Tips if your French Bulldog is not eating

Tips if your French Bulldog is not eating

When the French bulldog refuses to eat, it can be extremely upsetting for you and your family. It's important to find out what's causing the problem because there are numerous possibilities.

Tips if your French Bulldog is not eating

Only by accurately assessing your Frenchie's appetite can you come up with an effective treatment plan. There are a lot of variables to take into account while deciding whether or not to eat the required amount of meals.

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What is it about your Frenchie that makes him hungry?

Keeping tabs on your dog's energy level is critical. Lethargy and exhaustion in French bulldogs are common throughout the hotter months of the year. They prefer cool and shady locations to rest and must always maintain access to clean and fresh drinking water. As a result, dogs tend to eat less during the hottest months of the year.

You may want to try feeding your French bulldog numerous times a day with little servings in hot weather to get him to eat. Giving your batpig fresh apple slices will also help him eat more frequently. Fruits include a lot of sugar, so don't go overboard with the gifts. You may keep your batpigs cool during summer by feeding them a few pieces of apple every other day or so.

The term "anorexia" is used when someone claims that a dog refuses to eat. As in humans, anorexia in dog is accompanied by a total loss of appetite, unlike in humans.

If you discover that your dog, who generally eats well, is refusing to eat, you need to act quickly.

Because of dental issues, your French bulldog won't eat

Make sure there isn't anything lodged in your dog's jaws, like a bone of meat and food scraps. The drooling and whining of a dog with dental illness is very common.

Immunization History

Vaccinations are fortunate in that they can help prevent many deadly diseases. However, in humans, it can boost the body temperature by a small amount. In this situation, a brief decrease in appetite is to be expected. Frenchie's immune system is refocusing its efforts on producing antibodies in response to his immunization at this time. You don't need to overfeed your dog during the first few hours after he or she has received a vaccine.


The decrease of appetite in bulldogs is often accompanied by a slew of other health issues. The most common symptoms are fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and a runny or stuffy nose. If you notice any of these symptoms worsening, I strongly advise that you seek medical attention. Having a French bulldog that won't eat could be a sign of cancer, liver or kidney problems.

Changes in the environment

However, even though French people are known for their adaptability, they are also known for their emotional reactions to site changes. Pets experience motion sickness when they are transported in a car or plane. I recommend bringing your Frenchie's favorite toys, sleeping pad, and blanket with you so that he can adjust more easily. As a result, the fragrances conveyed by his possessions will serve as a reminder of his home.

Tips if your French Bulldog is not eating

Anxiety about being apart

French bulldogs might suffer from separation anxiety if they haven't been trained how to be alone. That's why it's so critical to teach a dog this pattern gradually. The absence of the owner causes this type of problem. At this point, a dog may be in serious danger and begin to fear. Separation anxiety can cause a Frenchie to pant, howl and shiver, as well as lose interest in food. If you don't get help for your SAD symptoms right away, they could worsen and become more debilitating.

People who have difficulty eating new foods

Frenchies can be fussy eaters, which may seem absurd to others. Feeding a dog in an uncomfortable setting can cause him to refuse food. When it comes to feeding, for example, a dog may be eating from the wrong bowl. A raised feeding & drinking bowl is a must-have for any Frenchie owner.

It's best to use raised dishes for these critters because their necks are so short. When looking for a bowl, look for one with an anti-choke feeding design. These bowls are frequently decorated with zigzag patterns or have a spinning bone in the center. Your Frenchie will look forward to mealtime more if you do this.

Is there anything you can do if your French bulldog refuses to consume food?

Treats in between meals are not appropriate for your French Bulldog. Treats can make a dog feel full so that it doesn't need to eat as often.

Invest in an active feeding toy for your French Bulldog. They can pique the interest of your little gremlin, so he'll want to learn more about the item. Using the following feeding egg, you can feed your French Bulldog dry kibble by placing it in the egg and rolling it around. As an alternative to leaving your dog home alone, you may use this to keep him amused for a considerable amount of time.

You can also use an interactive feeding toy like this one to assist your little gremlin let out some of their bottled up energy. If your Frenchie needs more training, he'll also get to eat. Dog owners should undoubtedly have a food catapult in their arsenal.

Provide food in a safe location

Nobody wants to be disturbed while they are eating, and we all know it. As a result, your canine companion deserves to eat in peace and quiet, away from potential distractions, in your home.

Alter the food of your dog

Your dog may get bored of consuming the same thing over and over again. Because of this, I advise you to try a BARF food for bulldogs or to feed canned food to your canine pal instead.

Taking him for regular walks is an important part of life

Take the bulldog for a stroll before he or she has his or her supper. He'll work off the extra calories this way, and he'll be hungry enough to eat something.

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