German Shepherd general information

German Shepherd general information

In the United States, the devoted German shepherd is one of the most beloved dog breeds, and it's not difficult to see why. Despite their peaceful attitude, these dogs are eager to impress & quick to learn.

As the 2nd most common dog breed in the United States, German shepherds have earned their reputation for being self-assured dogs that are also brave and intelligent. Despite their size, these dogs are extremely loyal and loving of their owners, although they are wary of strangers. German Shepherds have a lengthy history as working dogs that have helped police and militaries around the world. A German shepherd's happiness does not necessitate constant attention from its owner. These canines are excellent companions for owners who want to spend a lot of time just at dog park or hiking with them.

German Shepherd general information

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German shepherds, one of today's most well-known breeds, are lauded for their amazing combination of strength and grace. These huge dogs, weighing 50–90 pounds, command attention with their perked-up ears & dark, almond-shaped eyes, making them instantly recognizable. With their thick, velvety undercoat and harsh outer coat, German shepherds are able to flourish in any temperature, as per the American Kennel Club. German shepherds are susceptible to shedding, so they should be cleaned several time a week in the fall and spring to keep their coats looking their best.

The AKC notes that while black and tan German shepherds are the most prevalent coloration, other varieties such as all-black, black and red, sable, as well as the uncommon white German shepherd are available.


It's no surprise that the Shepherd is so beloved because of its courageous, clever, and gentle nature. This versatile canine is eager to impress and fast to learn. While German shepherds can be a bit of a bully, those that receive regular training and obedience lessons will be loyal friends for life.

If you can commit to constant obedience training and vigorous exercise, German shepherds are wonderful family dogs. Shepherds were bred for work, so they have a work ethic and a desire to please their owners. This breed isn't a couch potato and requires regular exercise to be happy.

2 hours of exercise a day is recommended by the Person's Dispensary for Animals (PDSA) in the UK. Long walks and runs are one option, as is enrolling them in agility training to make use of their natural inclinations for herding. While German shepherds may appear stern at first glance, they are actually playful dogs who like spending time with the owners. As it turns out, German shepherds are like Velcro dogs, keeping their owners close at hand at all times. As a result, these dogs should not be left alone for lengthy periods of time, as their separation anxiety might lead to destructive behavior.

You should begin socializing your German shepherd at an early age, as you should with any breed. According to the AKC, a well-behaved German shepherd will indeed be calm and compassionate. Despite the fact that German shepherds really aren't aggressive, they are naturally protective of their owners and their loved ones. They're excellent watchdogs because of their instincts to safeguard the territory and alert their owners to intruders. Although the German Shepherd pup Club of America advises that young children should be taught how to appropriately interact with dogs, German shepherds are well-known for their gentleness around children as well as other pets (even cats!). Even though your dog seems to accept a painful touch to the ear or a tug just on tail, these actions should be avoided at all costs.

Living Requirements

In spite of the fact that the German Shepherd was originally developed to be a hard-working soldier's dog, nowadays the breed is as much a family pup as he was originally intended to be. Their strong energy and enormous size make them ideal for homes with a fenced-in yard, but they can adapt to many other living circumstances. As long as German shepherds have adequate daily activity, they may thrive in flats. Dogs like this are adaptable to living with other animals, but like to be their own masters.

They are incredibly loyal to their owners and will put their lives in danger for them. Some people, however, may be overwhelmed by their immense size, vigor, and strength. According to Brian Kilcommons, the founder of The Excellent Pets Resort, a luxury training facility in Connecticut, "People would like a pup that's going to be protective; therefore they go out and acquire the German Shepherd." "Yes, German shepherds are guard dogs, but a closer examination reveals that they are also quite selective... It's important to them to keep things neat and tidy. For a very well German Shepherd, you need a lot of management and training. Without proper training, a security device purchased for personal safety can and frequently does turn into a legal and monetary responsibility." Spend nearly an hour a day outside if you can't train your dog to be obedient. It's possible that this breed isn't the greatest choice if you frequently have to leave the dog home alone for long periods of time.

For a German shepherd, the ideal match is a person with an active lifestyle who is looking for a loyal friend who likes to spend time outdoors. Before getting a dog, think about your lifestyle and talk to a breeder and rescue group about what to expect from a German shepherd and whether or not that type is a better match for you.


In order to prevent excessive shedding, AKC guidelines recommend weekly brushing for German shepherds, which have thick, double-layered coats. In the spring and fall, German shepherds shed a lot, so you'll want to brush your dog at least once a day, if not twice. Because they can be brushed clean of most dirt and grime, German shepherds don't need to be bathed as often as other breeds.

When you brush your pet's teeth, it's an excellent time to look for things including coat sheen, nail length, and dental health. If you really can notice them tapping against by the floor, it really is probably about time for a cut. Some shepherds' nails naturally wear down with activity.

German shepherds are clever, high-energy dogs who require daily mental stimulation & exercise in addition to the regular cleaning and dental care. You should start socializing and training your German shepherd early on because of their protective instinct. Your puppy will become a well-behaved adult if you consistently use positive-reinforcement training methods. There are few things in this life that yield quick benefits if done correctly: "pup training is one of very few," adds Kilcommons. "Dogs can be in control for a year after taking group sessions, but this is because owners don't focus on the most critical aspect of training: how you structure your interactions with the dog on a daily basis. Dogs are considered members of the family. They have to follow the same set of rules from the moment the dog is brought home, and those rules must be well defined."