What Should You Do When Your Dog Barks While Sleeping?

What Should You Do When Your Dog Barks While Sleeping?

You want to sleep peacefully, but your dog is barking while sleeping!

It’s the most unwanted behavior of dogs because it may ruin your night. Most dog owners face this problem once in their pup's life.

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Let’s jump to the root cause of dog barking while sleeping.

When the dog is barking in sleep, it is a clear reflection that your dog is dreaming. However, we can't identify whether the dream is good or bad for your dog.

Know that a dog's brain is much similar to the human brain. Similarly, they also pass from relaxed wakefulness when they lay down to rest. This short period of 5 to 10 minutes may put your dog into sleep barking.

Let's not make the things Complex and understand that dog is barking just because of their dream nothing else to worry about. Our primary focus within this discussion is what you should do when your dog is barking in its sleep. So let's jump to the main topic of discussion.

What Should You Do When Your Dog Barks While Sleeping

As mentioned above that sleep barking is just because of dreaming, so do nothing. Barking in sleep is your dog's way to speak in sleep, just as humans do. There is nothing harmful or nothing to worry about when your dog is barking while sleeping. However, it is maybe reflecting minor things to notice.

Once your dog wakes up, you should notice the additional stress symptoms to confirm whether your dog barks in stress or it's just a nightmare.

According to the eBook, it is highly recommended that dog owners not wake their dogs while they are barking in sleep. It may give them a big jolt of the brain, which can result in some mental issues.

It is difficult for us to sleep again once our pattern is disturbed; the same is valid with your dog. They may face difficulty in sleeping once you wake them up. There is nothing wrong if we say that dogs also feel disoriented when you wake them up. Also, it may snap at you in their unconscious state depending on what the dog was dreaming about.

If there is some evidence of pain or mental health issues, be quick to arrange a trip to the vet.

You can follow some of these tips if your dog's bark is not letting you sleep.


Your dog will face sleeping issues if it’s not regular in exercise. The sleeping problem is not just about a change in the sleeping pattern but barking while sleeping is one of these issues. As we know that each dog has its own exercise need, we must be responsible for taking them out for exercise. Proper exercise will serve your dog with a balanced routine and hence peaceful sleep.

Make sure to take them to the bathroom before sleep.

There is a possibility that your dog needs to go out to pee or Poop, and the exact reason is bothering it while sleeping; hence it starts barking. Maybe your dog dreams about the same situation in its unconscious mind, which comes out as barking. Make sure to take your dog out to the bathroom before going to sleep.

Reduce the separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a significant dog problem that puts them into different behavior, and barking in sleep is one of them. As mentioned above, stress can be a reason why your dog is barking while sleeping, so you must put some effort to reduce this stress.

Allowing your dog to sleep near you in your bedroom can be the most simple and effective way to reduce separation anxiety or depression.

Giving them a massage before going to sleep is another way to help them cope with their anxiety. Note that when you are helping your dog to overcome its sleeping issue, you are helping yourself sleep peacefully.

FAQs related to Dog bark while sleeping

Is it normal for a dog to bark while sleeping?

Yes, it is pretty normal for a dog to bark while sleeping. It reflects that your dog is dreaming about something and hence starts to bark without even realizing that it's just a dream. This behavior of the dog is quite similar to the human talking while sleeping.

What can be the reasons my dog barks while sleeping?

Dreaming is the primary reason which causes a dog to bark while sleeping. Along with this, the need to go out to pee or Poop can be the additional reason. Depression or separation anxiety are also included in the list when we talk about a dog's habit of barking while sleeping.

To wrap it up

There can be a situation in a dog's life when they start barking while sleeping. Although there is nothing to worry about, you still want your dog to sleep without making any sound. Reading this guide will make you realize that dogs bark in sleep because of their dreams. There is a possibility that your dog is chasing some small bird or squirrels while dreaming and hence start making sounds. There are some practical ways mentioned in the blog that may help you in this situation. Don't disturb your dog while it is sleeping because it may snap you depending on the dream.

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