Is a French bulldog a good pet to have

Is a French bulldog a good pet to have?

Are you thinking of getting a French bulldog as a family pet? If this is the case, please review our guide. We are a family and own a French bulldog (we have two Frenchies and a cat anda SMA and aon) makes us the ideal case study from which to base your decision.

Before I go into why Frenchies make such wonderful family pets, I want to point out that you should never rush into making a decision.

Is a French bulldog a good pet to have

If you're unlucky and don't properly care for them, they can cause various health concerns. Aside from that, they require much attention; they are not just a breed that should be left alone at home.

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Do Frenchies make good companions for families?

The answer is yes, Frenchies make fantastic family dogs when you provide them with a safe, secure, & loving environment upon which to live. The Frenchie has been a part of our family for more than three years, and here are the top reasons they make such wonderful family dogs.

Frenchies make excellent family dogs for a variety of reasons.

It is astonishing how well Frenchies interact with children.

If you have children in the family, you will find that a Frenchie will quickly become their best buddy. Claude arrived into our life when our kid was three years old, as well as the two of them have become inseparable since then.

A few of the reasons the French bulldog will be a good fit for a family with kids are listed below.

  1. Frenchies may teach your children the importance of responsibility.
  2. Frenchies can be a great friend for your children and keep them engaged.
  3. Frenchies can assist you in keeping your children fit.
  4. Frenchies are generally friendly and non-aggressive in their character.
  5. Frenchies can also get along with all the other pets within your home if you raise them properly.

If you already have another pet in your home, there is a good possibility that a Frenchie may get along with them. Of course, there is no assurance, but we all owned out ideally in our own personal experience with a cat.

Frenchies are capable of adjusting to family life.

Our Pooch has made a seamless transition into our family's lifestyle. He was a perfect fit for our household and everything going on.

Every day, we have visitors going into or out of the home to visit us, and Claude handles it well. But he doesn't simply adjust to our visitors' needs; he also adapts to our own needs, such as our wake-up and sleep schedules, mealtimes, etc.

Frenchies are ideal for households with a lot on their plates

We're a very active family with many responsibilities. In addition to running a business, our son is in school, and my wife is a senior university student.

Claude the Frenchie, despite all of this, is a beautiful companion for our family. He arrives at my office alongside me during the day, joins us on all of our outings, and works around our hectic schedules, and he appears to enjoy doing so!!

Frenchies do not require a great deal of physical activity

French Bulldogs do not require a lot of physical activity. As a result, they are an excellent alternative for a busy executive who may not have the capacity to stroll for hours.

We walk Claude twice a day, for no more than 30 minutes at a time each time.

Usually, I pick him up early in the morning while dropping my son off at school. Claude may run around for 20 minutes at the local park with the other dogs, followed by a more peaceful 5-minute walk on either side of the session.

My wife will then take him out for the following short walking distance in the afternoon to finish the day.

Even with our hectic family schedule, this is doable and provides just the proper amount of physical activity for our Frenchie companion.

Frenchies are a friendly and affectionate breed of dog

Anyone who has witnessed a child alonandittle puppy will understand what I am referring to; children tend to tug and roll around with pups more than they should be allowed to.

Frenchies do not require a great deal of physical activity

Many dogs may now retaliate by biting or acting aggressively toward their owners. Our experience with Claude, on the other hand, has shown us that this is not the case. He is exceedingly pleasant to be around and does not possess a single hostile bone in his body.

There has never been a bite from our Frenchie on any family member. The type is characterized by behavior that is pretty typical of this type.

Frenchies aren't known for their barking.

If you live in a loud or noisy home, the last item you might need is a loud or boisterous dog, which adds to the overall noise level in thhouseme. That's where Frenchies shine, as they (for the most part) bark very little in this situation.

Only one time, I have heard Claude bark when the doorbell knocks or when he chances to get a glimpse of himself in the mirror by chance.

Frenchies don't take up a lot of floor space.

Generally speaking, French Bulldogs are a tiny breed that does not grow much larger than 28 pounds in weight. They aren't particularly tall, either — here's how tall our Frenchie was when we took his measurement.

As a result, they don't require a large amount of space. A little bed has been set up for Claude to rest on. He and our cat even sleep in the same bed together.

Frenchies are amiable and lovable dogs that make excellent companions

Once you have a Frenchie, family means everything and none than when you get a Frenchie. These gentlemen have a lot of affection to give and aren't afraid to express it.

Frenchies are energetic and will keep you entertained

Don't waste your time sitting in front of the television with your family; your Frenchie will provide more than enough amusement!

I can only describe French Bulldogs as small hairy clowns when it comes to their appearance. They'll get you in stitches with their antics.

There is never a dull time, whether it comes to their farting, facial gestures, funny 5 minutes, or anything else.


If you're looking for a terrific family dog, I strongly advise you to consider obtaining a French bulldog. However, please make your purchase correctly, avoid falling victim to puppy fraud, and ensure that you and your family are prepared for what will unfold!

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