What is the average weight of a French Bulldog?

What is the average weight of a French Bulldog?

In the "compact or small dog" category, French bulldogs are included. For those of you who are curious in the bodyweight of the French Bulldog and whether or not yours falls within that range, I have the answer and will discuss all aspects of the size of French bulldogs, through puppy to adulthood.

What is the average weight of a French Bulldog?

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Is a French Bulldog Large or Small?

Between 18 to 28 pounds, an adult French Bulldog is considered a French Bulldog. That's why the average size of a French bulldog is 22 kg (10 kilograms).

Specifically, male Frenchies are slightly heavier than the female Frenchies in terms of weight.

Male Frenchies range in weight from 20 to 28 pounds.

Female Frenchies range in weight from 18 to 26 kg.

You, as a French bulldog owner, must guarantee that your dog's weight does not exceed this limit. Overweight French people have a higher risk of acquiring a variety of health issues, which will be discussed in greater depth later on.

Overweight French bulldogs have a lower life expectancy than their lean counterparts, which is an important consideration. A healthy Frenchie can expect to live for 10 to 14 years on average, though this varies by region.

The life expectancy of a Frenchie who is overweight is two years lower than that of a healthy dog. In order to ensure that your Frenchie has a long and healthy life, you need take good care of them.

Ideal Body Weight for a Male French Bulldog

To get an idea of how much a new male Frenchie puppy weighs, you can use the following formula: (227 -283 grams). The puppies shed a few pounds in first 24 hours. There is no weight loss that exceeds 10% of the child's birth weight.

The physiological foundation for this condition is that the puppies discharge pee and meconium, but do not replenish these fluids quickly enough.

As a result, by the third day of life, they'll have already outgrown their newborn weight. Consequently, you shouldn't be concerned by the early sway in the market.

They weigh between 14 -17 ounces (397 to 481 grams) at one week old and between 1.4-1.75 pounds at two weeks old, respectively (635 and 789 grams)

Male French bulldog pups typically weigh from 8.5 and 12.8 pounds at three months old, compared to 1.4 kilograms at one month (3.9-5.8 kilograms).

The ideal weight for a female French Bulldog

Female Frenchies are born weighing between 7 - 9 ounces (198 and 255 grams) and lose weight rapidly in first 24 hours after being born.

Puppies weight between 13 -16 ounces (369 - 454 grams) at one week and between 1.1-1.6 pounds (1.2 to 2.4 kilograms) at two weeks (499-726 grams).

During the first month of life, they weigh approximately two pounds (0.9 kilograms). Weight ranges from 7.7 to 12.1 pounds for female Frenchies at three months of age (3.5-5.5 kilograms).

While six-month-old female French bulldogs weight between 13.8 - 22 pounds (6.3-10 kilograms), one-year-old females weigh between 17.6 - 28 pounds (8-12.9 kilograms).

The Weight of a Frenchie

At different times, Frenchies reach their full size. At the age of 12 months, small dogs attain their ideal weight, while larger dogs reach their ideal size at the age of 14 months.

Why Do Frenchie Sizes Vary?

The weight difference between male and female Frenchies is evident. Additionally, the litter size has an impact on the size of the puppies until they are around a month old, so keep that in mind. This means that litters of two puppies will be bigger than litters of five. The mother's height, weight, and age are other important considerations.

However, if your French Bulldog is past the age of a year and its weight does not fall within the guidelines listed above, either it's overweight or underweight.

Obesity Symptoms in French Bulldogs

To begin with, you'll notice that your dog's weight is far higher than the suggested upper and lower weight limits. Signs of a lack of a weighing balance can be seen here.

Is Your Dog unable to feel his or her own Ribs?

You should be able to feel but not see the ribs in a healthy Frenchie. Fat hides the ribs of an obese Frenchie, making it impossible to detect them.

Has No Hourglass Shape

It's not an hourglass with loin area being thin when viewed from above. If your Frenchie's loin is large, you'll notice an oval appearance because the waist already has disappeared.

Lacks Clearly Delineated Muscles

Because they are descended from the English bulldog, a healthy French Bulldog should have well-delineated muscles. If this isn't present, your dog is likely overweight.

Intense Exercises Don't Always Cause Pain.

You'll be able to tell because of the difficulty it has breathing. However, it's important to remember that French people are inherently susceptible to a wide range of health conditions, including respiratory difficulties.

As a result, a dog's snoring may not always be a sign of obesity. With all this in mind, as the owner, you should still keep an eye on their weight and seek professional guidance from a competent veterinarian.

Can't Maintain Itself

Grooming is a problem for your Frenchie. In order to lick & subsequently groom one's self, a dog must be able to reach various portions of one's body. The back of a French bulldog's paw can't be reached by an overweight dog.

However, you should be aware that this is one of the pup breeds that, even when healthy, cannot reach all areas of its body because of its body type.

As a result, the judgment that the Frenchie is obese should be based on the other indicators on this list.

If you're still unsure about any of the items on this list, we recommend that you consult a veterinarian.

Several reasons why a French Bulldog may be obese

  • Exercising too little
  • Overfeeding
  • Cushing's illness; thyroid difficulties; diabetes; and other underlying health factors
  • Because of its laid-back lifestyles, Frenchies beyond the age of thirty-five tend to put on weight.
  • Frenchies, by their very nature, are prone to weight gain and, even more so, to weight loss.


French Bulldogs weigh an average of 22 pounds. If your dog weighs more than 28 pounds (13 kilograms) or less than 18 pounds (8 kilograms), it is considered overweight or underweight, accordingly.

The above-mentioned clues should aid you in determining which of these states you're in.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that keeping your French Bulldog at a healthy weight is a family effort that requires the participation of the entire household.

In the absence of underlying health concerns, maintaining the weight relies on a diet and exercise regimen.

Keeping your French bulldog's weight within the permitted range will help prevent health issues that could cost you money unnecessarily.

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