What if your French Bulldog keeps scratching

What if your French Bulldog keeps scratching

Frenchies are known for scratching as a trait that comes naturally to them. They might have an itch that has to be scratched from time to time. Despite the fact that this is quite normal, if you notice your French Bulldog frequently scratching his ears, I would advise you to be cautious. In other terms, an earache could be the cause of the itchy sensation.

What if your French Bulldog keeps scratching

If you see any scratching or pawing on your pet's ears, you should take a closer look to see if there is anything wrong. Here's one possibility:

What gives my French Bulldog the want to itch his ears so much? Fleas, mites, and allergies can all cause your French Bulldog to scratch his ears excessively. There's probably nothing serious going on if you only scratch every 30 seconds or so.

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If your Frenchie is scratching its ear, you may want to think twice about it.

In order to get to their ear, our beloved Frenchies would often stand in a hilarious position in which they hook the back leg. A few seconds here and there is perfectly normal, and we'll witness Claude scratching or pawing at the ears on a daily basis.

Your Frenchie may scratch its ears for a greater duration of time if he's been doing so often and frequently. Diseases such as ear infections, skin irritations, and allergies are all possibilities.

Ear issues are common in French Bulldogs. When I looked into the health difficulties that Frenchies face, ear infections accounts for 13 percent of the troubles you might encounter over their lifetime.

An uncontrolled ear infection could lead to deafness in your Frenchie if you or your veterinarian fail to treat it quickly enough.

Make an appointment with the vet as soon as you see your French Bulldog scratching their ears excessively or in a way that is out of the ordinary.

A Frenchie's risk of ear infections or issues is unknown. Also, are there techniques to help avoid and cure these problems before they get out of hand?

French ear scratching causes and cures

There are a variety of reasons why your French Bulldog might be scratching his ears. No, I'm not going to add the most apparent and prevalent one: they just need to scratch an itch right now.

Ear infections are one of the more dangerous causes.

Fleas or otitis media

Fleas and mites can cause severe allergic reactions in some dogs. You can learn more about flea allergy dermatitis by visiting the VCA Vet Clinic website.

The flea saliva might trigger an allergic reaction in your Frenchie's ear, making it very itchy. One flea in your dog's ear is all it takes to set them off on a frenzy of scratching.

What if your French Bulldog keeps scratching

About get rid of fleas, talk to the vet about flea collars as well as a spot-on treatment. The mattress should also be properly washed to remove flea eggs.

Unlike other parasites, ear mites will physically enter your ear to take up residence. To obtain a clear view, you'll need to keep your Frenchie still long enough.

Allergies to the skin and ears

Due to an allergy, your Frenchie's skin may get inflamed. Others can be simply removed from the environment or diet at any time of year.

Anywhere on the body can be affected by an allergy or irritation, and the biting and scratching that results in 'hot spots,' or inflamed, hairless patches of skin, can develop. Allergies to the skin are most common on the stomachs and ears of infants.

Identifying what the dog is sensitive to and how to treat and stop it from happening again is the job of your veterinarian if allergies are to blame for your Frenchie's ear scratching.

Infected ears

Ear infections are more common in French Bulldogs than in most other breeds. Hematomas can form as a result of excessive ear scratching. When a blood artery in the ear ruptures, a hematoma forms, which is a blister filled with blood. A hematoma can be caused by your Frenchie scratching and excessively scratching their heads because of the irritation.

Ear infections in French Bulldogs are usually easy to detect. Look for red or swollen bumps that hurt your French Bulldog when you touch them. A high body temperature and high temperature are also possible symptoms. For more information, check out my guide on Frenchie fever.

Keeping your dog's ears bandaged or wearing a cone will help certain infections go away on their own, but for others, your dog may need to see a veterinarian for drainage or perhaps surgery.

It's hot and humid outside

As the weather becomes cooler, many of us put up the heat in our homes, but this can result in dry air, which can lead to health issues for our dogs. In extreme cases, it can cause itchy, dry hair in the ears.

Consider bathing your Frenchie less during the cold months and paying more care to its ears

Grooming goods are available to you

It's possible that the materials you use to bathe your French Bulldog are causing him to itch his ears. Not only should you avoid using human shampoo, but even some specialized dog shampoos should be used with caution.

Choose a pup shampoo that hydrates and has the correct pH level. Once the ears have been washed, apply a dog conditioner to keep the skin in the ears from drying out.

What causes ear infections in French Bulldogs?

As a type, French bulldogs are more susceptible to ear infections than other breeds. This is largely due to their smaller skulls, which have narrower ear canals as a result.

Yeast infections can thrive in these narrow and condensed ear canals, which are prone to wax buildup. A dog's ears can be permanently damaged if left untreated, which can be quite painful.

Types of ear infections in French Bulldogs

Frenchies can get one of three forms of ear infections, based on where the infection has spread within the ear canal:

External Otitis is the most prevalent form of external otitis (infected ear). External ear canal inflammation is to blame for this condition, which affects the eardrum as well as the outer ear. Redness and uncomfortable swelling are two of the most common symptoms.

Otitis Media: A condition that affects the middle section of the ear right behind eardrum, it's much less obvious because it is further inside the ear canal. The symptoms are mainly behavioral, including a lack of appetite, sleeplessness, and signals of ear pain.

Otitis Interna, commonly known as labyrinthitis or otitis interna, is an inflammation of the interior region of the ear. Inner-ear infections frequently cause dizziness or unsteadiness on the feet, and also pain around the jaw muscles that prevents children from biting or chewing, because this area of the ear aids with balance and coordination. The inner ear can be damaged in Frenchies by fungal infections or ear mites.

What are the symptoms of an ear infection in my French Bulldog?

Although dogs cannot verbally communicate that they may have an ear ache, they are fortunately quite good at physically communicating with us when something is not quite right.

Because Frenchies don't disguise their suffering when they have an ear infection, it's easy to recognize the symptoms of an infection in their ears.

Ear infections in canines are often accompanied by the following symptoms. The next time I come across a picture of a French Bulldog with an ear infection, you can be sure I'll add it to this post.

Whimpering and swaying of the head

It's not uncommon for dogs suffering from an infection of the ear canal to shake their heads in an attempt to expel whatever is causing them pain. Burst blood vessels can result from this since it is the ears itself which is generating the agony.

A low whining sound will typically accompany the head shaking. As soon as you see either of these symptoms, call your veterinarian right away.

Scratching or pawing at one's ears

This is the most visible indicator of a Bulldog ear infection.

If you notice the Frenchie pawing at its ears on a regular basis, don't worry; this is just a normal itch which needs to be scratched.

A yellow or brown discoloration

Inspect for any kind of discoloration coming from the battery. Yellow and reddish brown are the most common hues. There are many possible causes for this, including earwax overproduction, ear hemorrhage, or allergies.

Inside the ear, there is a redness

You should also check the inside of your Frenchie's ears for redness or sores. A healthy Frenchie's inner ear will appear something like the one pictured below.

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