Dog Swimming in the Sea. Yes or No?

Dog Swimming in the Sea. Yes or No?

You live near the sea and love to swim on good sunny days! Luckily, your dog is now trained to swim. It’s time to enjoy sea waves with your darling pup.

You are a Proud Dog Parent, and want to know several things before dog swimming in the sea. Most parents ask the same question: is it okay for dogs to swim in the sea?

Dog Swimming in the Sea. Yes or No?


What are the risks of letting your dog swim in the sea 

Maybe the salty seawater forces you to think twice before letting your dog swim in the sea. Seawater is not healthy for humans, so we interpret it the same for dogs.

Know that, Seawater is beneficial for dogs in some aspects, but more exposure to salted water may cause some coat issues. Ignoring such issues and by keeping some studies in mind, we are happy to announce that

Dog swimming is pretty safe for dogs. However, you may have to consider several things.

It is important to be careful when your dog goes swimming in the sea. Keep in mind the following points:

  • Not all dogs can swim. Read more about which dogs can and cannot swim in this article.
  • What do you do during an emergency? Call 999 as soon as possible if your dog gets into trouble.
  • Is there not too much current in the sea?
  • Make sure your dog is cleaned after swimming to prevent insect bites.

Now, when you are aware that it’s okay to let your dog swim in the sea, so it’s time to bring swimming accessories. We raise this point because some important things need to be clear.

Considering online sites or companies to buy dog accessories is not a good decision at all. Most of the sites are scams because they sell the wrong products with fake information. Their only motive is to get money, even at the cost of your dog's health.

Although swimming is a fun activity, it should be kept safe when about your dog’s life. Selecting wrong or bad quality products may put your dog’s life at risk. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to follow the right information and buy good products. Visiting dog stores will be a good option instead of approaching online sites.

On the other hand, to fetch the right information, you must read How to let your dog swim and be safe. We prefer this book because of its free and easy-to-access nature. Along with, it’s all in one book when it’s about dogs and swimming.

Is it OK to let your dog swim in Sea/Ocean?

Again, yes, it’s OK for a dog to swim in the sea. It's a fun activity and rich in several benefits.  It’s time to discuss some important factors to consider when dogs are swimming in the ocean.

Is it OK to let your dog swim in Sea/Ocean?

Tip 1: Avoid rough water

Although swimming is suitable for your dog, you must avoid putting them in rough water. It is highly recommended to pay close attention when your dog is swimming and not let it go deep in rough water. Make sure that you are using the right kind of dog swimming accessories. Dog accessories make it easy for the owner to access their dog even within the water. Please keep your dog in low waves and slow water for the sake of its health and life.

Tip 2: Don't let your dog drink seawater

It's no surprise that seawater is salty. Your dog may try to drink this salted water while swimming in the sea or ocean. It is not a good idea for your dog to drink seawater. To avoid this behavior, you must bring fresh water for your darling pup so it will not drink seawater. Drinking seawater mainly causes diarrhea or dehydration in your dog. According to the EBook, swimming is less fun and more responsibility for the owner.

Tip 3: Be careful with sea wildlife

Sea is a big source of wildlife which is not ignorable, especially while swimming with your dog. Your dog should not lick or eat shellfish, starfish, or jellyfish because all of these are toxic substances. Keep your dog in low water so you can determine the presence of such wildlife.

Tip 4: Keep observing your dog for irregular breathing.

As mentioned above, swimming is more responsibility and less fun for the dog parents. As a responsible dog parent, you must keep paying attention to your dog's movements, such as breathing. There is a possibility that toxic substances or saltwater causes vomiting or scratching in your dog while swimming in the ocean. Take your dog out of the water if you find it exhausted or encountering wildlife.

It's time to shortlist some of your questions to cover more details within the same discussion.

Is it possible for my dog to get diseases from swimming in the see? 

One risk is that your dog will swim in the sea and catch a disease. If your dog comes into contact with polluted water then he may become ill. An infection always has to be treated or your dog could die.

Let your dog swimming in the sea

The biggest worry when your dog is swimming in the sea is that he will be pulled along by the current. Because seawater is very salty, there is a risk that your dog will get diarrhea. In the dog practice of Proud Dog Parents we also regularly see dogs that vomit because they have swallowed salt water.

If your dog suffers from anxiety attacks or seizures, make sure you are extra careful.

FAQs related to dog swimming in the sea

Q1. Why should dogs not swim in the sea?

If your dog is not properly trained and you are out of essential accessories, you should not swim in the sea. Along with this, there is a possibility that your dog may start drinking salted water that causes dehydration in your dog. Dehydration, vomiting, or diarrhea are some reasons why it is not recommended to let your dog swim in the ocean.

Q2. Is salted water bad for dogs?

Salted water is bad for your dog's health because it may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. However, salty water is less harmful to dogs as compared to humans. But still, there are many recommendations to keep your dog away from salted water. Make sure that your dog is not drinking seawater while swimming in it.

Q3. Why should dogs not swim for too long?

Although swimming is good, swimming too long is not something for your dog. Swimming under a specific duration improves your dog's mental health and reduces stress. While on the other hand, if your dog is swimming too long, it may get stressed and some related health issues. Most of the time, excessive exercise reverse all of its benefits and causes several problems to your dog.

To wrap it up

In the end, you are completely aware that swimming is allowed for your dog. However, there are some guidelines to follow. Scroll the page and read the guide carefully to know about precautions or recommendations while allowing your dog to swim in the sea. According to our ebook, it will be good to bring all essential accessories before letting your dog swim in the ocean. Make sure that the overall situation is under control when your dog is swimming, even in the pool.

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What are your experiences with swimming in the sea? Does your dog like this or not? Share your experiences with other proud dog parents! 😀

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