Signs your dog has travel sickness

Signs your dog has travel sickness

Your dog gets stressed while traveling!

You may notice that your dog is not okay during the trip. Maybe it's due to motion sickness.

Motion or travel sickness is a common issue in dogs that can ruin your trip if not treated at the right time.

Don’t worry! Motion sickness is nothing severe and it is quite easy to treat. All you have to do is to follow proper ways to travel with your dog.

The proud dog parents site is making it easy for you to know when your dog is getting travel sickness. We are here with an article containing clear signs your dog has travel sickness. As a responsible dog parent, you must know about the signs to judge the pup's condition. Knowing about the actual problem is important before getting the treatment for your dog.

Let me start the guide with an honest suggestion. Some online sites or companies are selling the wrong products just to earn money. Such sites offer you a wide range of travel accessories that are not even required on a road trip. So, it's our humble request to ditch the idea of purchasing dog accessories online. It would be good if you research authentic information and not trust every line coming to your screen.

At the same time, we are serving you with authentic information. Let’s have a look at the symptoms your dog has travel sickness.

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The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents have specially developed this guide!

Signs your dog has travel sickness

Excessive lip licking

The first symptom you may notice in your dog is excessive lip licking. Dog's motion sickness is stress and anxiety that may lead to other issues.

So, if you are traveling with your dog and it is continuously licking its lip, it's facing motion sickness. Lip licking is may be due to excessive panting or sweating along with headache.

In this case, you must stop the car, let your dog calm down. It would be good if you distract it by offering water or treats.


Whining is like verbal communication or maybe like a dog crying.  When your dog is getting sick of travel or facing motion sickness, it may start whining.

Again, it’s because of the stress or anxiety and the dog is trying to alert you. Although whining is not assumed as an issue when it’s during travel, it can lead to some serious issues. Not listening to your dog at right time can make the situation worse.

So, stop the car and help your dog to relax if the destination is far away.


Moving ahead within the list of signs of travel sickness the next one under discussion is drooling. Drooling is a case of frequent flow of saliva that accumulates within the mouth or maybe in the oral cavity.

Drooling is not just a sign of motion sickness but it also happens when the dog is ill. So, if you are traveling and notice your dog drooling, treat the issue immediately.


Excessive yawning is another clear sign of motion sickness in dogs. Most of the time, yawning takes place along with drooling.

So, if your dog is yawning more than normal, treat the issue instead of ignoring it.

Note that, try to treat motion sickness by using natural ways instead of harsh medication. Stress or depression can be the reason for this sickness or vice versa. Try reducing stress in your darling pup to get rid of motion sickness.


Vomiting is the worst sign of travel sickness in your dog. Dog vomit especially during travel is a mess. Even, it can be the most embarrassing situation when you are traveling public transport or maybe in an airplane.

Therefore, keep noticing your dog and its behavior to judge travel sickness at the right time. It would be good if you notice the minor signs of travel sickness in this way you can treat the issue before it becomes a mess.

Additionally, you may also notice excessive panting or may be severe shaking in your dog. Both of these are again clear signs of travel sickness.

Don’t worry, treating travel sickness is quite easy, you just have to follow some easy tips (not discussed here).

FAQs related to travel sickness in a dog

What are the signs of motion sickness in dogs?

Vomiting, drooling, whining, excessive panting are some clear signs of motion sickness in dogs. It happens when your car is not ventilated or your dog is getting stressed. When your dog is not convinced about traveling, it may suffer from motion sickness. The loud sounds, continuously watching out of the window and long trips put your dog in travel sickness.

Why my dog is stressed in travel?

Several reasons make your dog stressed during the trip. Motion sickness Maybe your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and not liking strangers around. The loud sounds is another reason of stressed dog. There is a possibility that your dog is not comfortable due to the absence of its bed or pillow. Keep such points in mind, try to reverse these, and hence help your dog to overcome its fear of traveling.

Should I travel with my dog?

Yes, why not! You must travel with your dog. All you have to do is to know the proper ways of traveling with a dog. In this way, your dog will not get stressed or sick while traveling.  You can train your dog to travel without being aggressive. To know such information explore proud dog parents.

To wrap it up

You love traveling but your dog is not suitable for it. Your dog suffers from travel sickness each time you take it out for a ride. There can be multiple reasons your dog is getting motion sickness. It’s important to know about the signs of motion sickness so you will be able to get treatment at the right time. If you have read the guide, you will have an idea about the signs of travel sickness. To know more, explore the proud dog parents site that is intended to help dog owners.

Also download our travel guide for dogs: Travel: The Ultimate Guide To Travel With Your Dog!

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