Should I force my dog to swim?

Should I force my dog to swim?

Being strict is not a trait of an ideal dog owner!

Dogs are not meant to be handles with strictness. You can’t force them to learn some new behavior.

Know that; dogs are the creature of love and attention. Show them some love, and they will learn even complex lessons for you.

Although dogs are excellent learners, they are not made for everything. Similarly, not all dogs are meant to be great swimmers. Some of them swim extraordinary while some do not swim at all, and that's completely okay.

Note that swimming is not a must-have trait in dogs. It depends on your dog’s daily activities, age, and breed, and health conditions.

There is a possibility that the dog you have is not from the swimmer breed. So forcing your pup to swim is not going to help you.

It will be good if you research about your dog’s breed to know whether it’s capable of swimming or not. However, determination or medication may help you in training your dog to swim. Along with this, the owner must have a strong grip over consistency. But, forcing your dog and being strict is not allowed at any cost.

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What dog breeds do not like to swim?

Some dogs find swimming more enjoyable than others. Yet there are dog breeds that find it more pleasant to swim than other dog breeds.

Which breeds do not like to swim?

1. Pugs

Pugs basically don't like a day at the lake. Pugs are sensitive and prone to overly hot environments. Therefore, a small layer of water is enough to cool down for a while.

2. Bulldogs

Some bulldogs love it, others hate it. Swimming with bulldogs is always a surprise. How does your bulldog react when you go swimming with him? Bulldogs are a bit clumsy. You would do well as a proud dog parent to give him a life jacket.

3. Bull Terriers

Yes, bull terriers like water. Still, he needs some time to get used to the water because he doesn't do this naturally!

4. Dachshunds

The dachshunds are definitely capable of swimming. Yet this often comes with reluctance. By nature, Dachshunds are not swimmers. So take your time with your Dachshund when you go swimming with him.

5. Boxers

Boxers don't like water. At least, not at first. There are plenty of examples of boxers who do like water. Do you want your boxer to go swimming? Make sure you build it up step by step.

6. Shih Tzus

These dogs may look like water rats, yet water is not their best friend. Because Shuh Tzus have so much hair, they don't like water.

7. Chihuahua

Chihuahua are small dogs with a strong character. This strong character results in the fact that they are not real swimmers. You will notice that a Chihuahua will show a lot of resistance if you put him at the edge of a lake.

Should I force my dog to swim?

As mentioned above, you should not force your dog to swim because it may get aggressive. Being strict with your dog is never going to help you in training sessions.

There is a possibility that your dog don't like to swim and even hates water. Still, you should deal with it with love and care.

Your dog is water-shy, but you still want it to swim! For this purpose, know about some tips instead of forcing them.

Help your dog to learn to swim without forcing it

Step 1: Go slow

Don’t rush things when it’s about training your dog.

Go slowly into the water and keep noticing your dog's reactions. Notice where your pup feels relax and comfortable. It’s okay if your dog feels comfortable 100 feet from the shore. Forcing your dog to move deeper will make him afraid of water. And you may end the session before it starts.

Step 2: Bulk of treat

Treat, attention, and positive reinforcement are the best blend that convinces your dog to do anything. Similarly, use high-value treats along with your attention when you want your dog to learn swimming. In this way, you will not have to be strict. In the presence of a treat, your dog will understand what you are expecting. Positive reinforcement is much better than strictness.

Step 3: Go in slow-moving water

High and fast waves of water will make your dog afraid of swimming. Your dog may get stressed in fast-moving water.

According to our EBook, it’s highly recommended for you to start with slow-moving water. In this way, your dog will enjoy stepping into the water and not get stressed.

Make sure to start with slow and calm moves instead of rushing things.

Step 4: Relax

Do you know that dogs can feel your vibe and energy! The calm you are, the calmer your darling pup will be. So, have a strong grip over a soft tone, don't raise your voice, and try to be calm in front of your dog.

Step 5: Bring a water buddy

Ask your friend to come with his swimmer dog. Dogs learn new behavior from other dogs. Similarly, you can teach your dog to swim just by letting it notice another dog. A confident and perfect swimmer dog may act as the best teacher for your darling pup.

Water Safety Tips for your Dog!

Do you want to get started teaching your dog to swim? As a proud dog parent, you want the best care for your sweet dog. Make sure you follow the tips above. With that said, keep in mind the following tips:
1. Not all dogs are naturally very good swimmers. Many dog parents mistakenly think this.
2. Purchase an approved life vest that meets strict requirements. Proud Dog Parents recommends purchasing this life vest.
3. Provide proper aftercare. Bring a towel, water and some food. Swimming is very intense for your dog. A good suggestion is the portable water bottle. This portable bottle is suitable to always take with you when traveling so that your dog always has enough water with him. 

FAQs related to dog swimming

1. Why should I not force my dog to swim?

It would be best if you never force your dog, no matter what’s the matter. Understand the fact that dogs can feel your vibe, and they copy your habits. Similarly, when you get strict with them, they will get aggressive and out of control.

2. Do all dogs swim?

Not actually. All dogs don't swim, and none of them swim by birth. You will have to train your dogs to swim properly. Some breeds love water and learn to swim quickly, while some dog breeds are water-shy. For this purpose, you can explore the site. There is a wide range of guides containing correct dog information.

3. Which factors affect dog swimming?

There can be a wide range of lists that affect the swimming of your darling pup. Mostly, dog swimming depends on its age, size, breed, and as well as health condition. Water temperature, weather, and air are some additional factors that may positively or negatively affect dog swimming.

To wrap it up

Most of us want our dogs to learn to swim. Know that there are some tips to follow when it’s about training your dog to swim. Make sure that you are not forcing your pup to step into the water. No matter what’s the lesson, forcing your dog and getting strict is not allowed at all. Instead, you must follow the suggested tips present within the guide. If you have read the guide, you will have an idea about the better way to get your dog to swim. Again, consistency is the key to training sessions, especially when it’s about swimming.

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