What are good swimming exercises for my dog?

What are good swimming exercises for my dog?

Dog swimming is all about fun. But do you know the dog can exercise while swimming!

You being here means searching for good swimming exercises for your dog. Firstly, pat your own back because you found the right platform.

There is a wide range of dog exercises and practicing each of them is pretty complex.

Don't worry; proud dog parents are intended to help you by making things easier.

All you have to do is keep yourself self-engaged with the guide and know about some simple exercises.

Before starting the guide, here is an honest suggestion for you to ditch the idea of approaching online dog sites or companies. They don't care for the dog's health and deliver the wrong products without knowing about your dog. All they do is presenting attractive photos and grabbing money from dog parents. It clearly shows that their love for dogs is as fake as their products.

We are in favor of serving you with authentic and straightforward information. Mentioning the source of information, How to let your dog swim and be safe, is a book we prefer. The book is our priority when it's about dog swimming or related issues.

Well, coming back to the main topic, have a look at the exercises.

Swimming itself is a great exercise

Swimming includes the use of all dog limbs and hence proves itself the best exercise.  Swimming is the best water workout for strength, vascular endurance, along joint ease. Above all, swimming is a fun activity for dogs, and they enjoy playing in the water.

All you have to do is to train your dog to swim. Get the complete training guide at proud dog parents.

Walking or Trotting

Trotting is resisting water while walking or running in the water. Trotting is just like a simple walk on land or treadmill and hence improves the muscles.

The exercise can be done at different depths and speeds. Most dog owners prefer this at the beach or lake. But, you can also practice trotting at the poolside.

All you have to do is to build a bench to run or walk. Help your dog trot forth and back and serve him with the same benefit of an underwater treadmill.

Trotting is beneficial for the bones, joints, and muscle strength, just like the regular land walk. Once your dog starts doing well in trotting, you can combine exercise with jumps.

The exercise is suitable for breeds who love water. Note that your supervision is expected in the swimming exercises.

Water-resistance jumps

It’s no surprise that dogs love jumping. Dog sport or exercises are incomplete without jumping. Similarly, the list of swimming exercises includes jumps.

Note that water-resistance jumps exercise is not recommended to elder dogs or large breeds. It’s suitable for young or lightweight pups. Elder dogs may damage their bone or joints while jumping in the water.

Again, your supervision during the exercise is highly recommended. If you are willing to increase exercise intensity, improve the repetitions.

All you have to do is train your dog to jump on command and practice this on land. Once your dog knows about the perfect jump, then you can let it perform a water resistance jump.

Adding hurdles or related variations is entirely up to you.

Balance training

Furthermore, make your dog expert on water exercises and train it about balance on the water. The exercise is just like standing on the land with all feet touching the ground.

The exercise is about balancing unbalance or floating equipment. Teach your dog about the right balancing movements. According to our EBook: Swimming: How to let your dog swim healthy & safe, you must include a third person or professional in the swimming exercises. In this way, you can prevent some severe injury.

Along with, there are some multiple games to play while swimming, such as fetch games. Frisbee is considered a swimming exercise that boosts up the dog's mental health.

Know that all of the mentioned exercises have their benefits. Almost all of these positively affect the dog's body. However, don't put your giant or overweight dog into jump exercise.

Movement variations and as well as coordination drills are other swimming exercises.

Let’s shortlist some of your questions and cover more details related to the dog swimming exercise.

FAQs related to Dog swimming exercise

How long should my dog swim as a regular exercise?

If you are swimming your dog just for exercise, then 10 minutes is the recommended time. Excessive swimming may affect a dog's bones or muscles. Know about the other factors to consider while swimming your dog.

Is swimming a good workout for my dog?

Yes, swimming is considered the best workout for dogs because of its multiple benefits. Swimming not just improves the bone but enhances mental and as well as emotional health. Not just this, but swimming is an effective workout for the overall health of your dog. It improves cognitive abilities and provides strength to the dog's body.

How long should my dog swim for its therapy?

25 to 45 minutes is the recommended time when you want your dog to swim for therapy. Moreover, consult the vet to know about its point of view according to your dog's health, age, or breed. Please don't exceed the swimming time from 45 minutes because it may reverse the health benefits.

Is swimming better for dogs than walking on land?

Mm, maybe yes. 15 minutes of swimming is equal to 30 minutes of walking. So, swimming is more effective and quickly improves your dog's health. However, there are some factors to consider when it’s about dog swimming.

To wrap it up

Swimming and swimming exercises are both efficient for a dog's health. If you don't want to put your dog into hectic exercise, swimming is a good option. If you are willing to know about the swimming benefits, explore proud dog parents. Furthermore, read the EBook to add more to your knowledge. The site and the EBook are both the correct sources of information.

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