My dog doesn't like walking? What Should I Do?

My dog doesn't like walking? What Should I Do?

Dogs are known for their mood swings!

One moment they love to go out, and the second moment they don't even want to walk. Our giant dogs don't realize that they are no more baby and we can't pick them up. Each time it's the dog parent who has to compromise.

We can't rely on dog’s tantrums. We understand the fact that walk is crucial for dogs to promote their good health.

By keeping the importance of walk-in in mind, parents ask the question, "my dog doesn't like walking, what I should do?" It would be best if you read this guide till the end.

We can't answer this question in one line. The complete answer will be explained in numerous ways by which you can make your dog like walking.

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Therefore, you must approach suitable sources of information to aid more in your knowledge. Dog's good health is our priority, and that is why we provide the original and right information. We suggest you approach our FREE EBOOK. Walk your dog like a pro if you want to solve dog issues.

For now, our only concern is to present some ways by which you can convince your dog to walk correctly.

How to make your dog walk properly?

Train your dog to walk on a leash

Firstly, train your dog to walk on a leash. In this way, it will not stop in the middle of the walking route and keep walking with you.

To know about the ways to leash train your dog, explore our site. Moreover, you can use the treats or rewards properly to convince your dog to keep walking.

Teach him verbal cues

Verbal cues play an important role when it’s about grabbing your dog’s attention. Please teach your dog about some basic cues and use them at the right time.

Use the cue in an upbeat tone whenever your dog stops while walking. In this way, it will be easy for you to distract your dog and make him keep walking with you.

“Keep walking” can be the right cue when you want your dog to have a good morning walk with you.

Keep the route short

It's a suggestion and an effective way to keep your dog interested in walks. Maybe your dog doesn't want to walk because it gets tired at long routes. So we can say it’s not the walk but the long route that is bothering your darling pup.

Therefore, keep the route short and easy for your dog. Let your dog be easy with morning walks.

Bring some treats

Treats are the magic sticks in your hand. If you know when to offer a treat to your darling pup, it means you know how to convince it for specific behavior. Similarly, bring some treats while walking your dog and offer one when it denies walking.

The same will be the case when you walk your furball to walk smoothly on a leash without showing any mood swings.

Keep communicating with your dog.

Last but not least, keep engaging your dog and let him understand that walk is all about your attention for him. Continuous communication will make your dog happy and even motivated for walks.

According to our EBook, when you are communicating with your dog, you are keeping it distracted from the triggers. Dog’s focus will be you instead of small creatures or strangers.

Let’s shortlist some of your questions to add more details to the discussion.

FAQs related to dog walk

Why my dog doesn’t want to walk?

Maybe your dog is suffering from some health issue. Some bone or muscle stiffness can be the reason your dog doesn't want to walk. Social anxiety is another reason your dog stops in the middle of the route. To know more, explore our site and get several guides.

What are the benefits of walking your dog?

It is highly recommended that dog owners walk their dogs because it improves blood circulation and mental health. As well as a walk boosts up mental strength such as cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills in a dog. Improving your Bond with your pup and reducing boredom becomes easy when you walk your dog regularly. When your dog is not trained for other exercises or workouts, walking proves itself the best replacement.

Is it okay to walk my dog twice a day?

Yes, if your dog is completely good in health, walking your dog twice is completely fine. While on the other hand, if your dog is not good in health, walk your dog once a day.

To wrap it up

Walking your dog isn't simply limited to a great activity. However, it plays an important job when it's about raising a healthy dog. Walking your dog regularly is a successful and most straightforward way to assist your dog with conquering its behavioral issues. As referenced above, improving dogs' emotional and mental health is accessible by placing it into exercise or walking. If you have read the aide, you will know about the advantages of walking a dog. According to our EBook, you ought not to walk your dog for a long time because it may turn around the advantages and turns into a problem for your dog's health.

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