Puppy zoomies after bath. Tips & Tricks!

Puppy zoomies after bath. Tips & Tricks!

After giving a dog a bath, you should... Nine times out of ten, they'll lose their minds & run around in loops. The Zoomies are a term used to describe this type of behavior.

It feels like there is a physical burst of energy. Dogs do this for a variety of reasons, ranging from relief to shake to dry off to rolling around in circles in an attempt to get away of this strange new smell. It may be a burst of nerve energy caused by tension or the satisfaction of having completed a task.

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Zoomies can be induced by other dogs, children, or when individuals engage in high-energy playing behavior. They can also be provoked by spending a dull wet day at home with the family. Many people believe this is a demonstration of dog anxiety.

However, what is the true description of the item? There is a different term for this practice. It's referred to as FRAP, which stands for frenzied random activity period. FRAP is characterized by quick, exuberant bursts of running & play which appear to be taking over our dog's consciousness. FRAPs provide an outlet for your dog's excess energy while also providing some relief.

How to Assist Dogs Suffering with the Zoomies

The zoomies are a pretty regular occurrence in your dog's life, especially when they are younger. Zoomies are perfectly natural and healthy activity. While FRAPs and the zoomies are perfectly normal in canines, there are a few activities you may take if you suspect that these bursts of energy are the result of a stressful situation. You may assist by ensuring that your puppy is active and receives a sufficient amount of exercise. We recommend that you take a lengthy walk every day for at minimum an hour to help you discharge some of your excess energy. Alternatively, you may go for a walk with your dog or play a game of fetch. Exercise keeps your puppy happy and healthy on a regular basis. Remember that dog gadgets like the K9 Clean Mobile Dog Shower are perfect for giving the puppy a short rinse before hopping back in your vehicle and entering your home if the rainy cool weather is indeed a deterrent for you. It should be filled with water to relax your dog!

When a dog is experiencing the zoomies, it is critical that she is kept away from potentially dangerous situations. When we are at the beach, and especially when we are trying to return home from a long stroll, our puppy Lucy has gotten the zoomies on a number of different occasions. Please avoid the urge of pursuing your puppy; they will believe you are playing a game with them! Make sure you have enough of high-value treats on hand, and be ready to slip on the leash as soon as they are within striking distance. Another technique that has been successful for us is to sprint in the opposite direction from where your dog will most likely want to follow you!

After a bath, what does your dog think?

Whether you wash your dog once a month maybe once a quarter, it's likely that they aren't very pleased of the entire experience. When they're finished, they let out some of their frantic energy by rubbing their damp fur across the furniture, almost as if they were doing some sort of frenzied "GET THIS STUFF OFF ME!" dance. What is it that your dog is thinking about? 

I'm so relieved that it's all over!

One of the most obvious reasons your dog can be acting crazily after a wash is the comfort he is feeling. Even if they enjoy bathing, most dogs are eager to get out of the tub after a thorough cleaning. Your puppy may be so relieved to be free of bath that she will expel all of her stored energy in a single burst of pure delight. Zoom!

What exactly is this foul odor?!

If you've ever seen a dog roll around on the ground to spread a thick layer of animal poo "perfume," you're already familiar with this universal truth: canine noses or human noses don't always agree on what smell good. When your dog comes out of the bath, you think he smells like vanilla & citrus—ahhhh, nice. He, on the other hand, believes he smells downright dreadful. When a dog encounters a new fragrance, he will do all in his power to get rid of it and back to his favorite musk—poo, dirt, grass, or doggie.

I'm soaking wet!

If you ask your dog how to dry herself faster, the apparent answer is that she knows how to get a little air in her lungs, and rubbing against furniture and grass will help her dry more quickly. We can't rule out the possibility that what appears to humans to be a frenetic rush of energy is actually the canine version of a towel-down.

This was a lot of fun the last time, so...

Finally, the zoomies post bath time can be a result of a mixture of all of these factors, as well as one additional factor: routine. The energy bursts experienced by puppies and dogs in general tend to occur at regular intervals and are usually accompanied by a high level of excitement. For example, you might well have noticed that your dog enjoys wrestling or running around the yard after dinner every night. It's possible that your dog's post-bath crazy are just a regular release of that canine energy, and because you laughed & played along the last time, the dog is eager to party again.

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