How many hours of sleep is healthy for your dog?

How many hours of sleep is healthy for your dog?

You want to play with your dog, but it sleeps for a longer period. You adopted the dog to add a fun element into your life, but it’s not happening because of your dog's never-ending sleeping hours.

Although a sleeping dog looks cute suddenly, it forces us to think about healthy sleep. Most of the owners ask, "how many hours is it healthy to sleep for a dog?"

Let me be honest; there is no straightforward answer to this question until we don't know about the age and health of dogs. Therefore, by keeping each aspect in mind, I am writing this guide. Reading this till end will give you an accurate answer.

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For now, let’s dive into the details of healthy sleeping hours for a dog.

How many hours is it healthy for a dog to sleep?

Although the answer may vary from pup to pup depending on their age and breed but let’s cover an average response. By keeping most of the dogs in mind, we conclude that 10 to 14 hours is the healthy sleep for dogs.

More than 14 hours of sleep can be an alarm for some health issues. While on the other hand, less than 8 hours reflects the uncomfortable dog.

There are some related points to discuss when it’s about healthy dog sleep. Keep reading and know about the additional details.

As mentioned above, most dogs sleep from 10 to 12 hours a day, and it is pretty healthy for them. Again the sleeping hours may vary from dog to dog depending on their age. So young Dogs or puppies may sleep more than the elder ones. A puppy sleeps up to 20 hours a day, and it is their type of healthy sleeping.

Change into the sleep pattern or time of your dog may give a point to worry about. There can be some factors that affect the sleeping hours of your darling pup. Let’s mention the possible factors.

Newly adopted dog

There is a possibility that you just adopted a puppy and sleeping even more than 14 hours. It is crucial to mention that newly adopted dogs sleep more than their normal hours, maybe because of the new location. There is a possibility that dogs are facing some fear or stress, which puts them into excessive sleeping. In this case, dog faces the pressure of leaving their old home and getting into the new surroundings.

Hot weather

Dogs are more likely to get into sleeping issues if it is hot outside. In a hot climate, you will notice a big fall into the sleeping hours of your darling pup. In this case, you may also notice drooling along with vomiting or diarrhea. Disturb sleeping patterns because hot weather is easy to cope with by placing your dog or bad into some cool area.

Make sure to serve your dog with cold water so it will feel good in hot weather. Do not provide healthy food in summer because it may aid in your dog's internal temperature.

Increased playtime

It's a rule followed by your dog that, play hard and sleep hard. When you increase your dog's playtime, it will sleep more, even more than 14 hours.

There is a possibility that the pup may disturb all of its sleeping patterns just because of excessive playing.

Excessive exercise or walk affects in the same way, increases the sleep of your dog. Therefore, keep the things managed and don't let your dog play more, especially when it’s their sleeping time.

However, proper exercise plays an important role and let your dog sleep peacefully.

Change schedule

Maybe you got a new job or shifted into a new home which completely disturbed your dog's sleeping routine. There is a possibility that your dog is Home Alone and getting bored, which puts it into excessive sleeping in the day and no sleeping at night. Therefore it is highly recommended for owners to manage their dog's sleeping pattern according to their routine. In this way, your dog will not get sleeping issues.

FAQs related to Dog’s healthy sleep

How many hours is a healthy sleep for dogs?

Keeping the dog’s routine and health in mind 10 to 14 hours is a healthy sleep for a dog. However, the healthy sleeping hours may vary from dog to dog, depending on their age and regular activities. For example, young puppies sleep more as compared to elder or aged dogs.

Do puppies sleep more than elder dogs?

Yes, puppies sleep more as compared to elder dogs. Noticing their sleeping hours will make you realize that a puppy sleeps for 20 hours a day. While on the other hand, healthy sleep for elder dogs is from 10 to 14 hours with additional activities.

Do environmental factors affect a dog's sleeping pattern?

Some obvious environmental factors, such as weather, may affect the normal sleeping pattern of your dog. Along with that, the health and daily activities may also affect your pup's sleeping hours. The schedule change is also a major factor that affects a dog's healthy or normal sleep.

To wrap it up

Sleeping all day is not something for dogs. As a parent, we love their energies and active nature. None of us dream of a couch potato because it’s boring for us too. If your dog is sleeping more than normal and it's a sudden change in its pattern, you must check its health. But, before that, know about the healthy sleeping hours of your dog.


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