most effective and simple solution to follow is walking your dog. In this way, the dog gets your attention, and that's all your dog expects from you.

Furthermore, the importance of walk may vary from dog to dog and even from breed to breed. Therefore, deep research about your dog's breed is highly appreciated.

Keep the route short when your dog is elder and aged. Dog with some bone issue should not be walked. Additionally, small breeds may have less need for walking as compared to the large species.

The discussion has not ended yet, so look at some shortlisted questions and know more details.

Benefit 7: Keep the dog parents fit

Going for a nice walk with your dog is not only good for the dog itself. Also the proud dog parent keeps himself fit by going for regular walks with the dog. A short walk before or after work is good for the physical and mental condition. 

What activities are good for your dog in less time?

Since walks with your dog give him mental peace and plenty of exercise, the dog experts at Proud Dog Parents give you some suggestions. These suggestions aim to give your dog plenty of exercise in a short amount of time.

Suggestion 1: Use puzzle toys to make him search for food. This way your dog learns to work for his food and gets exercise.
Suggestion 2: Dog boot camp. Get your dog trained in a series of exercises. Do this for example in the morning. Have him sit, jump, walk up the stairs and run in circles.
Suggestion 3: Play hide-and-seek. Hide food or his favorite toy and have him search through the house.
Suggestion 4: Let him play in the yard every morning before you go to work.

FAQs related to the importance of walking your dog

Q1: Why is it important to walk my dog?

For many reasons, the owner needs to walk their dog. Walk not just improves blood circulation but ensures better health. Along with this, walking boosts the mental strength of the dog and reduces the chances of its destructive behavior. Reducing anxiety and stress becomes easy just by taking your dog out for a walk. The walk is a suitable replacement for exercise.

Q2: Is it bad not to walk my dog?

Yes, it’s bad not to walk your dog because it may cause some behavioural issues. It is crucial to mention that dog's body has their own needs of exercise. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to add walk or exercise to the routine of your darling pup.

Q3: Is it reasonable to walk the dog every day?

Yes, it’s good to walk the dog regularly. Keeping your dog healthy, reducing destructive behaviour and anxiety is accessible by walking your dog regularly. Even, walk improves the mental and as well as emotional health of your dog.

Q4: Effects of not walking your dog

Unfortunately, there are many drawbacks to not walking your dog. Some of the disadvantages are:
1. Aggressive behavior toward other dogs and people.
2. Developing fear of crowded environments.
3. Increase in barking.
4. Fear of other dogs and people.
5. Your dog is not accepted by other dogs.
6. Increase in fatigue or over activity.

Q5: Is it better to walk or run your dog? 

A common question the dog experts get from proud dog parents is whether it's better to walk or run? When your dog goes for a run he uses different muscle groups than when he walks alone.

It is healthy for your dog to run as well. Therefore, we recommend using a combination of both walking and running in your daily routine. 

To wrap it up

The walk is not just healthy for humans, but it also plays a crucial role in your dog's life. The walk is the most effective way when you want to help your dog overcome its behavioural issues. Improving a dog's emotional health becomes much easy when you are walking it daily. Moreover, it improves your Bond with your darling pup and hence prevents it from getting separation anxiety. Reducing boredom by walking your dog is another good idea for Dog parents. For this purpose, all you have to do is to fetch out time from your hectic routine and take your dog out to some park and enjoy a walk with it.

We hope this article was helpful. If you would like more information, please also check out our free e-book Walk Your Dog Like A Pro! on walking your dog. 

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