How do I get my dog to like swimming?

How do I get my dog to like swimming?

You love to swim and expect the same from your dog!

Your dog finds swimming scary, you regret that....

Are you expecting too much?

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Some dogs swim very well due to their love for the water. At the same time, most dogs avoid stepping into the water. They don't like to get wet no matter how hot the weather is.

How do I get my dog to like swimming

Know that dogs are not born swimmers, but you can get your dog to like swimming.

Sounds good!

Then read on to find out what the dog experts have to say about swimming. 

The owner's attention works as the magical stick when it’s about teaching a new behavior to the dog. You have to know how to use your attention to convince your dog. Similarly, it’s quite easy for the owners to get their dog to like swimming. Make some effort and search about proper ways of doing this.

Luckily, you are at the right platform to get a training guide for your darling pup. Keep yourself engaged with the article and know the proper ways.

You will require some dog swimming accessories during the training. Make sure to get the tools by visiting dog stores but not from online sites. Note that most of the online sites and companies are selling the wrong products. The only motive of such sites is to earn money even by putting your dog’s health or life at risk. It reflects that their love for dogs is not real.

We believe your love for dogs is true, and that's the reason you are here. Seeking help from authentic sources is another way to prove dog love. It would be best to approach how to let your dog swim and be safe, a correct and authentic dog book. The accessible nature of the book is proof that authors don’t want to cash your worries. Their only purpose is to help you when it’s about training your dog to swim.

Coming back to the topic, know about the tips to get your dog swimming.

What age to teach my puppy to swim?

Before we start giving you some practical tips on how to get your dog to swim better, it is important to answer the question of when you are going to get your dog to swim.

Most puppies can start swimming as early as six months of age. Is your dog a few months old? Then wait a little longer before letting him enter the water. Your dog will have to learn how to swim, so when you first introduce your dog to the water, do so in calm water that is not too cold.

Let your dog swim at a young age

It will be good if you start training your dog at a young age. As we know, young dogs are full of energy and are more active than adult dogs. So we should diver their energy to swimming. There are chances that young dogs may not get afraid of water because we can mold their likes and dislikes according to us at this certain age.

Step by Step

Starting small is highly recommended when you train your dog to swim or when you want your dog to like swimming. Whether you have a young dog or an older dog. The first step is the hardest. 

You must finish the training after a short period and don't tire the dog at the very start. In this way, your dog will not get stressed or bored of the training session. Starting small will let your dog understand that swimming is not something bad, and it may begin to enjoy this activity.

Learn your dog step by step how to swim

Use treats

Treat is something that I can convince your dog to do any task and learn any behavior. Therefore why not use treats and positive reinforcement when you want your dog to like and know swimming. Make some effort, throw treats in the pool, and wait for your dog to fetch it out of water. While doing this, you should keep motivating your dog by rewarding and appreciating it. The presence of treats will keep your dog motivated and interested within swimming sessions. Once your dog likes to go into the water, you can stop providing treats.

Support its belly

Most of the dogs feel pressure on their belly and find swimming scary. Help your dog to overcome this fear by supporting its belly. For this purpose, you can purchase some swimming belts to keep your dog.

According to our EBook, it’s better to help your dog overcome its fear when you want it to learn something new. Less feared, dogs will learn quickly without giving you a tough time.

Bring a life jacket

Again, bringing essential dog swimming accessories plays an important role. When your dog is learning to swim, get the life jacket. In this way, your dog will have support for its body. As we know that prevention is better than cure, start the training session with a high level of safety.

Many proud dog parents think that every dog can swim well. This is incorrect! 

Mentioning again, don’t go ahead with online sites to buy life jackets. Get one, depending on the age and breed of your furry companion. Purchase only qualified life vests for dogs. 

Qualified life vest dogs

How to get your dog to like water?

An essential part of teaching your dog to swim better is acceptance of water. It is important here that you, the proud dog parent, have patience. Take a few weeks to get your dog used to water.

As already indicated in this article, start step by step.

Advice 1. Start small

Start small and do not let your dog jump into the water right away. For example, put him in the bathtub or in a doggy pool. This way your dog can get used to the water before he gets to the big stuff.

Advice 2. Reward your dog

Every time your dog comes into contact with water reward him. Give him his favorite treat and make him feel comfortable. This way your dog learns that he is rewarded when he comes into contact with water.

Advice 3. Choose a safe place

Once your dog is used to water, it's time for the real thing. Pick a safe, clean area where there are not too many other dogs. That will only distract him. If your dog is small, give him a little help by lifting him over the edge. Also, be careful that there is no current or boats sailing.

Advice 4. Jump into the water with him

Make sure you jump into the water with your dog when he first enters the water. This may sound a bit over the top but it will give him a lot of confidence to go into the water on his own next time.

FAQs related to dog swimming

Q1. Can you train all dog breeds to swim?

It can be a complex task to train nonswimmers but not impossible. With a blend of your time, attention, and positive reinforcement, you can mold your dogs according to your desire. Similarly, you can train any dog breed to swim just by providing more attention than usual. Please explore our site and get the proper ways of training your dog to swim.

Q2. Why my dog don’t like swimming?

There is a possibility that you have a water-shy dog and hence don't like swimming. Follow the guide properly if you want your dog to enjoy swimming.

Q3. Tips for training a dog for swimming?

There is a wide range of lists having tips for training Dogs for swimming. Having a strong grip over consistency and positive reinforcement are the common tips to involve your dog in swimming. Moreover, starting the training with small sessions and in normal water will also be a good approach. Try starting the training with a bulk of treats to keep your dog motivated and as well as interested in swimming.

Q4. What age to teach a puppy to swim?

As we discussed in this article, not all dogs are good at swimming. Therefore, it is good to start at a young age and introduce your pup to swimming. Start teaching your dog to swim after six months. At this age your pup has enough strength in him to swim independently. Start in small steps though.

Q5. Why is my dog scared of swimming? 

There are many reasons why your dog is not so fond of swimming. Simply put, it could be due to his character. We also see many dogs in our practice who have had a traumatic experience while swimming. Dogs that have swum in too cold water, or dogs that have almost suffocated. 

To wrap it up

Most of the dogs don't like to swim, and it is pretty normal in their world. Some past experience or not training your dog at a young age also puts your dog in a situation where they start hating water. Fortunately, you can prepare your dog to swim. Similarly, it is easy to get your dog to like swimming. All you have to do is to be consistent and patient while dealing with your dog. Please don't force your dog to swim because it may get aggressive or afraid of water and get old with this fear. 

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