What if my dog wants to sleep in bed with me?

What if my dog wants to sleep in bed with me?

Your love for the dog is unlimited but wait, sharing the bed was not in contract!

Our furball is cute, but the "fur"!

Most of us may enjoy sleeping with dogs, but some are not mentally ready to deal with fur on clothes.

While on the other hand, our stubborn dogs want nothing but to sleep with us. Sometimes they don't care about our "I time” and privacy.

What if my dog wants to sleep in bed with me?

Don't worry; make some effort and convince your dog to sleep on a separate bed. For this purpose, keep yourself engaged with the guide and follow instructions carefully.

They start the guide with a suggestion to ditch approach online stores when it’s about dog accessories. The sites are not less in numbers that sell wrong products and information to earn money. The wrong information is a clear reflection that their love for dogs is not real at all.

As a responsible dog parent, you must approach the correct sources of information. Our FREE EBOOK Let Your Dog Sleep Like A Baby is a book when we say an authentic source. The book is always our preference when it’s about some dog behavior. The upcoming words are picked from the same book.

Why does my dog want to sleep with me?

There are multiple reasons within the list. All our pup craves is the owner's attention. Trust me; dogs can do anything just for the sake of your attention. Jumping on your bed and sleeping with you is another tactic used by them to grab your attention.

There is another possibility that your dog is deeply in love with you. Your pup likes your natural body scent and finds it soothing.

It's a big dilemma for many proud dog parents. Finally you've changed your bed and there's your doggie who loves to lie in it. 

Moreover, lack of training is another factor due to which dog sleeps on your bed. You never teach your dog about a separate place, and now all he knows is "your bed is his bed."

These are some more reasons why your dog likes to sleep in bed with you:

Reason 1: He feels lonely

Yes. Dogs just love attention and want it as often and as long as possible from their canine parents. Once you have allowed your dog into your bed once, chances are he will want to sleep in your bed continuously.

Reason 2: He does not like his doggy bed

If your dog comes to you daily to ask if he can sleep with you, chances are he doesn't like his dog bed. There are many dog beds that are of poor quality and your dog suffers from this. Keep in mind that you choose a dog bed that meets the strict requirements in this area. Unfortunately, there are many beds for sale on the Internet and Amazon that do not meet the quality requirements.

Reason 3: your smell

Does your bed smell like him? Does he secretly sleep there when you are away? Scent attracts dogs to lie in bed with you.

We don't want this behavior for life and want them to train to sleep in their bed. Read the remaining words of the guide and know the possible ways to make your dog love his bed.

See also this video why dogs want to sleep in our bed:

Why does my dog want to sleep with my all of a sudden?

The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents regularly get questions from dog parents who want to know why it is that their dog wants to sleep in bed with them out of the blue.

Of course, it's a little strange when he suddenly does this. Probably your dog is feeling lonely and needs some extra attention.

How to train my dog to sleep in their ownbed

So how do you train your dog to sleep in his own bed? That's a question we often get from dog parents. In this article some practical tips you can use! 

Advice 1: Separate area for your dog

Your dog is developing a habit of sleeping on your bed! As a proud dog parent, you need to start setting a good example right away.

For some parents, it’s the most unwanted behavior. If you don't want your pup to sleep with you, put some effort and train it to sleep on a separate bed. The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents recommend not letting your dog sleep in the bed. 

For this purpose, let’s bring a bed for your darling pup. Make sure to get the bed according to the breed and size of the dog so it will be comfortable. Try to make his bed attractive by putting on a cozy blanket along with pillows. Or, arrange his bed as you arrange yours, so your dog may get attracted to the new bed. Placing your dog's favorite toys is another good approach when you want your pup to sleep separately.

Separate area for your dog

Training your dog for this new behavior will be accessible at a young age. Changing the habits of an elder dog is quite a tricky task for dog owners.

Advice 2Bedtime behavior

Your attention and treatment are the keys to any dog training method. Similarly, you can convince your dog to sleep on his bed just by the proper use of treatment and your time. Stop appreciating your dog when it comes to your bed at night.

Use the verbal cue to let your dog understand that you want him to sleep at a different place. For example, use the term "to your bed" and offer a treat simultaneously. In this way, the dog will feel the vibe and go to his bed.

Note that your dog will never learn new behavior in one day. Therefore, show some consistency and be patient when it’s about teaching a new behavior.

Advice 3Provide toys at separate bed

As mentioned above, make your dog love his bed by offering different things. Placing the cuddle toys on your dog’s bed will be a good option.

The sleeping scent at their sleeping point

When you want to make your dog's sleeping point comfortable and attractive, use calming scent. Do not diffuse that scent into your bedroom; otherwise, the pup will again come to you instead of going to his bed. Serving your dog with all comfort is the most effective way to train them to sleep in their bed.

FAQs related to dog training to sleep in his bed

Q1. Why don't dogs like to sleep in their bed?

There can be multiple reasons due to which dogs don't like to sleep in their bed. Most of the time, it's separation anxiety that forces them to be with you in bed. Also, there is a possibility that their bed is not cozy or comfortable. Maybe their sleeping place is near to some distracting views, such as near windows. Loud sounds at their sleeping point can be the other reason for not liking their bed.

Q2. Why does my dog want to sleep in my bed?

Obviously, for attention. Dogs are hungry for their owner’s attention. No matter what the time, they want to be in your company. Also, dogs like the natural scent of their owner and hence jump to their bed at night. Your bed is more comfortable than the dog's one, due to which they like to sleep in your bed.

Q3. Why does my dog sleep on me and not my husband

It may well be that your dog has a closer relationship with you than with, say, your partner. Maybe you spend more time with him or you are the one who always feeds your dog. Chances are that because of this your dog always wants to sleep with you or your partner. 

Q4. Dog sleeping in bed ruining relationship

The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents recommend not letting your dog sleep in the bed. There are many examples of couples who have had relationship problems because their dog always sleeps in bed. Therefore, teach your dog to sleep in his own bed. 

Q5. Is it OK to let dogs sleep in bed with you? 

This is an answer that varies for every dog parent. You must decide for yourself if you think it is ok for your dog to sleep in your bed. 

To wrap it up

Your love for your dog is unconditional, but still, you don't want it to sleep in bed with you. There are multiple ways by which we can train our dog to sleep on his bed. All you have to do is to be consistent in practicing the instructions. Reading the guide will make you realize that all of the mentioned ways are pretty easy to follow. Keep in mind not to force your dog on any specific behavior and treat them calmly. Believe in your training; your dog will learn desired behavior in a week or maybe less.

Download our free ebook: Let Your Dog Sleep Like A Baby! for more tips on your dog's sleep behavior!  

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