How intelligent are Rottweilers?

How intelligent are Rottweilers?

A lot of considerations must be made if you plan on bringing a Rottweiler into your home. It is crucial to consider immunizations and diet when caring for a puppy, as well as training and temperament. However, how about the Rottweiler's intelligence or ability to learn? 

Does this mean they're intelligent? Rottweilers are, in fact, very intelligent canines. According to obedience and working IQ, they're the ninth most intelligent dog breed. Rottweilers, on the other hand, are truly clever because of their strong impulses to protect & guard their owners. These dogs have a unique ability to discern the intents of strangers, which makes them extremely intelligent.

How intelligent are Rottweilers?

The intelligence of Rottweilers cannot be denied. But what distinguishes these canines from the rest of the pack in terms of intelligence? We must first analyze the criteria employed by Coren for his trial tests in order to comprehend the genuine intelligence of Rottweilers. Learn more by reading on.

A Rottweiler's Intelligence Can Be Measured in Many Different Ways.

Out of 138 qualified breeds, Rottweilers are the ninth most intelligent. Nevertheless, how we come to this conclusion? A psychology professor named Stanley Coren is widely credited. His approaches were criticized but also applauded by the world-renowned pHD and canine psychologist.

There was a lot of dispute and disagreement concerning his tactics. Because of this, he was unable to accurately measure a dog's intelligence. Even so, it's a good place to begin. At this point, it's the only option.

Criterion of Coren's Dog Intelligence

It wasn't all Stanley Coren's fault. For the studies and trials, he relied on the assistance of 199 compliance trial judges. North American judges used his criteria to evaluate and rank dog breeds in order to gather data for Coren's study.

Intelligence tests conducted by Coren were based on the following:

The number of times a dog breed had to hear a new command before it learned it. Because of their ability to learn in less time, "intelligent" dogs were labeled.

percentage of dogs that can effectively follow an instruction from their owner the first time. According to Coren, a dog with a better success rate was much more obedient and clever.

Only dogs who are registered with either the AKC or CKC were allowed to compete in these obedience tests. Only breeds that received at least 100 votes were included in his final set of the most intelligent dogs. Sadly, several breeds were omitted from the list.


The Rottweiler is a well-known breed around the world, and it didn't take long for these canines to qualify. In Coren's trials, there were many Rottweilers participating. In addition, a number of them excelled at a high level.

Performance of the Rottweiler in the Situation

In the eyes of Coren, the Rottweiler was an excellent performer. There are few dog breeds more intelligent than Rottweilers, who performed so well at this competition. In fact, they're in the top 10 for canine intellect — the greatest in the business

What does this suggest for the IQ of the Rottweiler? As a general rule, a Rottweiler can learn the new command within only 5 repetitions or less. A few minutes may be enough time for Rotties to learn a command, depending on its difficulty.

With a 95 percent success rate, Rottweilers can able to follow a command on first try (or higher). This is quite astounding when you think about it! They're among the most obedient animals in the planet. It's surprising how obedient Rottweilers are.

It's a dog vs. dog comparison.

Having a mediocre IQ isn't a bad thing. However, there is indeed a huge difference between a Rottweiler and an average dog. In addition to being able to learn far more quickly, Rottweilers are also better at recalling and obeying previously learned orders.

Dogs of ordinary intelligence can learn the new command in 25 to 40 repetitions, for example. The Rottie, on the other hand, need at least five to eight times as many repetitions to understand a command as the ordinary dog.

In addition, most dogs are only able to respond to a command on first attempt with a 50% rate of success. Stubborn and strong-willed "average" dogs tend to outperform those that are better-trained and better-behaved. As a result, they aren't quite as remarkable as that of the Rottweiler, but they aren't terrible either.

Becoming merely ordinary is perfectly acceptable! Some of the world's most popular breeds of dogs are deemed average. The Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Boxer, Great Dane, and Dachshund are some of the most popular dog breeds in this group.

Rottweilers are intelligent for a variety of other reasons.

Rottweilers, according to Stanley Coren's intelligence tests, are excellent leaners and extremely obedient. There is more to Rotties than tricks and bids, however. As far as I know, even Coren has acknowledged this.

A dog's IQ can be correlated with how quickly it can learn, but this doesn't tell the whole story. And certain breeds have temperaments that make it difficult to get precise findings. With that said, a dog's genuine IQ includes more than just obedience and work intelligence.

There are, in fact, three dimensions of dog cognition. Instinctive and adaptable intelligence are the other two. Of course, they're both equally important. These two additional IQ dimensions will be discussed farther down this page.

Guardians with Sharp Senses

These dogs are known for their talent or exceptional skill, which is called instinctive intelligence. Dogs were bred for certain purposes in the past. Dogs were used for everything from herding and companionship to duck retrieval and protection in society.

When it comes to herding dogs, Australian Shepherds are an example. In my opinion, they're some of the best. The ability of Australians to push and steer animals demands a high level of innate intelligence. They also weren't taught how to do this, thus they require very little human assistance.

It is well known that the Rottweiler is among the most protective & loyal breeds in the world. That's why these dogs are among the most fearsome protectors in canine history. And they'd be useful for both human and animal safety.

This drive to defend and protect is instilled in them because they were initially designed to be herders or guardians of animals (cattle). When it comes to instinctive intelligence, the Rottweiler is among the most talented.

There are, of course, many excellent security dogs out there. Big and aggressive canines make up the majority of the pack. But what sets Rottweilers apart is their ability to adapt to their surroundings. In the end, people need to take a look at the facts.

In the other words, they are able to distinguish between those who pose a threat and those who pose no harm. Since Rottweilers are so protective, they make excellent guardians for children and the elderly. Even if it's just one extra observer to protect them from harm.

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