You will love these traits of French Bulldog

You will love these traits of French Bulldog

Nubby tail, Batty ears, and weight of 16-28 pounds are the main characteristics of the French Bulldog. Often mistaken with Pug and English Bulldog. Let’s see the main traits of the French Bulldog.

You will love these traits of French Bulldog

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Length - Size (Adult French Bulldog):

  • Female: 11 inch
  • Male: 12 inch

Weight (Adult French Bulldog):

  • Female: 16-24 pound
  • Male: 20-28 pound


  • Social dog
  • Can learn things easily - Does need excess time for training
  • Agreeable


  • Adaptable
  • Playful
  • Smart
  • Affectionate
  • Well mannered

Grooming need:

  • Moderate - Does not need much attention toward grooming


  • White
  • Brindle
  • Fawn
  • Tan
  • Brindle and White

Exercise Requirements

  • Less than 25 minutes per day
  • Energy levels are marked as Average for French Bulldog

Life Expectancy

  • 9-11 Years

History of French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a miniature variant of the Bulldog that was developed in England. There were many people who worked in Nottingham's lace industry who brought their bulldogs with them when they moved to France for greater possibilities.

As the French Bulldog became popular in Europe and the rest of the world, Americans began to fall in love with him as well. It was during the Westminster Kennel Club show of 1896 that the first French Bulldog was seen in the US. It didn't take long for the dog to earn the endearing moniker "Frenchie."

More about Traits of French Bulldog

In spite of its bat-like ears, they have an undeniable allure. Of course, some dogs look better on the outside than the French Bulldog; but, beauty is subjective and what many people see in this breed are the qualities that make it such a great companion dog in today's world.

The French Bulldog, despite its diminutive stature, has a robust and muscular body. To match his laid-back demeanor, he wears a short, easy-to-clean coat. The Frenchie is a playful pup that also appreciates a day curled up on the couch with a good book.

Their training sessions reflect their enjoyment of the game and their laid-back demeanor. Training a French Bulldog is simple if you make it fun and make it more like a game. They have a tendency to think on their own and aren't the best dogs for obedience or agility competitions, but some have overcome this. This open-minded way of thinking can sometimes lead to a stubbornness that is difficult to overcome.

French Bulldog Facts

  • French Bulldogs are excellent apartment dogs because they don't have a lot of barking tendencies.
  • Despite the fact that young children & dogs should always be closely monitored, the French Bulldog gets along well with them.
  • The French Bulldogs do not require a long time for exercise. They are less maintainable.
  • In order to maintain a healthy weight, French Bulldogs must be taken for a walk every day.
  • It is important to keep an eye on French Bulldogs on hot days to avoid overexertion, as they are prone to overheating.
  • Training a French Bulldog can be a breeze, but they could also be a real pain in the rear. When it comes to training this dog, it's important to be both firm and patient.
  • Because of his tendency to drool, flatulence, and some shedding, the French Bulldog might not have been the right dog for those who place high importance on hygiene. Because of this, it can be challenging to housetrain him.
  • The breed of French Bulldog isn't known for barking a lot, but there are always exceptions to the norm.
  • They are excellent guard dogs, although they can be territorial. Additionally, they enjoy being the center of attention, and this can lead to behavioral issues if they are given excessive amounts of this attention.
  • Despite their small stature, French Bulldogs are incredibly affectionate and thrive in the presence of their owners. Leaving them alone for extended periods of time or letting them dwell in the open is not recommended.

French Bulldog Care

There isn't much of a workout requirement for French Bulldogs. However,  they tend to have low energy levels. Short walks or playtime in the yard are all that's needed to keep their weight in check. While French Bulldogs love to play and will spend a significant portion of their time doing so, they aren't so highly energetic that they require a huge yard or regular exercise for long periods of time. Because of their susceptibility to heat exhaustion, this breed should not be worked in hot weather. Limit physical activity during the early morning and late evening hours when temperatures are cooler.

Despite their intelligence and eagerness to please, French Bulldogs can be a bit of an independent thinker. So they can be a little stubborn. There are several ways to teach this breed, don't be discouraged if one method will not really work; just switch to another. Your Frenchie's interest in training can be piqued by making the experience entertaining and rewarding.

Even if you plan to let your little French Bulldog pup the liberty of the house when he grows up, crate training is essential. The breed does not matter when it comes to a puppy's curiosity and willingness to chew on potentially harmful objects. For both your money and your temper, crate training is a win-win-win situation for both you and your puppy's health and safety.

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