How to train your dog to jump into the water?

How to train your dog to jump into the water?


For those of you who own a pool, you know how important it is to train your dog to jump in here on his own than risk him drowning. It's just as crucial to know how to get out. It's a blast to swim about with dogs and a doggie pool. When it comes to swimming, some dogs are naturals and don't want to drink that water at all. Inspiring a dog and jumping into the water may be a lot of fun for both of you, but it may also place your dog inside a situation where he must learn when to get out of the pool on his own later on. Some dogs are afraid of the unfamiliar, particularly swimming pools. It's possible that fear of water may keep your dog on the edge of the pool, never getting the chance to enjoy the benefits of swimming.

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Defining Tasks:

When it comes to certain dogs, they are completely fearless and will do anything you ask of them. So, if you're in the water and call, "Fido, come," he'll rush to you regardless of whether you're standing on a cliff or across the yard. If the dog is fearful of the unfamiliar or water, you will have to educate him to jump into the pool on his or her own. Remember to entice your dog into the pool rather than yell at him to jump in. Depending on your dog's personality, it may take some time, while some dogs may spot your pool and dive directly in, never to be seen again. Even though it might be difficult, teaching your dog to jump inside the pool can be a lot of fun.

Getting Started:

 If your dog is fearful, you'll need a lot of patience. There will also be a need for a swimming pool. If you want to persuade and reward your dog, give him some tasty treats and his favorite toy. A shiny new gadget to pique people's interest. In addition, having a second dog that enjoys swimming and can encourage your first might be beneficial.

The Jump In Method

STEP 1: Follow

 Some dogs are obedient to the point of obedience when it comes to their humans. As a result, take a seat on the edge of the ledge and converse with your pup. Pet him, speak to him, and use his head a lot while you're in the water. Then dive right in after him.

STEP 2: Motivate

 It's possible that if your dog is a slow follower, you'll have to call his name and urge him from the safety of the pool.

STEP 3: Jump in again

Standing close to your dog will help him realize that you're encouraging him to join you in your pleasure.

STEP 4: Reward

Give your dog a treat from the pool if he jumps in. If you don't have a reward, verbal praise and belly massages can suffice.

STEP 5: Play

 Once your dog has entered the pool, take him out and show him how to exit on his own. Re-enter and go through the same process as before. Play with your dog each time you take him to the pool so he knows it's a joyful activity.

STEP 6: Rinse and repeat

 Keep working with your dog until he is comfortable leaping into the pool on his own. Play with him and jump in along with him as much as you can to help him learn to jump on his own in the future.

The Coax Method


This may be accomplished by gently inviting your dog into the pool.

Step 2:  Stairs

If you have a set of stairs, begin by enlisting your dog's help in getting them down. Put your dogs on leashes if necessary, and carefully lead them down the stairs. Make a conscious effort not to push or drag him into the water, since this might result in him never getting in.

STEP 3: Small dog on the pool deck

 Lift your tiny dog out of the pool and place him on the deck with the leash still attached. If he's tiny enough, you can pick him up or put them back in the pool with you but if you're swimming. Encourage him to join in on his own after you've done this a few times.

STEP 4: Large dog on the pool deck

 While standing on the pool deck, if your dog is just too heavy for you to raise it, lead him back into the pool the way he came and jump in with him.

STEP 5:Repeat 

Repeat Encourage your dog to join in by doing this multiple times. When he succeeds, shower him with affection and compliments.


Is it dangerous for dogs to jump into the water?

Unless you already know if your dog is a great swimmer, then it's acceptable to let him jump inside and enjoy yourself, but never let him alone. If your dog is new to swimming, gently expose him to water. Animals (and kids) may quickly drown if they get caught beneath a pool cover.

What type of dogs didn't swim?

The Bulldog, Pug,  Basset Hound, & Boxer are among the most popular dog breeds which are often unable to swim owing to their physiology and face structure. Additionally, dogs with optimal anatomy could struggle to remain afloat if they have thick, thick fur coats.

Do dogs have to be trained to swim?

Although it's a fallacy that all dogs were natural swimmers, with a life jacket as well as some dog swimming instruction from you, any breed ought to be able to go about in the water.


Summertime pool swimming is a common pastime enjoyed by almost everybody. Your dog may even get in on the action. Your dog should feel comfortable, secure, and welcomed at all times while participating in this activity. If you want to know more about topic you need to download our eBook “How to let your dog swim healthy and safe.” I will really appreciate if you share your valuable thoughts with me, by posting you comment.

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