Dry organic dog food benefits

Dry organic dog food benefits

Since then, we've gotten smarter, replacing microwaved Microwave meal trays for fresh veggies or balancing yoga positions with lean protein to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Our shifting view on the conventional American diet has deepened our grasp of the undeniable influence that food has on one's physical and mental well-being.

Dry organic dog food benefits

There has been an inclusive approach to improving health that has spanned many generations and taken shape in communities and schools all around the country. Our dogs, on the other hand, have been consuming food from the same huge mystery bags for years, while we have become adept at understanding labels in the grocery store aisles.

When it comes to commercial dog food brands — yep, even those labeled as "organic" or "all-natural" — they are all heavily processed to the point where the nutritional content of any single organic component has been depleted by the time it gets to your dog's bowl. Feed grade products must be subjected to extensive processing in order to eradicate microorganisms, whereas human quality ingredients are rich in fresh, naturally occurring nutrients.

Despite the fact that dogs can technically survive on typical dry and canned dog food (just as we might technically live on a lifetime of consuming potato chips each day), they reap numerous health benefits whenever they eat fresh, human-grade ingredients.

Proud Dog Parent's mission is to help dog owners provide their pets with the finest possible care. Here are a few of the benefits you might anticipate to see in your dog's health when you start feeding him fresh, whole foods.

There will be no more guessing games.

Fresh food means that the ingredients in your dog's bowl are real and visible to the eye. Good-bye, weird brown pellets of kibble that seemed to be everywhere.

When compared to fresh, unmodified, lean, human grade meats, sources of protein in dry food which have not been certified for human food are of significantly inferior quality. Fresh food can always be identified by the amount of meat or fresh produce that has been used, while most commercial dog diets are highly processed and can contain a variety of hidden substances and additives which have been linked to health problems in humans and animals.

Better, faster, and more powerful

In this case, Popeye was correct: eating spinach helps to create strong muscles and improve overall health. Although your dog may not be able to gulp down canned spinach such as the Sailor Man, a fresh diet will provide the same benefits.

Organic dog food

The consumption of human-grade food manufactured from high-quality ingredients aids in the development of robust immunity as well as increased vitality. Even senior dogs exhibit enhanced range of motion & increased playfulness following switching to something like a fresh, human-grade feed, according to the ASPCA. The protein as well as natural antioxidants included in elevated, fresh food can aid in the prevention and treatment of illnesses and disorders. In part due to the high temperatures used in commercial dry food preparation, the natural nutrients found in each individual component are destroyed, and so they are unable to supply these regenerative capabilities.

Better digestion is a good thing.

In many commercial pet food bag ingredient labels, the protein percentages are exaggerated, and the amount of each component is not clearly stated. Because of this, even the most nutritious elements could be employed in insignificant quantities in the final product. In a similar vein, just because a pet food bag claims to contain 30% protein does not always imply that all of it is digestible.

Your dog's digestive system was not built to digest the majority of the ingredients included in dry food, and as a result, they wind up converting into (smelly) piles of garbage in your home. When you switch to fresh, digestible, human-grade food, you will notice that your stools become fewer and smaller. Food is effectively digested, nutrients are absorbed directly, and you have trash bags for days on end.

Improved skin and coats (as well as softer cuddling)

The skin of many dogs is affected by conditions such as itching, sores, and dry fur. While many pet parents attribute these symptoms to allergies, most skin problems could be affected by the increased concentrations of fillers found in processed, dog food, according to the ASPCA.

The use of fresh, nutrient-dense foods that contain necessary fatty acids (often a mixture of omega 3, 6, & 9) can help dogs' skin and coats become more supple, making them so soft you'll never want to throw them out of bed.

You should spend much more time with your darling pup

A fresh produce diet for your dog can help him keep a healthy body mass, which has been related to a 20 percent longer longevity in certain studies. Consider this: a diet consisting entirely of packaged foods would leave your dog feeling lethargic and overweight, and you would be at risk for a variety of health problems.

Commercial pet food contains additives that can have a negative impact on your dog's health and energy, whereas for a fresh, sentient diet results in enhanced energy and better long-term health for your dog.

There are no additives.

No chemicals or preservatives would be allowed in a real fresh food diet, according to experts. Any modification to dog food is typically intended for the ease of production (a prolonged shelf life) or advertising to humans (for example, the addition of food coloring or xanthin gum to grain to make it appear more "attractive." Just so you know, dogs cannot distinguish between colors.

Many fresh, puppy foods are in your refrigerator or pantry, making them a simple addition to your pup's current nutritional regimen. Remember to keep healthy produce (or treats) to no and over 10% of their total caloric intake to prevent throwing off the nutritional balance of their mealtimes. In order to include more than 10% healthy produce in your dog's diet, there really are nutritionally complete fresh dog foods that can be ordered online and delivered directly to your front door, as well as locally sourced fresh dog foods.

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