Travel with your dog to Italy from USA

Travel with your dog to Italy from USA

Next vacation you want to go to Italy with your dog. That’s cool.

When you decide to travel with your dog to Italy, the next step is to know about proper ways of it. Traveling with a dog is not like packing your bag, booking your seat, and fly. No! It’s pretty different because you need to follow some guidelines.

Italy proud dog parents

We are here with a guide having the right way to travel with your dog to Italy. All you have to do is to keep yourself engaged with the blog.

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Can I take my dog to Italy?

It is permitted to bring both dogs and cats on your vacation to Italy. Just make sure you meet all the conditions further reported in this article.

How to travel with your dog to Italy

Health certificate

A health certificate is not less than your dog's ticket. As you require a ticket as a pass to travel, your dog will need a health certificate.

A health certificate ensures that your dog is completely fine and it’s free from harmful viruses or infections. There is a specific column for rabies vaccination. Along with that, your dog will need to get a tapeworm treatment. Both of these diseases get a transfer from one pup to another; that is why complete vaccination is expected.

If everything is clear and fine on the health certificate, it’s a yes for your dog. While on the other hand, if there is some health issue or not having proper vaccination, you better vaccinate your dog first.

Note that airlines or companies are not going to accept random health certificates. They have their authorized and official vet specifically for generating accurate health certificates.

Tapeworm treatment

In the health certificate, you may notice a specific blank for the last tapeworm treatment. Make sure to treat your dog against tapeworm a day before the flight or booking.

Note that it's a strict rule for the dogs to get tapeworm treatment right before the booking, so don't be irresponsible. It’s no surprise that by putting your dog into multiple treatments, they ensure the safety of other people.

Rabies vaccination

Having only one dog with tapeworm means putting all pets at risk. Not just Italy but almost every country and even airline expect the parents to fulfill such requirements.

Rabies vaccination

Let’s jump to the significant point of attention when it’s about travel with your dog to Italy. The rabies vaccination!

Airlines may give you an easy hand in other requirements, but rabies vaccination is a must-have thing. A wide range of airlines are not strict for tapeworm treatment, but there is no compromise on rabies vaccination. Minor or major, each airline is going to demand a proper rabies vaccination.

There are some essential points to discuss when it’s about rabies vaccination—getting your dog a rabies vaccination in less than 30 days before the booking is not acceptable. At the same time, rabies vaccination 12 months before the flight is also a false condition. Please get your dog vaccinated 2 or 3 months before you're booking or flight.

Unique identification

Unique identification is as essential for dogs as it is for humans. Your dog needs to have a unique identification by microchip. If not a microchip, then your dog must have some tattoo or birthmark. The overall purpose of unique identification is to recognize your dog in an accident or missing case.

Getting your dog a collar with an ID tag is another good option. Make sure to mention your dog’s name and your phone number.

That's it for the guide to travel with your dog to Italy. I hope proud dog parents make it easy for you to understand the guidelines.

Let’s answer some of your questions to serve you with more information.

FAQs related to Travel with your dog to Italy

Q1. Why should dogs get rabies vaccination before traveling?

Dog rabies is considered the worst dog disease. It is harmful to your dog and a life threat to other people and even dogs. Getting your dog vaccinated is important to keep it safe. Moreover, by demanding rabies vaccination, airlines ensure the safety of other people and pets. It’s a strict rule that dog parents must follow if they want to travel with dogs.

Q2. Why is dog identification important while traveling?

You may focus that most of the countries and even airlines demand a unique dog identification. It’s their type of ensuring the safety of your darling pup. Having a microchip identification or tattoo makes it easy for the owner and staff to find a dog in a missing case. Dog identification proves itself useful in some unfortunate situations such as accidents.

Q3. Is there any way to make dog travel cost-effective?

Unfortunately, no way makes dog travel cost-effective. It’s due to the different and defined airline regulations and policies. You will have to follow such rules, no matter what. So, the overall expense may vary from airline to airline. The destination is the primary factor to consider when it's about the cost of traveling with a dog. Additionally, your dog's health condition, breed, and size are the other factors that may increase or decrease the expense. Cargo or cabin is a significant question when you focus on the cost of traveling with a dog.

To wrap it up

Italy can be a perfect choice to travel with your dog. The addition of a pup into some trips increases its fun. But, at the same time, it's about completing paperwork and getting your different dog treatments. Proud dog parents are making it easy for you by serving travel guides. Scroll up to read guidelines to travel with your dog to Italy. To know more, explore the site and get access to multiple dog guides.

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