Help! My French Bulldog has an ear infection!

Unfortunately, the ear canal of a French Bulldog is an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms that can cause an infection. We've taken our Frenchie to the vet for this reason on a regular basis. An ear disease is referred to as "otitis" in the scientific community. It's a general word for inflammation or infection of the ear that doesn't refer to a specific condition.

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Infections in French Bulldogs:

Big Frenchie with "Bat Ears" The wide ears of a French Bulldog make them more susceptible to picking up dust, dirt, as well as other debris.

Yeast. Again, this really is usually a symptom of a more serious ailment in your dog's ears.

Bacteria. Most of the time, this is a side effect of something else.

Ear mites, to be precise. In dogs, ear mites are highly contagious parasites.

Allergies to foods and the environment 

French Bulldogs are the worst of all when it comes to dietary and environmental sensitivities. There were some concerns with our last English Bulldog, but so far our new Frenchie is doing much better.

Anatomy of the Ears. This may potentially be a factor in your French Bulldog's ear infection, depending on the internal core of the ears. Narrow ears, skin folds, growths, and the like are all examples of this.

Squeezing the ear canal. Occasionally, a French Bulldog's scratching of its sore ears can result in physical damage. It's possible to get an ear infection out of this as well.

Frenchies' ears are not the place for foreign objects. An ear infection can be caused by external irritants and foreign items. Moisture in the ear, as previously said, may be the root of the problem. Debris such as pet hair, lint, and grime can be a hazard, as can wax buildup.

Issues with the Endocrine System. Hypothyroidism and Cushing's syndrome, among other endocrine conditions, can cause this.

How To Keep Your French Bulldog's Ears Healthy And Free Of Infection

In order to keep your dog's ears healthy and free of infection, use the following tips:

As a preventative measure, keep your Frenchie's ears clean by following these instructions.

Keep your Frenchie's ears clean with an ear cleanser like Zyomax Ear Solution.

Avoid putting water in the French Bulldog's ears while bathing him or her To keep your Frenchie's ears dry, do not use a humidifier. Take a look at this guide to bathing a French Bulldog correctly.

Make sure to get your Frenchie checked out as quickly as you can if he has an ear infection. This is something that your veterinarian can assist you with.

Professional care for your French Bulldog It's time for the dog to be groomed. For a little fee, many dog groomers may clean your French Bulldog's ears. This is a good option if you prefer someone else to handle your dog's ears.

Become familiar with the proper placement of drugs. Listen to what your veterinarian has to say.

Make an appointment with your veterinarian for a follow-up visit.

Even if the ear seems better before treatment is finished, just as you would with a human, make sure to take your pet's medication exactly as directed by your veterinarian.

Keep Your French Bulldog's Ear Infection Under Control To Ensure Their Longevity And Happiness.


What can I do at home to help my dog's ear infection?

Hydrogen peroxide mixed with a few drops of oil can be used to clean your dog's ears. If a ear tissue is raw, do not use acv and water as a cleaning solution to prevent infection.

I don't want to take my dog to the vet since he has an ear infection.

In order for apple cider vinegar to be effective, it has to destroy both yeast & bacteria simultaneously. Cotton balls soaked in a 50/50 mixture of organic apple cider water and vinegar are ideal for cleaning dog ears. If you detect your dog in discomfort or the ears drying out excessively, stop using the product and call your veterinarian right away.

When my bulldog gets an ear infection, what else can I give him?

Antiseptic Yeasty Ear Cleanse for Bulldogs & French Bulldogs by Kraemer. Antiseptic ear flushes can help manage yeast and germs, and prime the inner ear for topical otic medications prescribed by your veterinarian.

Are ear infections common in French Bulldogs?

Ear infections are more common in French Bulldogs than in most other breeds. Hematomas are frequently the result of their habitual ear scratching.

Are canine ear infections treated with apple cider vinegar?

Cleansing and antifungal and antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar are beneficial. Applying a small amount of this carefully to the dog's ears can aid in the removal of infection-causing bacteria.

Do you know how to clean the ears of a French bulldog?

Clean your French bulldog's ears by wiping them with the cotton ball while holding it against the inside of their ears. Clean the opening of the dog's ear canal using a cotton ball, but do not press it down into the ear canal. Repeat the process to as many cotton swabs as necessary to thoroughly clean your dog's ears.

What's wrong with my French Bulldog's ear?

Ear swelling in dogs: common causes and effective remedies

In dogs, ear mites are the most typical culprits of swollen ears. When it comes to the most common causes of ear infections in dogs, mites are to blame. These microscopic parasites rely on the ear's wax and oil to stay alive.

Dog ear infections can be treated with coconut oil.

Ear infections produced by infection, yeast, and ear mites are common in pets. Apply a small amount of oil to the pet's ears every day to alleviate irritation, clear up illness, kill parasites, and maintain their ears strong and hygienic.

Is Benadryl effective in treating canine ear infections?

An antihistamine like Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and Zyrtec (loratadine) will help if only the outer part of ear (not the deeper part) is red (cetirizine).

What do I do if my German Pointer has ear problems? 

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