How to help your nervous dog while grooming?

How to help your nervous dog while grooming?

A dog's fondness or dread of the pet salon depends on the dog. Grooming salons with a good reputation go out of their way to make a dog's visit a relaxing and enjoyable one. Even a spa day might be frightening for a dog, which is understandable. The clippers & blow dryers make a lot of noise at a pet salon. Although dogs are separated during grooming, they may develop a phobia of the other dogs if they are kept together too long. Grooming a scared dog may be a stressful process because of all the unfamiliar sensations. Dogs who aren't adequately habituated to a scenario might have a full-blown stress episode, which can be life-threatening.

Groom a nervous dog

The problem with frightened dogs is that they should only be groomed by a professional to ensure their safety.

Follow these 10 steps to help your dog get ready for a happy grooming session, no matter what his or her circumstances may be.

Massage is the first step.

When a dog visits a groomer, a professional will clean all of the dog's body parts, including the most sensitive ones. You'll have to deal with her ears, crotch, paws, and glands. Give your pet a full-body massage to loosen him up. Pet your dog gently all over, from the head to the toes. Spread its toes apart as you play with her paws. Scratch her tummy and play with her ears. Making sure your pet is comfortable being handled will be the first step in training him to be a service dog.

After that, place her on an elevated table and give her a massage. In other words, it's a lot like going to a grooming salon. When dealing with a fearful dog, begin with little steps. It's a good idea to do anything you can to make your pet more relaxed. Many calming languages, rewards, or a cover will make her memories of these foreign encounters more enjoyable for her.

bathing and brushing

Give your dog as many grooming experiences as you can get away with exposing him to. Start by recreating these experiences in small doses at home. Next, take your dog to the groomer when she's ready.

If you feel comfortable bathing your dog at home, go ahead and do it. Brushing your dog on a daily basis is also beneficial to them. Provide as many experiences as possible for children to learn about the world around them. Turn on a hairdryer and give her a reward once she hears the sound. Give her a treat after holding up a set of nail trimmers without cutting her nails.

How to groom a nervous dog

This may sound excessive, but it will be beneficial for an anxious dog.

Check to See if She's Getting Enough Exercise

When people say, "A tired dog is always happy" they mean exactly what they say. Dogs love to explore the world by urinating on everything, but they also require a lot of physical activity to keep them healthy. Make sure your dog has had a walk before you take him to the groomer. Her nervous energy can be expended while she's resting, which is good for her overall health.

Look for a Groomer who has Experience

Not every groomer is equipped to deal with a fearful dog in a professional manner. Inform the groomer if your dog has a history of nervousness or aggressiveness. Groomers that specialize in grooming pets with particular requirements can be found.

Groomers at Splash and Dash have received extensive training and have the requisite professional expertise to handle any dog. Our well-trained team will work with both you and your dog to make the grooming process as pleasant and safe as possible.

The Trip in the Automobile

You should begin acclimating your dog to automobile journeys when they are still puppies. For a dog, car journeys may be a source of great anxiety. It's strange to be in the passenger seat of an automobile for the first time. It's possible that your dog has developed a fear of certain places, such as the groomer or veterinarian. While your dog is still a puppy, take them for vehicle drives. This will familiarize them with the car's movements and noises. Explore the area by driving around aimlessly. It's not too late to train your dog to like vehicle journeys even if they're getting on in years.

Bring a favorite comforter or toy for your dog with you. Ensure that they feel at ease. Car seats or restraints for dogs are necessary to keep them safe when traveling. Pet motion sickness can cause gastrointestinal problems, so keep an eye out for that. If that's the case, talk to your veterinarian about anti-nausea medicine. Don't take your dog anywhere in particular so that they don't associate vehicle rides with stressful grooming or medical visits. This will put a stop to their fears. Reassure your dog as much as possible in a calm voice and with lots of rewards.

FAQs related to dog grooming

When grooming an agitated dog, how do you make him feel better?

If your dog is extremely apprehensive prior to grooming, you might discuss soothing aids and even light sedatives with your veterinarian. Time and patience are required for behavior-based training. If you want the dog to be more calm whenever it's time to be groomed, it's critical to focus on behavior-based training.

How can I pacify my dog so that I can trim her hair?

Giving them incentives while grooming or washing them is a fantastic method to help them maintain their calm. Many people smear peanuts butter on the bathtub wall and let the dog lick it off while being groomed.

To wrap it up

Dog owners are well aware that no two pets are the same. They have a wide range of traits and behaviors, much like people. Grooming is one example of where this comes into play. Grooming may be a soothing and even enjoyable activity for some dogs. For some, it's quite upsetting. Grooming your dog in your own bathtub or sink might be difficult enough, but taking a nervous, stressed-out dog to the groomer can be nearly impossible.

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