how do professional groomers deal with aggressive dogs?

How to make life easier: how do professional groomers deal with aggressive dogs?

How to make life easier?

It’s time to groom your dog.


It becomes difficult because of his aggressive behavior! You tried hard, but your dog is not cooperating when it’s about grooming!

None of us is willing to take the risk because we all know how bad a dog’s aggression is.

How about knowing the groomer's way of dealing with aggressive dogs? In my opinion, it’s a good idea to learn about professional ways. This way, it will become easy for us to handle grooming at home.

How do you handle aggressive behavior from your dog?

Now, the question is, where to get such information? Don’t worry; ProudProud Dog Parents are making this easy for you. We are intended to help proud dog owners like you take better care of their dogs.

Don’t trust online sites offering dog products until you are sure about their originality. There is a wide range of sites selling wrong dog products and even false information. Their only purpose is to grab money from you, even at the cost of the dog's health. Therefore, you must approach the correct piece of information.

Let’s jump to the main topic and read the article till the end.

Why is your dog aggressive during grooming?

Unfortunately, many dogs show aggressive behavior in Proud Dog Parents' practice. It's not surprising either. By nature, dogs are animals that defend their territory. During grooming, your dog might feel threatened.

Aggressive behavior can be the first step toward an attack. This is something you want to prevent. It is good to pick up on signals when your dog exhibits aggressive behavior.

Signs of aggressive behavior

  • Your dog shows his teeth
  • Your dog starts shaking
  • He is suddenly reticent
  • He barks in a thunderous manner
  • He bites softly
  • He growls

Why you should avoid aggressive behavior during grooming

Aggressive behavior is a danger to the groomer. Sometimes, several dogs are present in the room, which could mean that your dog is attacking other dogs and people.

Aggressive dogs are not only not a danger to their environment; they are a danger to themselves. Dogs can be traumatized by frightening experiences. Suppose your dog is scared and anxious; chances are he will be nervous again the next time.

Professional ways of grooming aggressive dogs

Okay, so how do you handle aggressive behavior during grooming? The following tips will help you groom your dog properly. 

Professional ways of grooming aggressive dogs

Tip 1: Cover head with a towel

We can’t ignore dog grooming, no matter how harsh our pup is. Handling an aggressive dog and grooming it is pretty tricky for parents. That is the reason we recommend you approach professional dog groomers.

When a dog is aggressive but doesn't bite, the groomers prefer to cover its head with a towel. This way, they ensure that the dog is not trying to move and even bite. Covering the head can be a solution when it’s just about cutting or trimming nails.

According to proud dog parents, it is recommended that the owners be there with their pup when grooming. Don't hand over your dog to a professional because the dog may get panic. Having you while grooming keeps your dog calm, and it may cooperate with the groomer.

Tip 2: Remains calm

Have you ever noticed that groomers smile on their faces even when the dog is aggressive? That's the key to handling an aggressive dog. Professional dog groomers remain calm and gentle with the dogs no matter how ill-mannered the dog is.

Professionals believe that aggression plus aggression means the worst situation ever. They understand that dogs feel the human's energy and hence react accordingly. So, yelling at dogs or being aggressive with them will never help anybody. Therefore, the groomer remains calm and recommends others to relax when it’s about handling an aggressive dog.

Even you will notice a positive behavior in your dog when the groomer deals it with love.

Tip 3: Use a muzzle

It's the case when the dog is not just aggressive but also has biting issues. Or maybe the groomer doesn’t want to take the risk. Covering the dog's head is a solution when the groomer has to cut nails. While on the other hand, a muzzle will be used when it’s about bathing and related grooming.

Wait, is your dog muzzle trained!

If your dog is unaware of the muzzle and it’s not trained to wear a muzzle, start from step one. Your dog needs to be prepared before taking it to the grooming center. But, if your dog is trained to carry a muzzle, half of your problems are solved.

Tip 4: Long handles brushes

Now that's a smart move. Professional groomers prefer using brushes and combs with long handles so they can avoid close interaction with aggressive dogs.

Dog’s reactions and behavior are always uncertain; we can't guess how they will deal with the groomer, so it’s good to maintain a distance.

Distance grooming can be the case when your dog is aggressive and has a biting problem. When your dog is not muzzle trained, groomers use this strategy.

Tip 5: Use grooming tables

Do you know there are grooming tables in markets designed especially for aggressive dogs? So it's another help for the groomers to deal with the bold and ill-mannered dog. Using search tables means making grooming simple and stress-free. Groomers may require your help to put the dog on this specific grooming table.

 We mentioned how groomers handle an aggressive dog to make it easy if you are willing to do the same at home. We believe owners are the best groomers, even if their dog is aggressive. You can carry any of the mentioned solutions to groom your darling pup at home.

FAQs related to aggressive dog grooming

Q1. Is it essential to groom my aggressive dog?

Yes, grooming plays a vital role in a dog's life, whether it is an aggressive or a friendly dog. As a dog parent, you must understand that grooming keeps the dog away from bacteria and other health issues such as skin allergies. The essential dog grooming is trimming the nails, brushing the coat, and cleaning the ears.

Q2. How to groom my aggressive dog?

Muzzle training or covering the dog’s head with a towel can be the first step in grooming an aggressive dog. Handling an aggressive pup can be difficult for one person, so hire a professional groomer.

Q3. Why is my dog aggressive with groomers?

There is a possibility that your dog may interpret the groomer as an enemy. At the same time, anxiety, fear, confusion, and even bad experiences force your dog to be aggressive at groomers.

To wrap it up

Grooming is an essential part of a dog's life but a huge mess for Dog owners if the dog is not cooperative. Handling an aggressive dog while grooming is quite tricky for the parents. That is why most of us prefer professional groomers to deal with aggressive dogs. If you have read the guide, you will be aware of the ways professional groomers use it. Scroll up and read the article carefully if you are willing to adopt the same method at home. To know more information related to dogs, you must explore proud dog parents.

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