Training your dog for air travel

Training your dog for air travel

It's the first time that you will travel with your dog by plane. Air travel can be exciting especially with your dog. However, you will have to train your dog for air travel. In this way, you can make traveling easy for you and as well as for your darling pup.

Your being here reflects that you are willing to know about dog training for air travel. Luckily, you are on the right platform, pat your own back. We appreciate your effort to fetch the right information.

While exploring the internet, you may interact with some online sites offering dog accessories. Don’t trust such sites. Most of these are selling wrong information and as well as products. Their only purpose is to earn money even by putting your dog’s life at risk. Their love for dogs is not real.

At the same time, proud dog parents, the most authentic platform is intended to help dog owners better care for dogs. We are again here for your help and hence presenting this dog training guide for you.

All you have to do be to keep yourself engaged with the blog and know about the best practices.

Note that, there is no specific dog training related to air travel. However, some effective tips help your dog overcome its travel stress or anxiety. Moreover, the tips will make it easy for you to travel with a dog without being embarrassed.

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The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents have specially developed this guide!

Crate train your dog

Firstly, think about your easy. Make sure to get a proper crate according to your dog’s breed, size, and age. Crate training is considered an important lesson for your dog when it’s about air travel. In this way, it will be easy for you to handle your pup.

To train your pup, make sure that the crate is attractive or comfortable enough. Keep your dog's favorite toys or pillow to make it comfortable. Moreover, it would be good if you put a blanket within the crate. Along with, place treats, food, or water within the crate to make it attractive for your pooch. In this way, your dog will feel easy and hence sleep in it. When your dog is trained to sleep in a crate it means easy air travel.

Follow the same process to get your dog used to its carrier. Again, get the right carrier depending on the breed or size of your pup.

Teach verbal commands

Furthermore, teach your dog about some basic verbal commands. To know about the procedure, get the guide at proud dog parents.

Reward and treats are the keys to teach your dog some new lessons. Know that teaching your dog about some verbal cues will make it easy for you to distract it. Distracting in the sense of grabbing your dog’s attention in case if it’s getting aggressive or stressed.

Teaching your dog to wait, stop barking, walking on a leash, or sit will be effective.

According to proud dog parents, teaching commands to your dog is the simplest way to keep the situation under your control.

Tire your dog before air travel

Take your dog for a walk or exercise right before your flight. In this way, your dog will be tired and it will not be bothered by strangers. The tired dog is much calm and sleepy during air travel.

Don’t interpret it wrong! We don’t mean to put your dog into excessive walk or exercise.  The excessive walk may give pain or stress to your darling pup. It may reverse the overall advantage of the walk.

Use relaxing collar

Do you know dog accessories include relaxing collars!

Visiting the dog store will make you realize that there is a stress-free category within the collars. Such collars may have some pleasant fragrance and help your dog to calm down.

Moreover, you can practice some other tips such as booking seats with windows so your dog will enjoy air travel. To know more about dog travel, explore proud dog parents.

Let’s discuss some more details by answering your questions.

FAQs related to dog training for air travel.

Should I travel with my dog on a plane?

Yes, traveling with your dog on the plane can be a new and fun experience. It would be good if you know the proper ways to travel with dogs. As we know that different airlines have different regulations when it comes to travel with dogs. So, know about such regulations before planning a trip with your dog. We are happy to mention that our service is available for constant assistance. Scroll up and read the guide carefully.

Why my dog doesn’t like air travel?

There can be multiple reasons your dog doesn't like air travel. Maybe your dog is not public-oriented and feels stress by strangers. Maybe the carrier is not comfortable. Or, maybe you got the wrong crate for your dog. Improper dog training can be another reason your dog doesn’t like air travel. Not getting your attention can be a major reason.

What are the essential accessories to travel with a big dog?

Big dog accessories may differ from small dogs. Make sure to pick your dog's food bowl and water bottle. Having a bag of delicious treats is no less than an essential dog accessory. Along with, you must have cleaning wipes, some toys, poop bags, or maybe a pillow. Even, you can put on dog glasses, hat, and sunscreen depending on the destination or type of trip

To wrap it up

Traveling with a dog is a good idea but it demands some special dog training. Air travel with your dog is not an easy task unless you follow the proper guidelines. Your dog should be well behaved and must know about some basic lessons. To know such dog lessons, scroll up and read the guide. The guide covers the dog training required for air travel. In this way, it will be easy for you to travel with your furry companion. Reading the guide will make you realize that all methods are quite simple. If you are willing to read the details related to the mentioned dog training, explore the site.

Also download our travel guide for dogs: Travel: The Ultimate Guide To Travel With Your Dog! 

The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents have specially developed this guide!

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