Why are French Bulldogs so expensive?

Why are French Bulldogs so expensive?

You've already made up your mind that the French bulldog is dog of your dreams, haven't you? Well, before you come to a decision on whether or not to purchase this dog, you should learn why Frenchies are so pricey. Many individuals are overjoyed when they discover a dog at a cheap cost. However, it is precisely at this point that their difficulties will begin!

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Why should one never purchase a Frenchie because the price is too low?

We can't deny that these cute little dogs are among the most recognizable breeds on the face of the planet. Despite the fact that they have amiable personalities, they also are modest in stature and therefore suitable for apartment living. As a result of the various crossbreeding events that have occurred throughout history, they have become more susceptible to a variety of health problems. Consequently, prospective Frenchie owners must use caution when selecting this breed for their family. Finding the correct breeder is difficult, but there are certain questions to ask the breeder prior taking his or her puppy home with you.

What is the number of puppies in the litter?

French bulldogs are unlike other breeds in that they have a distinct personality. Because of their narrow hips and the large size of their babies' heads, their females must have a C-section to give birth to their pups. Because these canines are also petite in stature, a dam should expect to give birth to just one to four puppies at a time. You are certain that the pups had adequate space to develop properly in their mother's womb in this manner.

What is the number of puppies in the litter

Inquire about the puppies' parents' history and demand confirmation of it.

When purchasing a puppy, one of most crucial things to look for is documentation of the puppy's parentage history. You can also request seeing the parents from the breeder. It should be noted that the health of Frenchies is greatly influenced by their genetic makeup. As a result, this is among the most vital issues to inquire about.

What methods have they used to socialize the puppies?

The ability to interact with other people and dogs is critical if you want to raise an obedient and very well dog as in future.

What vaccinations did the Frenchie puppy receive?

You should obtain a paper signed by a veterinarian as proof of the vaccinations given to the Frenchie puppy. In addition, the puppy should be dewormed because worms can cause future problems (slow growth).

Inquire about the best diet for your French Bulldog

Some breeders favor a dry food diet for their French bulldogs, whereas others insist upon that BARF diet for their dogs. As a result, when you initially bring the little gremlin home, it is recommended that you continue to feed the puppy the very same food during the first few days of his life. You'll reduce the likelihood of experiencing stomach issues in this manner.

The reasons why Frenchies are very expensive are as follows:

The goal at hand is to explain why Good French bulldog puppies are so expensive, and I shall do so in the following paragraphs. You can, in fact, get a Frenchie for a few thousand on the used market. Unfortunately, it may end up costing you a lot of money in the long run! As a result, keep an eye out for so-called breeders!

  1. Frenchies are subjected to artificial insemination
  2. French bulldogs are unable to mate in the classic sense. This is due to the fact that they have thin legs and small hips. As a result, a breeder will incur an additional expense as a result of this.
  3. Pregnant Frenchie mums demand a particular diet to ensure their healthy pregnancy.
  4. A breeder who is responsible for the care of an expecting Frenchie female must feed her a high-protein diet in order to stimulate breastfeeding.
  5. Pregnant Frenchies must have regular checkups with the veterinarian
  6. When a Frenchie is pregnant, ultrasound is among the most critical health checkups she can have. The breeder will be able to determine how many pups the dam is carrying and whether or not they will have adequate room to grow as a result of this.
  7. A C-section is absolutely necessary

The female French bulldog has a very narrow birth canal, which means she is unable to deliver a baby on her own. The C-section procedure is used to extract puppies from their mother's uterus. This is an essential procedure that is performed whenever there is a problem with a normal birth. Because Frenchie puppies have larger heads as a result of their mother's birth canal, plus females can also have narrow hips, this treatment is considered absolutely necessary.

Why are French Bulldogs so expensive

After-pregnancy care is essential

A breeder's job of providing post-pregnancy care is not a simple one. Due to the fact that a Frenchie mother would bleed for 3-7 days & go through a difficult phase of wound healing, a breeder takes on the role of the mother for the puppies. He or she is responsible for providing them with food, ensuring that they are free of worms, and administering immunizations.

Are you still interested in learning why Frenchies are so expensive? If you are looking for one French bulldog pup for sale, I strongly suggest you to conduct extensive study before making a final decision.


What's a fair price for one French bulldog of this breed?

The average cost of a French Bulldog is $2,800, ranging from $1,800 to $4,500. Prices for a Frenchie are determined by a number of factors, including the dog's age and genetics (i.e. coat color). Prices have skyrocketed in recent decades due to increased demand.

Is buying a French bulldog cruel?

In addition to contributing to a brutal market of animal breeding, a buyer of a French bulldog misses an opportunity to save a pet whose survival may be dependent on that adoption by buying a French bulldog.

Are Frenchies worth buying? Know Are French Bulldogs well with babies and children?

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