Are Poodles good with babies and children?

Are Poodles good with babies and children?

The poofy hypoallergenic coats of poodles are well-known for their friendly and proud demeanors. The consequence has made them one of the most popular family dogs in the United States. However, as a cautious parent, you may question if they are safe for your child to play with.

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So, do Poodles get along well with children? Depending on the Poodle's size, Poodles get along well with children. Most Poodles are kind and patient with their owners' children, as well as other members of the family. A child's rough play may be too much for a toy poodle. It's only if youngsters show respect for the dog that the relationship between the two of them will continue.

Poodles have been a popular choice for families throughout the years for a good reason. Children get along well with them because they're such friendly dogs. Why is this the case? This is why Poodles are so good with children.

Why Poodles Make Great Family Dogs

When it comes to choosing a breed of dog for a household with children, the options are nearly limitless. Poodles, on the other hand, are a popular breed for a variety of reasons. Read on to see why Poodles and children are a perfect fit!

Loyalty of the Poodle

The German Shepherd and the Doberman Pinscher are two of the most devoted dog breeds. Or the Akita Inu, who may have to wait for years to see his owner again. Poodles, on the other hand, are among the most devoted canines you can have.

Moreover, as per Play Bark Go, Mini Poodles are among the most faithful dogs in the dog kingdom. Even so, we believe that this is true for all three standard Poodle sizes as well as the toy variety.

Poodles are known for their obedient nature.

In terms of obedience, poodles are among the most obedient dogs in the world. Just the Border Collie has a better level of obedience intelligence than any other dog. Dog intelligence was assessed using the following criteria in a study conducted by canine psychologist Stanley Coren:

Learning a new command requires a certain amount of repeats.

The percentage of times a dog responds to an instruction correctly the first time it is given.

As the second-most obedient dog breed, the Labrador Retriever is nothing to belittle. Even more impressive is the fact that 138 breeds were eligible for consideration. Why would a loyal Pooch be beneficial to children?


For the most part, it's easier to control obedient dogs. It is safer for both the children and the dog if the dog follows commands. If the Poodle is acting a little too aggressively, it will be simple to convince them to calm down and stop.

Having a well-behaved dog can also be a great benefit for children, especially if they are actively involved. One of the finest methods to build trust between a dog and its owner is through obedience training. This activity will help build a bond between your Poodle and your children.

When it comes to learning new tricks, Poodles excel at both the fundamentals and having fun! For parents, it's a win-win situation because they'll be occupied for hours.

All-action Poodles

When it comes to Poodles, it's hard to tell because of their graceful stride and aristocratic manner. Then again, they're a lot of fun to have around. One of 15 highly active dog breeds, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Hunting poodles were bred specifically for this purpose. Don't worry, Poodles weren't out in the woods chasing down prey. But in reality these canines gathered shot game through rivers, ponds, swamps, hills, and just about any other place they could find. They must be physically fit and able to work for long periods of time.

Are Poodles good with babies and children

Due to their high level of activity, they are capable of keeping up with children who are just as lively. The Shih Tzu, for example, is a dog breed that can play with children for hours at a time, and not all breeds of dogs are suitable for this purpose.

High-Toughness Canines

For flexibility, Poodles are one of the best breeds in the world. Whether you live in an apartment or have a large backyard, they are ideal. Even in large households, Poodles can flourish as pets. Since they can adjust to children, they will become a good fit.

It was claimed in Coren's study that obedience and working intelligence are not the only measures of a dog's intelligence. It is possible that adaptive intelligence is the most important factor.

It's the dog's ability to learn on its own that's called adaptive intelligence. For example, how adept if they are at solving issues or gaining knowledge from previous encounters? Herein lies the essence of a dog's intelligence, in my opinion.

It is fortunate that Poodles have a high degree of adaptability. Tricks and bids aren't all they're about. As a result, Poodles are better at interpreting the activities of children because of their ability to learn from humans.

Children's rough play can be interpreted by some dog breeds as a "challenge" or an aggressive behavior on the part of the youngster. As a result, the child may respond with hostility of his or her own. Fortunately, Poodles are highly bright and can recognize when a child is having fun.

Home Without Allergens

There is nothing better than a dog in a household. People who are allergic to dogs, on the other hand, should be aware of the potential for allergic reactions. You can either suffer with it, obtain a hairless dog, or introduce a hypoallergenic dog into your home.

Poodles are hypoallergenic, which is great news! When both parents get allergic to pets, 7 out of 10 children will develop allergies, as per the Animal Planet. Allergies to pets can develop in children without the involvement of one or both parents.

Poodles, on the other hand, have a hypoallergenic fur that doesn't shed much. But don't get me wrong, they'll shed as humans do, but unlike most dogs, they won't shed like that.

Dander, or the dead skin cells that trigger the allergic reaction, is the primary allergen. You can compare it to dog dandruff. Dust mite allergy is emitted into the air when a canine sheds, which sets off the response. Poodles don't have this problem.

Kids' Preferences in Poodle Size

Whenever its about the size of Poodle, this matters a lot to the younger generation. They come in three different sizes according to the AKC breed standard: Toy, Miniature or Standard. All which, have wonderful personalities that will be a terrific fit for youngsters of all ages.

Smaller versions may not be able to resist the rough play of children, depending on the child. Kids, as any parent can attest, can be rambunctious. Even if they don't ride the dog, they may playfully tug at the dog's ears or tail. I've witnessed this firsthand.

It's possible that the Mini and Toy Poodles may not be able to handle this, even though Standard Poodles are capable of doing it. If you have young children, it's imperative that you teach them how to treat smaller pets with respect.

All 3 Poodles would be ideal for older children. If you're looking for a dog for a child, I'd recommend the Mini and Standard Poodle. I don't think it's safe for infants to play with dogs, though.

Have a look to How intelligent are poodles and know more about the specific breed.

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