What to do if your dog sleeps hours per day?

What to do if your dog sleeps hours per day?

The furball you want to play with is sound asleep, and you can't wake it up!

Even though you've returned home after a long day, your dog is not greeting you but napping in its box!

a lack of physical activity

For a dog, who is a highly active animal, resting all day is not typical. You should seek professional assistance if you notice a rapid shift in your pup's sleeping schedule.

Don't be concerned!

We have prepared a guide for you that includes all of the causes that could cause your dog to sleep excessively. It is not necessary to administer any medicine until there is evidence of pain.

Before you administer any medication to your dog, you should first determine the cause of his excessive slumber.

Reasons why your dog is sleeping for the majority of the day

Experiencing discomfort or injury

Observing our precious pooch sleeping excessively is a severe source of anxiety, as we are well aware that dogs are highly energetic and do not like to sleep much.

However, if this is the case, there may be some health difficulties. If you observe a change in your dog's sleeping routine, look for signs of injury or suffering to rule out other causes.

Perhaps your dog is suffering from painful arthritis, exacerbating the situation and contributing to insomnia. Recognize that if your dog is sleeping more than usual, it may not be feeling comfortable in its surroundings. In this situation, serving your dog with a personal message will significantly assist you. Take the drug at the appropriate time to avoid problems getting worse.

In addition to this, sleep apnea is another reason that flat-faced dogs are more widespread. Obese dogs tend to sleep more than their normal scheregular

Let your dog sleep like a baby

When your dog begins to sleep at inconvenient times, it is almost always a sign that something is wrong.

a lack of physical activity

It shouldn't come as a surprise that dogs are the most energetic and active animals on the face of the planet. We can't dispute that dogs have unique exercise requirements that we must provide. If they are not exercised responsibly, this results in extra complications.

Excessive napping is one of the concerns that might arise in puppies due to a lack of physical activity. The body of a dog requires a sufficient quantity of action intounction correctly.

Your dog becomes sluggish due to a lack of activity, and as a result, they begin to sleep throughout the day.

It is possible that the exercise requirements of dogs would differ from breed to breed and even from age to age. Compared to an older dog, little puppies may require less exercise than their larger counterparts. Similar to small toy breeds, guarding dogs requires more training than they do for other species.


Anxiety will be present in the causes of each canine problem you can think of. Dogs become upset when their owners do not spend quality time with them and do not take them for walks regularly. In addition, your dog may get depressed due to any suffering or sickness. The other source of worry in dogs is leaving them alone for an extended period.

All of the factors stated above contribute to excessive sleeping. When there is no sign of pain, disease, or injury, the problem may be simply anxiety.

All you need to do is spend some quality time with your canine companion in this scenario. MAttemptto alleviates your dog's worry and anxiety so that it does not sleep all day. It's critical because none of us wants to be couch potatoes for the rest of our lives.


There is no need for concern, no illness, and no injury; it is simply the progression of your adorable pup's age. Because of their low energy levels, older dogs are more inclined to sleep during the day. It is not recommended to put an elderly dog through strenuous exercises. Nothing more complicated than spending quality time with your dog to avoid stress in the old life.

If your pet is experiencing significant health problems, make arrangements for a speedy trip to the veterinarian to prevent matters from getting worse.

The discussion is not complete; I need to respond to a few more questions to cover more ground on the same subject.

Dogs napping all day: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it typical for a dog to sleep for most of the day?

No, dogs are not known to sleep for extended periods. If your dog is sleeping for most of the day, look for signs of a medical problem and get him some medication. If your dog is a puppy, on the other hand, it may sleep more. When compared to older dogs, young pups sleep a lot more.

What is causing my dog to sleep so much?

Pain, illness, minor injury, and stress are all factors that cause your dog to sleep inordinate amounts of time. Another vital explanation for why a dog has low energy and sleeps all day is as a result of getting older. Furthermore, thoroughly study the instructions to learn about additional reasons your dog is sleeping more than he should.

What can I do to keep my dog from sleeping all day long?

First and foremost, pay attention to the signs and symptoms of health problems. If there is any evidence of pain, it should be addressed. Reduce the boredom of your adorable puppy so that it does not sleep the entire day away. Furthermore, lowering your level of anxiety or stress will be beneficial in this circumstance.

to wrap it up

If your dog is sleeping more than usual and there has been a rapid shift in its sleeping pattern, you should consult your veterinarian. You should be aware of the potential for your dog to be overly bored and not have any significant medical difficulties. As a result, a thorough examination is required before administering any drug. According to the FREE EBOOK, let your dog sleep like a baby; adopting a dog is not the end of the narrative; instead, you must care for it in the same way you would care for a child.

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