Is a German Shepherd emotional

Is a German Shepherd emotional?

Ever questioned why your German shepherd experiences anxiety issues when you leave dog alone at home for an extended period of time.

Does the German shepherd show signs of sadness or distress? And one of the most frequently asked questions by dog owners is if German shepherds have feelings.

Is a German Shepherd emotional

Is it true that German shepherds are emotional? Yes, German shepherds have strong feelings. Even the breed is aware of the energy emanating from its owner and adjusts its behavior as a result. Furthermore, the shepherd is a well-known breed when it comes to providing emotional support. A dog can provide emotional support if it is in need of it, but only if it is in need of it itself.

When we talk about a dog's emotional ability, we are not merely referring to the ability to become unhappy; rather, we are referring to the ability to experience all emotions at once. When we say that a dog is emotional, we include everything from wagging its tail to moving about you to becoming terrified.

However, there will always be a debate about whether or not dogs are emotionally intelligent. When you dig into the weeds of this debate, you will always come across several points of contention.

However, once you begin living with a dog, you will be able to put this disagreement behind you. While you are over over heels in love with the GSD, you will be able to recognize and understand his emotions sense.

You will come to understand that the behavior of your German shepherd represents your emotions of happiness, fear, sorrow, and enthusiasm. Once you understand how intricate a dog's emotional state is, one will be able to be more loving & patient with him.

Understanding your dog's feelings is the most important step in assisting him to get out of any circumstance.

What Causes German Shepherds to Become Emotional?German shepherds are considered emotional creatures, and this includes themselves.

The breed has an amazing connection with its owners, and it is difficult for them to be apart from the owner or family even for a short period of time when they are away.

Furthermore, the shepherd is extremely devoted and caring, and they consistently demonstrate affection everywhere in their behaviors. When it comes to their parents, the Breed is able of being sensitive and emotional.

The first and most obvious reason why people believe German Shepherds are unfeeling is because of their aggressive behavior and massive size.


German Shepherds could be the most violent dogs towards humans if they are not properly trained, however they will rarely harm the family members while displaying this hostile behavior.

Clearly, Shepherds are emotional & emotionally linked to their family members, as evidenced by their behavior of being devoted to family members.

Here is a collection of emotions or behaviors that indicate that the German shepherd is experiencing emotional distress.


When we talk about someone's emotional state, the first thing that comes to mind is their level of happiness. When we live with a pet, we are able to tell when our lovely canine is content.

It is easy to see that a dog is happy because of all of his activities and even his facial emotions. It is important to note that emotional sense encompasses more than just feeling sad or crying; it also encompasses all other linked feelings.


German Shepherds are also capable of feeling sadness, which is another fantastic emotion. When dogs are left alone without any entertainment, you will notice that they are depressed.

They are also depressed as a result of some punishment or guilt. Another aspect of GSD's emotionality to address is that they can become sad or upset at any time.

The tail is wagging

You returned home from a long day to find your pooch circling around you, wagging its tail enthusiastically.

Whenever you give your dog a reward, he immediately begins to wag his tail. Waving its tail is your dog's way of expressing all of its delight and joy to you.

You might think of it as your pup's way of expressing his or her affection for you.

Dogs have feelings, so they experience a range of emotions depending on circumstances, which we are delighted to point out once more!

Anxiety associated with separation

If you leave the dog alone for a day, he or she will experience separation anxiety after a period of time. The most prevalent canine problem is that they become involved in digging, destructing, and other behavioral disorders as a result of separation anxiety.

When it comes to dogs, anxiety is a powerful feeling that they experience with great intensity.


Despite the fact that German shepherds appear to be robust and aggressive, they are often startled by even the smallest of objects.

  1. They are frightened of thunderstorms and flashing lights.
  2. Strange shadows may make them feel uncomfortable.
  3. They have lifelong fears as a result of a traumatic incident.
  4. Having a dread of something specific happening comprises a range of emotions and feelings.


When we observe differences in German shepherd behavior, we are forced to consider the question, Are German shepherds sentimental? The manner in which people express delight, sadness, or fear are the visible signs that they are experiencing emotional states.

Maybe you're not aware of this, but GSD are capable of sensing and feeling the energy or vibe of the parents. And it is for this reason that they experience happiness or sadness alongside you.

This is all about adding new experiences on a regular basis when you live with a dog. When we recognize that our dogs are experiencing emotions, our feelings for them grow stronger.

The same may be said for the reasons why German shepherds are considered to be among the best emotional help canines.

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