Walking my dog is stressful? How to Prevent Stress!

Walking my dog is stressful? How to Prevent Stress!

You love taking your dog for a walk, but your pup is entirely the opposite. Some dogs don't find walking fun, so they resist walking on a leash. In this case, walking your dog is stressful.

None of us want to pick a heavy dog in the middle of the route. It isn't very comfortable to pull a dog in some public place and convince it to walk correctly.

As a Proud Dog Parent, you should understand the importance of walking, so don't give up and make some effort to prevent stressful walks.

Walking my dog is stressful

We are here with a complete guide for you to convince your pup to join you on walks. In this way, you can reduce and even prevent the dog's stress at walks.

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Let’s have a quick go-through of the tips to prevent stress while walking with your dog!

Signs that your dog is stressed during walks

The specialists at Proud Dog Parents often receive questions about stressed dogs. Many dog parents worry that their doggie doesn't want to be walked when everyone knows how healthy walking is for their dog.

If your dog is stressed about being walked, you can quickly recognize the signs.
Your dog does not want to walk with you.
Your dog starts barking as soon as he sees the leash

  • He often turns around while walking
  • It does not focus on you
  • He growls
  • He always pulls back
  • He wants to get rid of the collar

Why does my dog pull so hard on the leash? 

Many dog parents find that their dog sometimes pulls extremely hard on the leash during walks.

A walk should be calming with your sweet friend!
The reasoYours so extremely hard may have to do with his behavior. He is super enthusiastic and eager to get everywhere.

Suppose your dog takes the leash in his mouth and starts biting on it. Many dogs do this, and the reason often has to do with the dog doing this to become calmer. So it is a way to unload.

How Do I Get My Dog Calm Down When Walking? 

The following tips will help your sweet dog become a little calmer. Nothing is more annoying than a stressed dog while walking. 

Tip 1: Select a quiet place and time                                                    

Maybe thewalk routek is not liked by your dog, which gets stressed. There is a possibility that your pup suffers from social anxiety and doesn't like the rush places.

Select a quiet place and time to walk your dog

So, it’s not the walk but the walk route causing trouble. Therefore, select a quiet place and time to walk your dog. In this way, it will not get panic.

Note that people and other dogs can trigger your furball, so changing the place will help you out. A quiet walking area means a stress-free walk with your furry companion.

Tip 2: Keep changing your walk routine and time

As soon as the clock ticks the walking time, your dog throws tantrums. It will cause stress and depression because your dog doesn't like to walk.

Be smart and change the walk time so your dog will associate time with stress.

If you follow the same pattern of preparing for a walk, change this pattern too. Don't let your dog determine that you both are going for a walk. Step out of home randomly, noticing a stress-free dog hanging out with you.

Tip 3: Verbal cues

Training your dog to walk on a leash without being stressed is relatively easy. All you have to do is teach the dog some basic verbal cues. For example, teach your dog about "keep walking."

Make sure to offer treats or rewards at each step of teaching verbal cues. Speak the alert in an anlinebeat tone so it will grab your dog’s attention. Holding the pup's attention before serving it a treat is still. In this way, your dog will understand that it will get pleasure after obeying the cue.

Practice the same procedure in the presence of distractions and the absence of treatment. If your dog is still following the cue, it’s your success. But, if the dog is not obeying the verbal cue, repeat the process.

Tip 4: Short walking routes

Maybe your dog is not stressed because of a walk but due to the walk duration. You are walking your dog on a longer route which makes it tired and causes stress. In most cases, long walking routes are the cause of stressful walks.

Try reducing the duration of the walk and select a shorter walking route. According to the EBook, you should know about your dog's capacity to walk without being tired or stressed. In this way, you can plan a fun and happy walk with your furry companion.

Changing routes or keeping the course short is the most effective and simple tip to follow.

Tip 5: Stay close to home

Don't walk miles with your doggie but stay close to home. Home is a safe place for your dog and will ensure that he knows he will be home again soon.

Tip 6: Find a dog buddy

Your dog will have less stress if he walks with another dog. The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents often see that stressed dogs experience much less stress when another dog walks with them.

It’s time to shortlist some of your questions to cover more points.

FAQs related to preventing dog stress while walking

Q1. Why does my dog gets stressed at walks?

Maybe your dog is suffering from social anxiety. Dogs that are not people-oriented may suffer from stress while walking. Lack of training or some health issue may also cause stress in your dog while walking.

Q2. How to prevent stress in dogs while walking?

There are several ways to prevent stress in dogs. The most effective way is to keep the route short, so your dog will not get tired. Along with, train your dog to walk on a leash. Select random times and routines to walk your dog. Walking your dog in a quiet and calm place is another way to prevent stress.

Q3. Is it crucial to walk my dog?

Yes, walking plays a vital role in your dog's life. It not just improves the mood but also reduces behavioral problems. The walk is essential to keep your dog active and away from health issues. Reducing boredom and strengthening your bond with a pup is accessible by walking it at some pleasant location.

Q4. Does walking your dog relieve stress? 

Walking your dog has many benefits (both for you and your dog). The following benefits your dog experiences when you walk him:
* Reduces stress
* Reduces loneliness
* Your dog meets other dogs

In short: if your dog is anxious while walking, you must take him for a walk.

To wrap it up

Adopting a dog is not the end of the story; you will have to tolerate each of its behavior. Giving up on a dog's tantrum is not an available choice for you. Dogs are pretty moody, especially when it’s about the walk. They make the walk stressful and even embarrassing for you. Therefore, you must know about the proper ways to prevent stress while walking a dog. For this purpose, all you have to do is to read the guide carefully and follow the instructions. You will realize that all of the methods are much easier to reduce stress in dogs. According to the EBook, you don’t have to hire a professional because dogs are easy to handle at home.

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