What if your dog won't sleep and just walks around?

What if your dog won't sleep and just walks around?

You want to sleep after a busy day, but your dog is walking around instead of sleeping. The first question to pop up in your mind is, what is bothering my dog?

There can be a wide range of this forcing your dog to walk around. To know about these, keep yourself engaged with the guide and follow the instructions carefully.

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Why my dog is not sleeping and just walking around

Uncomfortable bed

Your dog is not sleeping, and walking around May reflects the bad selection of beds.

Maybe you just ordered the wrong bed for your dog if purchased online. Know that most online companies are delivering the wrong products that are not suitable for all breeds.

Therefore, don’t compromise on your dog’s rest and bring a comfortable bed for it. Put some effort into making the bed comfortable by putting on a cozy blanket. Placing some toys in the bed is another good option.

Don't put the dispensing toys because the dog will start enjoying the treat instead of sleeping.

Placing the bed in your room or allowing your dog to sleep near you is the additional option.  In this way, your dog will sleep rather than walking around.

Stress or depression

Depression is the biggest enemy of your dog. Anxiety can hit your dog’s brain without bothering about time. Most of the dogs get stressed at night because of multiple reasons.

Separation anxiety or staying alone at home is the reason your dog is not sleeping and just walking around.

Notice the other symptoms to confirm the stress. If all signs point toward stress, then put some effort and spend quality time with your darling pup.

Maybe your dog is hungry

You served your dog delicious food, but it is still hungry. You provided it a complete portion of food, but still, it's feeling hungry; it's a normal dog behavior.

Although dogs are always hungry, sometimes they genuinely need food to sleep peacefully.

As we know that dogs are energetic and keep playing, jumping, or chasing. As a result, digest food quickly. There is a possibility that your dog is hungry at night and hence restless at night.

When there are no other issues, offer some food to your darling pup so it will sleep peacefully.

For this purpose, bring some nighttime snacks for your furball to make it feel full and hence sleep properly.


There is a possibility that your dog got some minor injury while playing or chasing.

Pain is another primary reason which keeps the dog restless at night. To confirm this, notice the related signs. Check your dog's body, such as paws. Some gum pain may also lead your dog into restless nights.

If you are not getting the actual condition of your dog, arrange a trip to the vet. Get the medication at the right time to help your dog sleep peacefully.


Everything was going fine but suddenly, your dog got some allergy. Unfortunately, the list is not concise when it’s about dog allergies.

Food allergy can be a reason that is not to let your dog sleep at night. Along with some contact, allergies are also included in the list.

Ignoring your dog's restlessness means ignore its health issues. Prolonged and untreated allergies may cause severe infections.

Don't waste time consulting a vet and provide your dog with proper medication.

Loud sounds in surroundings can be an additional reason your dog is not sleeping and just walking around.

Let’s cover some of your questions before wrapping the discussion.

FAQs related to Dog’s sleepless nights

Is it usual for dogs to walk around at night instead of sleeping?

Not much; most of the dogs sleep peacefully at night until something is bothering them. Some distractions of health issues can be the reasons your pup is not sleeping properly. Try changing their bed and remove the related distractions.

How to help your dog on stressed nights?

Firstly, allow your darling pup to sleep near you. Must fulfill your dog's exercise needs so it will not get stress. Also, provide a comfortable bed for your furball. Make sure your dog is not hungry at night.

Why is my dog not sleeping?

There are multiple reasons in the list due to which dogs don't sleep. Some of the reasons are uncomfortable bed, loud sounds, anxiety, some pain along distractions. A detailed checkup is important when you are not getting the exact reason your dog is not sleeping.

To wrap it up

There is a possibility that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety or depression, which forces it to walk around instead of sleeping at night. Hunger or some distractions may also put your dog in a similar situation of not sleeping. As a responsible dog parents, we should not let it go. You must help your dog to overcome this behavior to serve it with peaceful sleep. All you have to do is to follow the tips mentioned in the blog. Reading the guide will make you realize that all of the tips are quite easy to follow even without the help of any third person. As a dog parent, you also want to treat this issue because we will sleep if our darling pup is sleeping peacefully.

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