How to travel with your dog in the car

How to travel with your dog in the car

This vacation you want to enjoy a road trip and to make it fun you decided to take your dog along with you! It’s a good idea.

But, you don't have any idea how to travel with your dog in a car without getting into trouble.

Don’t worry, just focus on your trip. It’s just following a few tips to make your road trip fun and entreating.

Keep reading and know about the guidelines or proper ways to travel with your dog in the car.

Before the guide, have a look at some important information. Some online sites or companies are selling the wrong products just to earn money. Such sites offer you a wide range of travel accessories that are not even required in road trips. So, it’s our humble request to ditch the idea of purchasing dog accessories online. It would be good if you research authentic information and not trust every line coming to your screen.

We took the responsibility on our shoulders and research the right dog information for you. We are in the favor of seeking help from dog from our EBooks. So winding this up and coming back to the main point, here is your detailed guide.

How to travel with your dog in the car

Don't feed your dog before traveling

No eating before a road trip!

The rule is not just for humans but also dogs. As we face motion sickness in case of eating food right before travel, dogs suffer from this too.

It would be good if you keep your pup's stomach empty before moving out for a dog trip. In this way, there will be fewer potty breaks and zero chance of vomiting.

According to our EBook, let your dog know that car is not scary by proper training. In this way, you will not have to provide many treats to make your dog comfortable.

Seat belt

A seat belt is as important for your dog as it is for you.

Make sure to get a proper dog seat belt and don't try to stick it into the human-oriented belt. Visit the dog store instead of purchasing seat belts from online sites.

Seat belts protect your dog in case of sudden car breaks or unfortunate situations. Make some effort and let your dog be easy with a seat belt so it will not get irritated.

No open windows

Safety first!

We can’t guess what’s coming into our pup's mind. Your dog is just a blink away from any uncertain move such as its head sticking out of the window. Make sure to keep the windows up so your dog can’t take his head out of the window.

A dog traveling with his head out of the window means increased chances of eye or head injuries.

Keep your car ventilated

Dogs don't like closed or unventilated environments. They don't want your car AC but the ventilation. An unventilated car increases the chances of motion sickness in your dog.

According to our EBook, the dog finds the car scary or stressful due to the lack of ventilation. To keep your dog happy ensure the car ventilation.


Crate train your dog!

No matter if you are traveling alone with your dog or with family, you must bring a crate. Make sure that your dog is trained enough to sleep in a crate.

To know about crate training or making crate attractive for dogs, read the related guide.

Note that, get the proper crate according to the dog's breed, age, and health condition. The crate should be wide enough for your dog to stand or turn.

Car seat cover

No matter how much we love our dogs, none of us wants the dirty car seat.

Although your dog is pretty, not pooping on the seat, and not throwing any food but what about the dog fur!

Traveling with your dog in a car without a seat cover means fur everywhere. Therefore, getting a dog car seat cover is a good option.

According to proud dog parents, it will be good if you get the cover from dog stores instead of online sites.

FAQs related to Travel with your dog in the car

Why my dog is stressed in the car?

There is a wide range of reasons your dog is stressed in the car. Maybe your car is not ventilated which makes your dog stressed. While on the other hand, it can be the route or surrounding noise that makes your dog stressed and hence it freak out in the car. In this case, you must help your dog to overcome its fear of car traveling.

Should I travel with my dog in the car?

Yes, car travel is fun not just for you but also for your darling pup. However, you will have to help your dog to overcome its fears. Once your dog is familiar with the car and surroundings, it will not get stressed during the trip. Make some effort to make your car comfortable or attractive for your darling pup.

How to make traveling fun for my dog?

That's a good question. You love to travel and want your dog to enjoy it too. For this purpose, make sure to keep your car ventilated. Get the dog's favorite blanket, toys, or related accessories. Offering the treat or reward will be good when you want your dog to enjoy the road trip.

What are the essential accessories while traveling with my dog in the car?

Your dog's crate. Along with, harness, car seat, seat belt, and poop bags. Your dog's toys, blanket, or pillow are its accessories to rest. Moreover, you should add a water bottle and food bowl to the list.

To wrap it up

Traveling is fun with your dog but only if it’s comfortable and not freaking out in the car. If it's the first time you arranging a road trip with your darling pup, consider some factors. Scroll up and read the guide carefully. To know more, related to dog traveling, explore proud dog parents. We are happy to mention that we have different guides depending on different destinations.

Also download our free ebook: Travel: The Ultimate Guide To Travel Your Dog is our travel guide prepared by dog experts. 

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