Can you travel with your dog on Amtrak?

Can you travel with your dog on Amtrak?

After seeing Before Sunrise and The Darjeeling Limited, you've been itching to take a train instead of a plane on your next vacation. Getting involved in all the research, you have already wanted to do but have never had the time to complete seems like a beautiful idea. You'll have more free time now, thanks to your promotion!

Can you travel with your dog on Amtrak?

There's only one snag: you've got a dog.

The good news is that traveling with your pet on Amtrak is possible if you follow a few rules. So, before you and your dog embark on a romantic train journey, look into several things.

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Yes and no to taking your pet on the train.

The good news is that some Amtrak routes now accept dogs and cats.

Should you travel with your dog?

As long as assistance animals are compliant with the country's railway service's size limits, they will be permitted to travel on some lines for a modest cost of $26, according to a 2015 announcement. As a result, kittens are welcome on board (unless you have a considerable cat).

Amtrak's pet policy has a few simple guidelines and limits for traveling with your dog or cat. Also, sure, your pet is welcome to accompany you during the trip.

And here's the most significant part: Amtrak will take you virtually anywhere with your little pet. The coach vehicle has been well cleaned and disinfected, so there's plenty of FRESH air. Even brachycephalic dogs (such as boxers and pugs with small noses) do well on long trips.

Detailed information about Amtrak's pet policy

Even though it may seem as simple as boarding the train with your dog in an authorized carrier, there are regulations to follow. They include anything from the duration of the journey and booking the reservation to having the necessary documents and knowing your dog's temperament before you leave for your destination.

Pet Restrictions on Amtrak

There are also weight restrictions of over 20 pounds for any animal. This includes the pet carrier's weight as well. As a result, your pet must weigh no more than 20 pounds.

The maximum number of hours that a person may spend traveling by train is seven. If you've booked several segment trains, the transfer time will be included in the total travel time for the day.

Each person is allowed to have a single pet.

Only Coach Class passengers may travel with pets. Only in Acela Business Or first-class on weekends.

In Amtrak Sleep cars, in Business Or first-class or First Class, or fast food cars (except in Acela Business Class), pets are not permitted.

Neither pets nor unaccompanied minors can travel by multi-ride passes like rail passes or specialized Thruway Connection Services.

No pets are allowed on Adirondack, Maple Leaf, or west Amtrak Cascade trains into Canada as of January 1, 2019.

The Auto Railway, Keystone Service, Pennsylvanian, California's San Joaquins, Capitol Corridor, and Pacific Surfliner do not allow pets. The same applies to the Capitol Corridor.

Pet-specific Coach Vehicles

Some Amtrak lines include a pet-friendly Coach car, such as the Cascades, Karl Sandburg, Illinois Zephyr, and Illini. Other routes with pet-friendly Coach cars include the Saluki, Pere Marquette, and Wolverine.

How to Book a Seat on the Amtrak with Your Pet

Because Amtrak only permits five dogs per train, excluding service animals, reservations should be made well in advance. Reservations can be made by phone (1-800-USA-RAIL) or in person at a station with a ticket counter.

The pet fee is a mere $26, and only 800 Amtrak points are used if you have Amtrak points.

How to take your pet on an Amtrak train across the United States

Amtrak's seven-hour pet travel ban is still in effect. There are ways to get from, say, Chicago to L.a. without flying. There is a way around Amtrak's seven-hour maximum route regulation for pets. To put it another way, here's how to accomplish it.

Please bear with me since this is going to be long and winding. At 2 p.m. on the day of departure, depart Chicago on the California Zephyr. After roughly 3.5 hours of riding, you'll arrive at Burlington, Iowa, crossing the River at 5:25 p.m. A neighboring motel will serve as your home base for the night. Because your next flight out of Los Angeles leaves at 5:25 p.m., you'll want to make sure you ask for a late checkout at the hotel.

Once again, you'll spend the night in Omaha, Nebraska, after riding for 6.5 hours and arriving at 10:55 p.m. there. You'll want two hotel nights in Omaha, so set aside one for sightseeing.

Continue your journey to Fort. Morgan, Colorado, by taking the next Californian Zephyr at 10:55 p.m. So on and so on. Rinse, wash, and repeat as necessary. Yes, it's a royal hassle, but that's the only way of taking an Amtrak cross-country trip with your tiny dog or cat. Additionally, you'd have to make individual reservations for each part. Each stage will require a separate ticket and numerous phone conversations with Amtrak to accomplish this task efficiently.

Amtrak's pet policy may not be ideal for just a cross-country train journey, but the program's primary focus is on trips of less than a hundred miles. For the price of one hotel night and one more rail ride, it's not too terrible.

To wrap it up

Amtrak just made it even simpler to travel with your pet (or cat!) All of your big adventures will only cost you $25 per pet. This simple guide will help you get the most out of your rail vacation. For more information, you must read The Ultimate Guide To Traveling With Your Dog. Exploring proud dog parents will also help you when it's about dealing with dogs.

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