Should my dog wear a life jacket while swimming?

Should my dog wear a life jacket while swimming?

This summer, think twice about bringing your pet boating and swimming without certain precautions. Investing in a robust dog life jacket and swimming vest is among the simplest and most cost-effective ways to protect your pup's swimming safety.

Dog Life Jacket

Some canine types and temperaments are better suited to aquatic activities like swimming, while others are apprehensive or even terrified of the water. Before going out on the lake, make sure your dog is strapped into a dog life jacket, regardless of whether or not they are the canine equivalent of Michael Phelps (looking at you, retrievers).

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Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a Dog Life Jacket

1. Some dogs just aren’t built to swim

Doggy paddles are well-known, so one may assume that all puppies are born swimmers. Dogs of all sizes and breeds might struggle to remain afloat and may need a little floatation aid. The ability of a dog to swim is mainly determined by health issues and how buoyant its body is.

As a result of their low body fat, breeds like Greyhounds are less buoyant and more likely to float. Others, such as Bulldogs and Pugs, have girthy chests that make them top-heavy in the water, making them more suitable for dock diving. For example, Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzus may be powerful swimmers at first, but they quickly wear themselves out.

This is when the doggy flotation gear comes into play! Dog life jackets from Outward Hound keep even the most fearful swimmers safe while they're out on the open ocean.

2. Even the best dog swimmers get tired

Breeds such as the Portuguese Water Dog, with its webbed feet, and the Labrador Retriever, trained to be an excellent swimmers, are better suited to life in the water.

However, let's face it: most dogs have no concept of rest. When it comes to swimming, even the most experienced dogs may become tired fast and end up in jeopardy if they aren't outfitted with a pet life jacket.

The Standley Sport Seasoned Swimming Dog Life Jacket offers perfect for solid swimmers dogs. The open design features adjustable straps that provide a broad flexion and excellent flotation assistance. It contains a D-ring for attaching a leash and a chest strap that can be adjusted to fit dogs of different circumferences.

3. Accidents happen

We recently published a blog post in which we stressed the importance of being well-prepared while boating. Tyler used to have a seizure while swimming, but luckily, he used a dog life jacket and was spared the worst consequences.

The risk of accidents and crises increases dramatically when they occur in or near deep water. Fortunately, your dog's head will stay afloat, resulting in a high-life jacket such as the Outer Hound Brompton dog life jacket with fastenings around the neck for a snug fit.

Whatever your dog is doing, a trustworthy life preserver will keep them safe in an emergency, whether they're on land or in the water.

4. There may be unseen hazards in the water

Although taking your dog swimming may seem like a safe option, dangers lurk beneath the surface. On the other hand, Lakes may include marine debris such as branches and leaves that your dog might become entangled in. Swimming pools are typically safe. Aside from that, swimming against the flow of a stream or a river would rapidly wear you out. Strong currents may drive your dog out to see if he's swimming in the ocean.

A canine life jacket may keep your dog's head above water in these scenarios, which might be the difference between life and death.

5. Life jackets keep your dog warm

Even dogs with heavy coats may get hypothermic if submerged in cold water for an extended period. According to VCA Hospitals' DVMs Graham Weir and Lynn Buzhardt, a dog's average body temperature ranges from 101 to 102.5 degrees F . Hypothermia may occur if a person's body temperature drops to less than 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the Dawson Puppy Life Jacket from Outward Hound, your dog will be safe and toasty when swimming in frigid waters. In addition to the natural insulation, it has a neoprene belly belt for enhanced buoyancy.

6. Spot your dog in the water more easily

Others like to explore independently, while "velcro dogs" stick close by. If you're wading through water, you risk losing them.

Some dogs keep a low profile when swimming, making it easier to lose track of them. That is unless they're wearing a bright, luminous life jacket! (Spoiler alert: We've recently added several more shades!)

The bright colors of dog life jackets are there because they make it easy to find your dog, even if you're far away. The fluorescent trim on your dog's float coat can help you find him if he gets carried away by rough seas or goes into the water accidentally.

7. Life jackets have convenient handles

There is a grab hold on top of most canine life jackets, making it more straightforward to drag your dog out of the water safely. To help your dog while swimming, this PFD feature works like a life preserver. If your dog gets into difficulties, it may save its life.

Be sure to hold your dog's leash until you can hoist him back aboard if he falls overboard while you're sailing.


Are life jackets suitable for dogs?

This is the picture I got for Do I need to get a life jacket for my dog when he goes swimming?

Dog life jackets give both buoyancy & visibility by covering more of your dog. Using them when boating or participating in other water sports is highly encouraged. You may not need to worry about a life jacket if your dog spends most of his time in a pool.

Does a life jacket prevent drowning?

They may help with buoyancy, but they don't stop people from drowning. Even if a youngster has grown used to swimming, adult supervision is still required whenever the child is near or in the water.


If you're spending time on the water with your dog, you'll want to invest in a dog life jacket. Every time you go swimming, bring a dog life jacket to safeguard your pet's safety. It will help if you read our ebook on Swimming: how to let your dog swim healthy and safe.

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