How long do dogs sleep at night?

How long do dogs sleep at night?

Dogs need more sleep than humans 🐶🐾

That's not crazy either. All that sniffing, cheering and barking requires a lot of naps.

It’s okay if they sleep more than us.

However.... How long do dogs actually sleep per night? 

You just adopted a dog and want to know each of its behavior, appreciated. It’s good to research your dog to understand it in a better way. We are Proud Dog Parents and help you to improve your dog's health. 

Improving your dog's health starts with understanding your dog. 

Maybe your dog is waking up in the middle of the night. Or perhaps it's sleeping for the whole night and even wake up late in the morning.

Both of the situations force you to think about the regular sleeping hours of your dog.

You reading this is a clear reflection that you have the same question in your mind that "how long do dogs sleep at night?"

Its answer cannot be explained in a single line because different factors affect your pup’s sleeping. To know detailed answers, keep yourself engaged with the guide.

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Coming back to the point, know about the normal dog sleep at night.

How long do dogs sleep at night?

If you ask "how much do dog sleeps," you may get a funny answer, i.e., "a lot." The answer is honest; dogs can sleep all day and night if there is no distraction.

Dog with a balanced diet and normal health conditions will sleep for 12 to 14 hours. The sleeping hours may increase or decrease depending on your darling pup's age, breed, and health.

According to our EBook, young puppies sleep longer as compared to elder dogs. Guarding dogs or hunters by breed may have less sleeping hours. The sleeping pattern of dogs also depends on the diet or feeding routines.

Note that the dog sleeps a lot, but most of them do not sleep at once. You will find them enjoying small naps at different times in a day. But night sleep is for many hours at once.

Dogs are the creatures of their heart, so they can sleep whenever they want to. Therefore, we are at the conclusion that it's normal for a dog to sleep more.

That's it for a dog's night sleep. Let's know about the factors that affect the dog's sleep.

How much do dogs sleep by age?

It's no surprise that age is a major factor to affect a dog's sleeping hours. For example, young puppies will have more need to sleep as compared to adult dogs. This is because young puppies are still growing and improving their body by sleeping. Sleep acts as the fuel for the physical growth of muscles and the body and the brain of puppies. As we know that young puppies Run around and explore new places, which makes them tired, and hence they sleep longer than adult dogs.

On the other hand, old dogs may sleep more because of lost energy and pains in their joints.

How much do dogs sleep by breed?

As mentioned above, the breed is another factor that may increase or decrease the normal sleep of your dog. Toy breeds and large breeds sleep more as compared to medium-sized dogs. The guarding or hunting breeds may have a very small amount of sleep compared to the other pet breeds.

Does a dog's health condition affect the amount of sleep?

A healthy dog will be more energetic and active than a dog suffering from some health issues. There is a possibility that your puppy is suffering from some joint pain or illness, which makes it sleep more. However, when pain exceeds a specific limit, it may snatch the normal sleep of your darling pup.

Where should my dog sleep at night time?

If a dog is sleeping in an ideal environment, it will have some extra sleeping hours. While on the other hand, if your dog is sleeping within multiple distractions, it may not sleep peacefully and wake up early. According to our eBook, the environment plays an important role when you want to serve your dog a peaceful sleepy or good night sleep.

A good night's sleep is important for your dog. As a proud dog parent, you want the best for your dog. There are several factors that influence where your dog will sleep. For example, think about the weight and age of your dog. In this article we want to give you some suggestions for the best place for your dog to sleep.

Your own bed

Many dog parents let their dog sleep in their own bed. On the one hand, this is good for the bond you build with your dog and, on the other hand, it teaches your dog not to sleep alone.

There is a good chance that you will disturb your dog's sleep and vice versa. Suppose you go to the toilet in the evening, then you disturb the sleep of your dog. Another disadvantage is that the hairs get into your bed which is unhygienic.

Dogs like to sleep stretched out. This means less space for you in your own bed.

The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents do not recommend having your dog sleep in your bed. Give your dog his own space where he can retreat to sleep.

Buy a dog bed

A dog bed is a must-have for any proud dog parent. Be careful, though, because there is a big difference in the quality of dog beds. There are many companies that sell cheap Chinese beds. The quality of these beds is of such poor quality that it has a bad impact on the price.

If you are going to buy a dog bed, look not only at the price but also at the quality. The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents recommend buying this dog bed.

Dog crates

A dog crate is useful for sleeping for your dog. A dog crate is the ideal place for your dog to retreat to and create his own space.

It’s time to shortlist some of your questions to know more details

FAQs related to dog’s sleep at night

1. Is it normal for my puppy to sleep a lot?

Yes, it’s pretty normal for a puppy to sleep more than the elder or adult dogs. It’s because puppies are still growing and improving their physical health. It is highly recommended that dog parents let their puppy sleep and not disturb it because dogs may get some behavioral issues and get adults with them.

2. How long do dogs sleep at night?

The normal sleeping hours may vary from dog to dog depending upon their health, age, and as well as breed. Focusing on the average, dogs may sleep from 12 to 14 hours. Most dogs don't sleep at once and take multiple naps at different times of the day. However, if you allow the dog to sleep in some ideal environment, it may sleep for 10 to 12 hours at once.

3. Why do dogs sleep so much?

On average, a dog sleeps hours a day. Yet this is no reason to worry. Dogs do sleep a lot. As soon as the sleeping behavior changes, you as a proud dog parent should be worried. Always approach a veterinarian to express your concerns. 

4. Do dogs sleep better in the dark? 

A common question asked of our veterinarians: do dogs need darkness to sleep? The short answer is: no, dogs do not necessarily need darkness to sleep. Dogs can sleep during the day as well as at night. 

To wrap it up

Noticing your dog sleeping all day forces us to search about the normal sleeping time of a dog. If you have read this guide, you will have the idea that dogs sleep according to their mood. Some obvious factors that may affect your dog's sleep that is mentioned within the guide. Most of the dogs love to sleep the whole day, while on the other hand, some sleep very little and are more interested in playing or chasing objects.

Also, download our free e-book: Let Your Dog Sleep Like A Baby! In this ebook, the dog experts from Proud Dog Parents cover the topic of sleep and are full of tips to help you get your dog to sleep better. 

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