5 Super funny facts about a Rottweiler!

5 Super funny facts about a Rottweiler!

After more over three decades of working with Rottweilers, I have begun to believe that I am a mix of Rottweiler and human. In that time, I've had seven of my own and fostered hundreds more as part of my work with breed rescue organizations. While every dog is unique—some are severe, some are playful, and others are social—there are several breed characteristics and facts how you can pretty well expect from a Rottweiler regardless of how old the dog is.

5 Super funny facts about a Rottweiler

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  1. Rottweilers are intelligent canines. Exceptionally astute.

Yes, they are intelligent—in some cases, even more intelligent than their masters. Rottweilers have a canine way of thinking. You can tell they're smart since they'll take their time figuring out a scenario before they take action. In fact, almost every instructional website and book regarding Rottweilers will state something along the lines of "Rottweilers are not for everyone" or "Rottweilers are not recommended for first-time dog owners," among other things. In many cases, it's difficult to keep up with pups, and much more than a trainer has observed that they are generally smarter and more quick to learn than their owners. Although I am slightly embarrassed to confess it, this has been accurate for me on occasion.)

  1. Rottweilers can indeed be difficult to train.

The adjective "willful" is frequently used. These are canines who need to be trained and socialized as soon as possible. As previously stated, they are rather simple to train (see first point above), but don't overdo it with the repetitions else your response time will become noticeably slower. He may even appear to be dragging his feet.


  1. Rottweilers enjoy shopping for food.

Rottweilers are voracious eaters who will hound you for further food at any opportunity they get. It's not uncommon to see overweight Rottweilers who have persuaded their owners that they'll need to be fed much more than usual. She could have been used as a tea table, according to one obese Rottweiler I came across. In spite of the fact that keeping the Rottweiler trim will indeed be better for the overall health, along with her hips & joints, she will attempt to trick you into believing she is famished.

  1. Rottweilers are devoted companions.

They are trustworthy and deeply dedicated to their human companions. They have an image for being scary and violent since they are excellent guard dogs who can be possessive of the home and family. However, they crave attention and spending time with their owners, and more time they spent with family, the happier they will be overall. 

  1. Rottweilers are powerful and physically active canines.

They are quite physical and frequently engage in physical play with other dogs, including linebackers, in which they engage in body smashes and full-body blocks. They can be taught to be gentle around older or smaller dogs, as well as with small children, but immature Rottweilers are often a bit of a bulls in a china shop when they are first introduced.

the following are some extra rottweiler facts named after the town of Rottweil

As per the Rottweiler Association of United Kingdom, the ancient Roman soldiers camped along the Neckar River throughout Germany about 73 or 74 AD, where their herder dogs were kept as guard dogs. Throughout the Middle Ages, huge and powerful dogs were still in use, herding flocks and even killing bears for their meat. This location soon developed into a little town known as 'dies Rote Wil,' which eventually became known as Rottweil. The Rottweilers we know today are descended from these dogs, and their name comes from the town of Rottweil where they were first spotted.

Butcher's Dogs (also known as Butcher's Dogs)

They were called as Rottweiler Metzgerhund in Germany, where they were bred. As a result of the dog's work as a cow herder and even as a cart puller for butchered animals when it was sent to market, the Rottweil butchers' dogs have earned the title of butchers' dogs.

One of the oldest Rottweiler clubs in the world is located in Germany.

The Allgemeiner Deutscher was created in 1917 to promote the German Rottweiler breed. This is one of the older clubs still in existance for this particular breed of dog. The ADRK is based in Minden, Germany, and it is the only national organization dedicated to the breed in the country.

A little-known fun fact: The American Rottweiler Association was founded in 1973 and it is the only Rottweiler organization that is a member of the American Kennel Club.

Rottweilers were on the verge of extinction.

A possible contributing factor to the near-extinction of the Rottweiler type may have been industrialization. Historically, Rotties were herding dogs, and if cattle do not have to be herded, such dogs are no longer required. This occurred towards the middle of the nineteenth century, when railroads were built & roads were paved, making it much easier to move herds of livestock. At the 1900s, however, Rottweiler enthusiasts had fought hard to preserve the breed alive, and by that time, a new position for these now "working" dogs had been established. Rottweilers were first used as police or military dogs in the early 1900s.

Rottweilers enjoy shopping for food


A Rottweiler's nickname is what?

Moose, Bear, Grizzly, & Buck are some of the most common animal-inspired monikers. Color-inspired names like Honey, Copper, Latte, and Coco are also on the list, which partially explains the spectacular coloring of this breed.

Why are Rottweilers so intelligent?

It's true that Rottweilers are incredibly intelligent. The 9th most intelligent canine breed in terms of obedience and working IQ is the American bulldog. It is their ability to discern the intents of strangers that makes these canines extremely intelligent. The intelligence of Rottweilers is undeniable.

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