How to travel with your large dog

How to travel with your large dog

Finally, you are traveling with your large dog.

But wait!

Have you read the guidelines or tips to travel with your giant dog?

Traveling with a dog is not just packing your bag and enjoying your destination but it demands some struggle. Traveling with a dog increases the fun, so make some effort and be responsible to fulfil all requirements.

Different websites, different guidelines!

Proud dog parents are making it much simple and easier for you to travel with your large dog. It’s like all important information on one page.

We took responsibility and researched the guidelines or tips to travel with a large dog. And guess what, we did it.

Now, all you have to do is to keep yourself engaged with the blog to know about the right information.

Firstly, don't be fooled by online sites or companies. They may offer you different dog travel accessories which are not even required. Their only motive is to get money even by selling the wrong products. Unfortunately, they don't even care about the dog's health because their love for the dog is not real at all.

That is the reason we approached our free ebook: Travel: The Ultimate Guide To Travel Your dog, to present authentic information. The specific guide is also fetched from the dog book.

So, coming back to the main topic. Let’s have a look at the large dog travel guide.

Tips to travel with your large dog

Visit your vet

You should be aware form the dog's physical and mental health before a travel plan. Most airlines demand the vet examination letter as a healthy dog certificate.

Check the airline, their policies, and recommendations, and make sure all papers are in the right order.

Most airlines or travel agencies recommend specific dog vaccines, so step out of the door with all essential papers in your file. Having such things planned before your trip will make things simple for you.

Get a proper crate

It’s no surprise that a perfect crate is one according to the dog's breed, size, and behavior. It's impossible to carry a giant dog everywhere while traveling, so invests in a proper crate.

Make sure the crate is safe with no sharp points or chewable material. The crate should be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around. Above all, the crate should be easy to handle by the dog parent.

Prepare your dog

Preparing your dog is not just about getting it new apparel but it means teaching him about good behavior. Make sure your dog is friendly and does not bark at strangers.

For this purpose, crate trains your dog 4 to 6 weeks before travel. Get a detailed guide about crate training at proud dog parents.

Fly direct

Flying directly to the destination will minimize the overall stress. However, if you can’t fly direct, make sure to have a break between flight times so that your dog can eat and relax. Take your dog to the bathroom in the break.

Note that, traveling is not just complex for you but also for your dog because it has never flown before.

Do not travel in extreme temperatures

Airlines are not going to allow your dog to travel in business class. Make sure not to travel in extreme temperatures. Even, most airlines don't allow your dog in extreme weather conditions. So, you can’t travel with your dog when it’s too cold or hot.

Therefore, do good research to know about weather conditions. Make sure to consider the destination's weather conditions.

Your dog should have identification along with a functioning microchip

You have your ticket and passport while dogs have their microchips on flights.

Make sure you get the proper dog collar with its name and unique identity. Don’t miss your phone number!

Also, mention all essential information to the dog travel crate. Have some clear, original, and recent photos of your darling pup to get it back in case of getting separate.

Exploring the dog store will make you realize that there are multiple accessories with track-your-dog functionality.

FAQs related to travel with a large dog

Is traveling stressful for my dog?

Yes, most of the dogs don’t like to travel and it’s stressful for them. Your dog won't like to be in strangers and loud sounds. Both of these things are the major reasons your dog is stressed while traveling. All you have to do is to train your dog to follow commands and be friendly to strangers, so it will not behave weirdly.

What is the safe way to travel with my large dog?

Crate train your dog if you want to travel safely. Crate training is not just helpful in flights but also in road trips. Along with, train your dog to cope with public or strangers. Make sure to reduce dog social anxiety before you book the seat.  Proud dog parents contain the guide to help your dog overcome its fear of crate.

How to travel with my large dog?

Firstly, get the essential dog accessories that will help you while traveling. Crate train your dog so it will get familiar with it. Make sure to read all guidelines of airlines and complete your paperwork. Consult the vet and complete the vaccination course of your darling pup. Know about the weather conditions before planning a trip with your dog. Most airlines don't allow to carry an unvaccinated or ill-mannered pup.

To wrap it up

Travel with your large dog means full-time safety. At the same time, it's a major responsibility. Airlines and destination countries may demand more paperwork or treatments when it’s about traveling with your large dog. If you have read the guide, you will have an idea of the required things related to dog travel. But still, if you need to know more, explore proud dog parents and get multiple travel guides. We have different guides for different destinations, isn’t it amazing? As well, you can approach the EBooks, mentioned above in the guide. The site and book both things make your travel easy and of course fun.

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