Is it a proper etiquette to tip a dog groomer?

Is it a proper etiquette to tip a dog groomer?

The straightforward answer of your question is Yes, it is proper etiquette to tip a dog groomer.  

Some breeds of dogs possess lengthy hair that grows unless it is clipped, requiring a trip to a groomer every several months.

In most cases, this treatment includes a wash and a hair trim. In addition to trimming the toenails, cleaning the ears, and removing anal glands, your groomer may include additional services.

Treating them as if they were amateurs is a bad idea

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Dog groomers, on the other hand, are expected to be paid.

Groomers aren't everyone's idea of a service worker, but we think there's a solid reason to tip them. Check out these top reasons why your dog's groomer deserves a little extra from you every time he or she gets a haircut.

Think about what they're doing for you. Almost everyone you hire to do something for you expects a tip. Taxi drivers, waiters, bartenders...the list goes on. You tip. At this point, it's nearly a part of American life. That being the case, why would one leave out a dog groomer?

When you take your dog to the groomer, they are providing you with a service that may be uncomfortable at times. Depending on their temperament, age, or sensitivity, your dog may be difficult to train. There is a fine line between being a dog owner and a dog parent.

When it comes to dog grooming, you must always tip the professionals because you couldn't do it yourself.

Treating them as if they were amateurs is a bad idea.

Doggy hairdressers are experts. When it comes to cutting your dog's hair, these people have gone to school. Many of them will have worked for years and years to reach to this point. It's possible that they have their own company and also have a goal-oriented mentality.

You want your colleagues to know that you appreciate the hard work they've put into their careers. As a result, you should reward them with a small gratuity.

They make an effort to work with customers who have high standards.

In spite of this, it is possible that your dog groomer is doing a great job for you. The problem is that people can indeed be petty and finicky when it comes to service. They may have had moments where they wanted to throw their clipper and walk away from their jobs in the service business.         

Since other customers are unpleasant, finicky, or a nightmare, you should tell them how much you appreciate them for putting themselves in harm's way like this. A gratuity is a way to show your appreciation for working with people who aren't always easy to work with.

You're a Big Fan of Theirs

Does your dog's groomer always leave him or her smelling clean after he or she is done? Give them a new cut that brings out their best features? Is your dog bouncing around like a jackass after?

Should you give a tip after grooming?

And, most important, does your dog show signs of liking the person they're spending time with?

As a result, you must give them a larger tip than you seem to as a typical thank you. The reason for this is that you are expressing your appreciation for their efforts.

Your dog's hair might have been cut by anyone, but if the groomer is someone your dog enjoys and who does a good job, why not? That's a wonderful gift. As a result, they deserve to be rewarded. As a result, they have an even more motivation to do well and to make sure that your dog is always a top priority with them.

They Frequently Go Over and Above the Call of Duty to Meet Your Requirements.

If you've ever had a dog groomer show up early or stay late solely to take better care of your pet, you're not alone. Alternatively, you may have a pet groomer who comes to the house in a transportable van and grooms your pets at your convenience.

Your groomer is going out of their way to meet your needs & put themselves on the back burner so that your pet can get a haircut.

If your groomer accomplishes this, you should definitely reward them with an additional gratuity. 


It's important to know what a dog's fundamental requirements are.

A dog's survival is dependent on its ability to obtain food, water, and shelter. Then there's the fact that they also require physical and mental stimulation and caring to thrive Keeping your pup healthy and safe starts with providing the basic necessities, which lays the groundwork for a long and happy relationship between you and your dog.

Do you tip the dog groomer if he or she is self-employed?

Does Tipping A Dog Groomer Who Is Self-Employed Make Sense? ... Self-employed groomers, on the other hand, are saddled with higher costs and receive no benefits (such as health insurance) than their coworkers. Even if your dog's groomer is self-employed, you should still tip her.

Do you provide a tip to the business owner?

Tipping a business owner's employees is not regarded decent etiquette. Instead of going to the workers, the tip must go to them. In order to demonstrate your gratitude for the service you received and to ensure that you'll receive the same excellent care in the future, it's appropriate to tip generously when you visit a business frequently.

To wrap it up

Even if tipping isn't always easy, there are times when it's appropriate to do so. 15% is an excellent starting point. If you're content with the service you received, a 15% gratuity is a decent amount to pay someone who did an adequate job. Assuming you had no concerns with the dog groomer and they did an adequate job, 10% is a fair tip.

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