What can I give my dog to sleep at night?

What can I give my dog to sleep at night?

Just like a human, dogs also suffer from the sleeping disorders. You want your dog to sleep peacefully, but something is bothering it.

A new place, new owner, or new bed may snap your dog's night sleep. Along with this, there are several other reasons your dog is not sleeping at night. Just keep reading the guide and know the best tips to boost up the sleeping hours of your darling pup.

Wait, don't let your mind be convinced by online sites or companies when it’s about boosting sleep. Know that online sites are known to deliver wrong products and information. They can compromise your dog’s health just for the sake of money.

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Use melatonin

Before any tips, let me mention the supplement for your dog to boost its sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone that works as a timekeeper for dogs and humans in balancing their sleep patterns. It specifies the overall time to sleep and when to wake up; it’s all about the brain's functioning.

So, when your dog is not sleeping properly and throwing tantrums at night, outsource the melatonin. The supplements will treat the sleeping disorders of your darling pup and let it sleep peacefully.

Again, don't go ahead with online sites or companies to buy melatonin. They may send you a different or wrong supplement. Supplements with harsh chemicals may cause several health issues in dogs.

Therefore, move to the dog store and get the supplements depending on your darling pup's need, age, and breed.

Note that, before serving your dog with melatonin supplements, try some natural ways. Noticing the reasons will help you when you want to treat this issue without any medication.

Along with the supplement, there are some other ways to follow to treat the sleeping disorders of your furball.

Use Soothing scents

Do you know dog-oriented soothing scents are also available in dog stores?

These sort of soothing scents serve your dog with a calming and relaxing feeling. The aromas are effective when your dog is suffering from depression and hence sleeping disorders.

All you have to do is diffuse the dog-friendly essential oil at his sleeping point for this purpose.

Again, don't approach the online dog sites to get scents. We are not sure if we are going to receive the right dog product or not. If the scent is not dog friendly, it may irritate its eyes.


Furthermore, massage is another effective way that will help your dog to overcome its sleeping disorders. Make sure to massage your dog just before going to sleep so it will be happy to spend time with you. Massage not just calms your dog but also improves blood circulation and reduces the stressful state of your dog. If you are good at giving massage therapy to your dog, it will sleep better without any medication. Massage at paws and neck areas is quite soothing for your dog.


As we know that dogs face sleeping disorders when they are depressed or getting stressed over something. So you can use dog music to relieve stress and anxiety most simply.

Music is not just an effective therapy for humans, but dogs also love it in their low times. When you are not spending quality time with your dog, let them enjoy music. For this purpose, you must get some dog-friendly music instead of purchasing human-oriented classic songs. You will be happy to know that a wide range of dog music will help your dog overcome its stress and hence sleeping disorders. All you have to do is play music in a low beat so your dog will enjoy it and sleep peacefully.

Along with serving your dog with a comfortable bed and darkroom are some additional ways. Moreover, noticing the pain evidence or other health issues will be an excellent approach to solve problems from their roots.

FAQs related to dog sleeping disorder

Is it reasonable to provide melatonin to dogs?

When your dog is not sleeping properly and showing some behavioral issues at night, it means that its body is suffering from the deficiency of melatonin hormone. Therefore it is highly recommended to serve your dog with melatonin when there are no other health issues. Outsourcing this specific hormone is quite a safe thing to do. According to the e-book, supplements are not harmful to your dog if provided after the consultation of a vet.

How to help a dog overcome their sleeping disorders?

Firstly serve your dog with a comfortable bed, blanket, and cozy pillows. If there are no health issues, you must do your dog with good massage therapy to boost its sleeping hours. Diffusing essential oils or scents at a sleeping time will also be an effective way to help your dog overcome its sleeping disorders. There is a possibility that your dog is not sleeping properly because of stress, so reducing the stress will also help your dog out of this situation.

To wrap it up

Adopting a dog is not the end of the story; you must help it cope with life issues. Some bad experiences or related matters may disturb the night sleep of your dog, and hence it keeps walking instead of sleeping. Sleeping disorders are the side effects of separation anxiety, along with some severe pain, hunger, and as well as loud sounds in surrounding areas. Luckily it is pretty easy to help your dog cope with its sleeping disorders. All you have to do is to read this guide and follow the instructions properly. Reading the method will make you realize that these are pretty simple to follow and quickly give you the desired result. Treat your dog with love and care instead of any harsh medications.

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