Travel with your dog to Mexico from the USA

Travel with your dog to Mexico from the USA

Mexico is a popular destination for tourists who bring their dogs along for the ride. There are several things you need do ahead of time if you plan to bring your pet to Mexico with you. It's important to know that only cats and dogs are considered pets under Mexican law; additional animals may be brought, but there are other rules in place.

Travel with your dog to Mexico from the USA

Mexican rules allow up to 2 dogs or cats per tourist to enter the country, but airlines generally permit one pet per person when flying. If you plan on taking more than one animal to Mexico, you should inquire with the Mexico consulate or embassy in your area.

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The veterinary examination and vaccinations of your pet must be current. Enter Mexico with your dog only after obtaining the necessary documentation:

  • Either the APHIS Veterinary Health Certificates OR a veterinary certification of good health in Spanish and English with the veterinarian's professional registration number or a copy of the license and the veterinarian's signature (handwritten papers are not acceptable). Make a basic duplicate of the original and the copy.
  • Verification that the pet has received a rabies vaccine at least 2 weeks before arriving in Mexico. There should be specific information on the vaccination certificate, such as when it was given and how long it is valid for.

Your pet will be subject to a quick physical check upon arrival in Mexico by employees to ensure it meets the above standards.

Travel by Air

If you're flying, be sure you know your airline's policies and any additional fees for transporting dogs well in advance of your trip. It's up to the airline to decide whether or not they'll transport your pet, so make sure you confirm all the criteria with them before booking your ticket. Depending on the airline, pets may or may not be transported at all. While most airlines allow small dogs to fly free in the cabins with their owners, the pet must travel in a licensed airline travel cage that fits under the plane's seat. If you're unsure about what measurements are allowed, call the airline.

Travel with your dog to Mexico

When flying with a dog in the cabin, follow Aero Mexico's rules. Only on flights under six hours are pets permitted in the cabin. The container must be well-ventilated and secure. An absorbent base should be used within the carrier, and must go under the passenger's seat to the front. You need a big carrier so that your dog can turn around and sleep down comfortably. The pet must be contained in the carrier at all times throughout the trip, and no food or drink may be given to the creature.

Travel Over Land

Traveling with your pet by vehicle is really the most convenient option. If your pet is extremely little and adapts well to a carrier, using the bus or cab might be challenging. Learn how to take your dog on a road trip.


Pet-friendly hotels and resorts were hard to come by in the past. The number of lodging establishments that allow visitors to bring their pets has increased in recent years. You should check ahead of time to see if your pet is welcome where you want to stay. Hotels in Mexico that allow pets may be found by visiting Pet Friendly Accommodations.

After a trip to Mexico, coming back.

Are you returning to the U.s with your pet? If you've been in Mexico for a long time, you may need a health certificate from a Mexican veterinarian that you may show when you return home. Do a quick check to see if your dog is still protected against rabies. For the latest information, visit the website of the proud dog parents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Traveling with Dogs

When should I bring my dog to Mexico?

Yes, Mexico is a great place to take your dog on a vacation. Getting your dog to obey vocal instructions and directions is as simple as teaching him to listen to you. Teach your dog to be sociable even to strangers by teaching him social skills from a young age. When planning a trip with your adorable pet, don't forget to stock up on necessary dog gear.

How can I get my dog ready to go without making him anxious?

It's simple: just teach your dog some basic commands. It's not as simple as buying new clothes for your dog to get it ready for a trip as it is to teach it good manners. Make an effort to socialize your dog so that he is sociable and people-oriented. Your dog's most essential lesson will be how to deal with stress while traveling: crate training.

What is the purpose of requiring canine identification through microchip on airlines?

Obviously, you want to be able to identify your dog in case of an emergency or in a crowded location. Microchip identification serves a comparable purpose to a passport or other government-issued identification document. A microchip identification is not necessary if your dog has a tattoo or birthmark.

To wrap it up

If you're traveling with cats or dogs, Mexican immigration will let you bring them into the country as long as you have the necessary zoo-sanitary papers and they look to be in excellent condition when they arrive in Mexico.

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