Travel with your dog to France

Travel with your dog to France


France is an incredible destination to plan your next vacation. And, the enjoyment increases when you decide to travel with your darling pup.

Note that traveling with your dog is not just fun but a huge responsibility. You need to gather the required documents and paperwork to travel without any problem.

Each destination and airlines have their regulation, you should know about these.

Travel with your dog to France

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Let’s jump to the main topic and discuss the ways to travel with your dog to France.

How can I take my dog to France? 

There are several ways you can travel to France with your dog. By plane, car or bus. In addition, there are a number of companies that specialize in dog transport. Eurotunnel, for example, is one of those companies that has a lot of experience in transporting dogs to France. 

Travel with your dog to France

The dog must be at least 12 weeks old

Each destination country has its policies. So you decided to travel to France with your darling pup.

Firstly, make sure your dog is mature enough to get allowed to travel to France. According to the rules and regulations, your pet should be at least 12 weeks old.

Therefore, have the proper birth certificate or related documentation to show the correct age of your darling pup.

Note that each country is quite strict in following its regulations, so don't get fake or incomplete documents.

Microchip identification is essential

Furthermore, your dog should have its unique identity before you get on the flight to France.

A proper microchip should identify your dog to be easy for the staff and owner to recognize.

 If not the microchip identification, then a unique tattoo. It would be good if your dog had a particular tattoo for recognition. The overall idea is to identify your dog even in a rush or in case of any unfortunate situation.

Again, it’s a strict rule, and irresponsibility will not be entertained in this case.

Rabies vaccination

Not just for France but for any country, your dog must complete its vaccination course.

It’s no surprise that there is a wide range of contagious viruses, and your dog is always at risk of getting such infections. Similarly, your dog can also be a carrier of viruses, so vaccination is essential.

According to the France regulations, rabies vaccination should not be less than 30 days before travel. At the same time, it should not be more than 12 months before the flight. Therefore, keep your dog's vaccination in mind before you book the flight.

Health certificates

Research the France regulations for dogs and collect related health certificates. Such dog's health certificates clarify that your dog is not suffering from contagious diseases or severe health issues.

Quarantine your dog

It would be good to quarantine your dog before you plan a travel to France. In this way, you can keep your dog away from diseases or infections.

Note that quarantine your dog should not be interpreted as dog prison. It’s just not taking your dog to public parks and not sending it to the training classes. It’s about keeping your dog at home and serving it with healthy treats, and make some effort to improve its behavior.

Quarantine your dog

Airlines will recommend you quarantine your dog for at least 40 days before you book the flight.

Furthermore, research the airlines regulations and follow the rules to make traveling easy for you.

Non-commercial eu health certificate for france

The rules in the EU make it easy to travel with your dog in the EU. Also from the USA it is easy to travel to France with your dog as long as you follow the rules. The rules have already been mentioned above, namely:
- Your dog has been micro-chipped;
- Your dog has been vaccinated against rabies;
- Your dog has been treated against tapeworm;
- Your dog has an approved European passport.

Want to know the current information? Then always visit the European website by clicking on this link.

FAQs related to travel with the dog to France

Q1. Does my dog need to be quarantined to travel to France?

Doggy quarantine is a way to ensure that your dog is not having any contagious viruses. Quarantine before travel is a time to keep your dog away from environmental parasites. Moreover, use this time to train your dog to reduce its stress or behavioral issues. Make sure to serve your dog with healthy food to help fight infections, if any.

Q2. Can I travel to France with my dog?

Yes, traveling to France with your dog is a great idea. But, make sure that your dog is enjoying its good health and does not contain any viruses. Travel to France with your dog is fun, but it’s not that simple. You will have to follow some proper guidelines, as mentioned above in the article. Proud dog parents deliver authentic information to make travel easy and fun for you.

Q3. What are the essential dog accessories while traveling?

Focusing on the essential accessories will make you realize that crate is the most crucial while traveling with the pup. The important stuff is included, along with a water bottle, food bowl, and a bag full of treats. Additionally, poop bags or wipes should also be there in your bag. Blankets, pillows, or toys are also there on the list, depending on the traveling.

Q4. Is traveling with my dog expensive?

The overall expense may vary from airline to airline. The destination is the primary factor to consider when it’s about the expense of traveling with a dog. Additionally, your dog's health condition, breed, and size are the other factors that may increase or decrease the cost. Cargo or cabin is a significant question when you focus on the expense of traveling with a dog.

To wrap it up

Travel with your dog to some other country needs to follow some essential rules and regulations. The destination country will define such rules for you. Know that each country is strict in its defined rules, so you should be responsible enough. Know about the guidelines to follow when you are planning a trip to France along with your darling pup. Scroll up and read the guide carefully. Also download our free ebook: Travel: The Ultimate Guide To Travel With Your dog! 

To know more tips regarding dog travel, explore our site.

Also see this video for more information about traveling to France from the USA: 

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