Travel with your dog to the UK

Travel with your dog to the UK

The UK is a perfect destination to travel with your darling pup. But, more than fun, it's a responsibility for you.

It’s not that simple to travel with your furry companion because you need to gather a wide range of documents. Airlines and as well as countries have specific regulations for a dog traveling.

Your being here reflects that you are searching for the proper ways to travel with your dog to the UK.

Luckily, you are on the right platform to get authentic guides. Let me take a moment to appreciate your effort to research before traveling. While exploring the internet, we interacted with some online sites offering dog travel accessories, don't be fooled by them. Such sites are not more than scams. All they do is presenting attractive pictures and hence grabbing money from you. Most of these deliver wrong products even by putting your dog's health at risk. Their love for dogs is not accurate.

At the same time, proud dog parents are intended to help dog owners by promoting authentic and accurate information.

Let’s jump to the main topic and discuss how to travel with your dog to the UK.

Microchip identification

You have your passport and related documents as your unique identity. Similarly, your dog also requires special identification when it’s about traveling to our countries.

The UK demands the microchip identification of your dog. Therefore, while preparing for a trip to the UK, identify your dog with a microchip.

Along with that, it would be good if your dog had some tattoo or birthmark. In this way, it will be easy for you and as well as for the staff to recognize your dog.

Microchips and tattoos are beneficial in case of any delay, accident, or unfortunate condition.

Note that, UK's regulations for dogs are much strict, so you should be responsible enough to follow such rules.

Passport health certificate

When your dog had its last rabies vaccination! Whether your dog is healthy or suffering from some infection! And many more questions asked by the airlines.

All of these questions are easy to answer just by having your dog’s health certificate.

Note that some airlines may prefer a specific vet to get your dog's tests done and to get the health certificate. In this way, there will be no fraud or confusion regarding your dog's health conditions.

By demanding a health certificate, they ensure the safe journey of other people and even other pets.

Vaccination against rabies

Rabies and its vaccination is the first question asked by the airline when it’s about traveling with your darling pup.

Make sure to complete your dog's vaccination course if you want him to travel to the UK.

According to UK regulation, your dog should not have its last rabies vaccination less than 30 days before travel. At the same time, it should not be more than 12 months before the travel day.

Therefore, arrange a trip to the vet before a month or two when planning a trip to the UK along your furball.

12 weeks old dogs

Your pup's Age is a significant factor to consider while planning to fly to the UK. The information is new to you that the UK does not allow dogs less than 12 weeks in age.

Therefore, wait for the right age of your dog before you book your flight to the UK.

According to our EBook: Travel: The Ultimate Guide To Travel Your Dog, make sure that you have the accurate date of birth of your pup.

Quarantine your dog

Quarantine your dog when your flight is just in 14 days. It’s essential to keep your dog free from any infection or contagious disease. Along with this, quarantine confirms that your dog is not a disease carrier.

Quarantine time may vary depending on the airline and your dog’s age.

According to proud dog parents, quarantine should not be like prisoning your dog. You must train it, feed it healthy food, walk it and shower plenty of love without letting it move out of the home.

FAQs related to Travel with your dog to the UK

Can I travel to the UK with my dog?

Yes, traveling to the UK with your dog is a great idea. But, make sure that your dog is enjoying its good health and does not contain any viruses. Travel to the UK with your dog is fun, but it’s not that simple. The UK has its own defined regulation for dogs, and you must research about these. You will have to follow some proper guidelines, as mentioned above in the article. Proud dog parents deliver authentic information to make travel easy and fun for you.

What dog accessories should I keep in my bag while traveling?

As you asked for the dog accessories to keep in a bag, the first is a water bottle and food bowl. A pouch full of dog treats is included in the essential dog accessories while traveling with the pup. Along with, you must have cleaning wipes, some toys, poop bags, or a pillow. Even, you can put on dog glasses, hats, and sunscreen depending on the destination or type of trip.

How to make dog travel cost-effective?

There is no way to make your trip cost-effective because it’s dependent on airlines.  The overall expense may vary from airline to airline. The destination is the primary factor to consider when it’s about the expense of traveling with a dog. Additionally, your dog's health condition, breed, and size are the other factors that may increase or decrease the expense. Cargo or cabin is a significant question when you focus on the cost of traveling with a dog.

To wrap it up

If you are willing to travel with your dog to the UK, you will have to consider some factors. Such factors are defined to us by UK or airlines. Proud dog parents are making it easy for you and mentioning a detailed guide related to dog traveling. Exploring the site will make you realize that there are multiple articles related to dog issues.

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