Tips for Walking Your Dog at Night

Tips for Walking Your Dog at Night

A night walk is the best thing when the weather is pleasant. Why not walk with your furry companion!

Note that the night walk with your dog will be a bit different from the daytime walk. Nighttime walks expect more care and guidelines to follow. You will have to carry some essential accessories for apparent reasons.

When it’s about dog accessories, it means getting a lighted leash or maybe the collar. Here is a suggestion for you to follow. Don't be fooled by online sites or companies. Don't purchase leashes or collars just because they look attractive. As a responsible dog parent, you must understand that most online stores are offering wrong dog products and even information. So, it's not a good idea to purchase nighttime walk accessories online because of their lovely pictures. These companies don't care about the health or comfort of your pup; their only concern is to earn money.

I am sure your love for dogs is real, so you must approach an authentic source to gain knowledge. As far as walking with your dog is concerned, we approached the FREE EBOOK Walk Your Dog Like A Pro. The specific book is one of our preferences when it's about discussing dog-related issues.

Benefits of walking your dog at night

Despite the fact that your dog is less visible at night, there are also many advantages to walking your dog at night. Proud Dog Parents recommends that dog parents walk dogs at night because it helps dogs reset before bed. It is good for your dog's mindset and also for food that may not have been digested yet. Because the muscles are activated, it has a better effect on your dog's digestion. 

Tips for walking my dog at night

According to our EBook, knowing about specific tips before moving out for a night walk is a good approach.

1. Use LED Collar or Leash

To keep your dog’s presence visible, it’s essential to use light-oriented accessories. For this purpose, using an LED collar or leash will be an excellent and economical option.

So, if you are willing to take your dog out for a night's walk, purchase the accessories accordingly.

Note that the LED leash or collar is not just for you, but it helps people identify your dog's presence. In this way, there will be less and even no chances of an accident.

Again, please don't select the online stores or companies to buy LED collars because they may send you the wrong one. The type and size of the collar vary from breed to breed, size to size, and even from age to age. While purchasing it online, there are more chances of getting the wrong delivery.

2. Dog Safety Vest

Furthermore, to ensure a high level of security at night walk, purchase the safety vest. The safety vest reflects the light and hence glow to confirm the presence of a dog. Most of them are rich in LED lights which are entirely in your control to turn on.

Again, don’t go for online shopping when it’s about the safety of your darling pup. No one cares for the health of your dog; it’s just you to love him, so make sure to get the right product for it.

3. Plan a route

When you have light-reflecting accessories on your pup's body, the next step is to plan the route. Make sure to walk over a familiar route so your dog will feel easy and will not panic at night walking.

In this way, there will be no potential confusion for you and your dog. Just like humans, dogs like to move on the same track, so it enhances the same patterns into the dog’s memory.

4. Bring your phone

The phone is a must-have resource when it’s about a nighttime walk. Having a phone at walks means having quick access to the emergency numbers. Moreover, it will serve you will handy maps along with flashlights. There is nothing wrong if we say that having mobile means ensuring some level of security.

5. Be street smart

Let’s assume that you are an urban dog walker; you will have to be street smart. Most of the urban areas are low in light, contains desolate parking lots along with secluded woods. So, all you have to do is carry confidence while walking with your dog to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

6. Stay Visible with reflective clothes

You too, as a proud dog parent, need to be highly visible at night when walking your dog. So make sure that you yourself are also well visible by wearing a reflective vest or an LED light strip on your clothing. 

Don't use headphones

Know that when you are walking with the dog, all of your attention should be on your darling pup. It is not just good to improve your bond with the puppy but ensure safety.

Furthermore, make sure your dog is trained enough to walk on a leash. It would be best not to force your dog to walk because it may get aggressive at night. Your dog should know about following the verbal cues. Following the same route is highly recommended when it’s about a regular nighttime walk with your furball.

Your dog must not have social anxiety or excessive barking problem, especially when moving out at night. It may harm strangers.

Best products for walking your dog at night

Because your dog is at risk in traffic, it is essential to make your dog highly visible at night. Products that have a good contribution to this are:

  • LED harnesses and collars
  • Reflective dog leash
  • Dog safety vest

Another interesting item is to purchase a GPS dog leash. If your dog runs away, it can be found via GPS on your phone. Very handy when your dog runs away again!

FAQs related to Walking dogs at night

1. Is it reasonable to walk my dog at night?

Yes, it’s good enough to take your pup out for a night's walk. It improves your bond with the puppy and even ensures peaceful sleep. If you don't have enough time to walk your dog in the daytime, a nighttime walk is highly recommended.

2. What is the basic accessory to walk with a dog at night?

It would be best if you moved out of home with a reflective leash and a collar. LED collar or leash is also an option. Along with, make sure to have a mobile with emergency numbers. Picking up the torch is also a good approach when walking with your darling pup at night.

3. Why not walk my dog at night?

If your dog is not people-oriented, not trained to stop barking at your order, and doesn't know about verbal cues, then don't go for a nighttime walk. Moreover, a dog with social anxiety is another case when you should ditch the idea of a nighttime walk with a pup.

4. Why Won't my dog go for a walk at night? 

It can be challenging for some dogs to be walked in the evening. During the day, he may be used to the route and visibility, which he does not have in the evening. If your dog finds it scary to be walked in the evening. Then make sure he has good visibility and that you extend the route step by step. That way he can get used to the dark environment. 

To wrap it up

Waking your dog at night is not as simple as it looks. The nighttime walk requires some unique dog accessories such as glowing collars or reflecting leashes. Along with this, there are related recommendations mentioned within the guide. All you have to do is keep all pros and cons in mind while taking your dog out for a nighttime walk.

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