Should you feed your dog raw dog food?

Should you feed your dog raw dog food?

yes, why not!

Pet owners are increasingly turning to raw food for their animals. Choosing a raw food for your pet is a popular choice because it is more natural and far less processed than the majority of commercial pet diets now available. Others give their pets a raw diet so it makes sense to them that when they feed dogs and their family a decent diet, then it makes sense to feed the pets in same manner as they do themselves. Alternatively, other people simply give raw since their dogs enjoy it!

Should you feed your dog raw food

We've compiled our 10 leading reasons for making the move to raw foods:

Raw food is easily absorbed by nature

When it comes to feeding your pet, a raw food diet is the most natural option. Just like us, dogs benefit from entire foods instead of synthetic vitamins, which are frequently added after the fact during the production process of kibble or canned food. In order for dogs to thrive, they need a diet that's high in high-quality protein yet low in carbs and sugar. No fillers, additives, or chemicals are included in our raw pet food recipes because these ingredients make it more difficult for your pet to digest.

Skin and coat in good condition

The skin of your dog is the greatest organ in her body. When your dog's body is receiving the nutrition and vitamins it need, it is visible through his or her coat! In the same way, vice versa. The minerals in raw food are more accessible for canines to digest than the nutrients in commercially packaged meals, allowing their organs to receive the necessary nutrients less efficiently than they would otherwise. Raw pet food is also naturally rich in active enzymes, which aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients by dogs. Dogs have a more difficult time absorbing carbs, lipids, and protein if they do not have these enzymes. Dandelions, dry skin, or thin or rough fur development are all possible consequences of this condition. You will find a change in the skin and hair of your pet after converting them to raw food. You will also notice less they shed!

A reduction in the smell of a dog

When canines consume food that is heavy in fillers, chemicals, or preservatives, it can result in the development of an unpleasant odor known as 'doggy smell.' In order to get the benefits for your dog's skin and hair, the skin generates less odour-filled oils as a result of the treatment. The digestive system of your pet is also better maintained on a raw diet, which often results in a reduction or elimination of doggy gas.

There will be less excrement to scoop

Granules, peas, maize and other additives included in commercial pet food are not normally found in a dog's diet and should be avoided if possible. Due to the fact that these substances are more difficult for the pet to digest, they result in more waste. A raw diet includes meat, organs, and bone - all of which are natural foods for dogs to digest. The elements in raw dog food could be quickly broken down and converted into fuel, resulting in less waste being produced overall. The feces will also get stiffer, after several days, they will turn chalky and disintegrate more quickly than usual.

Allergic reactions are reduced

However, while diet is the most widely cited cause of pet allergies, many food allergies are actually an accumulation of intolerances heaped on top of one another until the pet's immune system is no longer able to defend the body. It is believed that poor gut health is a key source of immune system stress and fatigue. Unfortunately, many of the additives used in kibble as well as other commercially made pet diets are not naturally appropriate for dogs and can induce digestive stress, which can lead to immune system impairment and other health problems. Over time, intolerances might progress to the point where they cause allergic reactions. The most common allergic reactions are skin rashes, itchy paws, skin infections, digestion and musculoskeletal problems, to name a few. A natural raw food for your furry buddy can assist to decrease or eliminate the symptoms of allergy symptoms in your pet.

Support for the immune system

Iron Will Raw, in contrast to commercial pet food, contains only components that your dog was biologically created to consume. By reducing your pet's exposure to fillers, chemicals, and species-inappropriate foods, your dog's body will be able to devote its energy to other tasks, such as dealing with external and environmental stressors. Raw food also is naturally high in moisture, which helps to maintain the organ health of your canine companion.

Enhanced physical and mental energy

When your dog is healthy and happy, he or she will have more energy! Because a critical boost pet food is devoid of unnecessary chemicals and fillers, less energy is required for the digestion of carbohydrates and sugars. You'll most likely notice a noticeable difference in your dog's energy level after switching to raw food.

Hydration has been improved

Fresh, raw food has a higher water content than professionally prepared pet food, allowing your pet to experience pure, natural hydration. Due to the fact that dogs on the a raw diet obtain their hydration from their meal, they usually drink more water than their kibble-fed peers.

Weight management is simple

Did you know that up to 50% of canines are considered overweight? Your pet's weight can be managed naturally by feeding them a raw diet, which also improves their overall health! The absence of additional carbohydrates and sugars in raw pet food means that your pet will have a more difficult time burning off the calories in kibble. Irresistible Force Only biologically acceptable ingredients including non-glycemic green vegetables are used in the preparation of raw pet food, which naturally aids your dog in maintaining his or her ideal body weight.

It organically cleans the teeth

Pet food with a high sugar content, such as commercially made dog food, provides an excellent environment for hazardous bacteria to flourish, resulting in a variety of dental problems for dogs. Kibble or canned food might become lodged in your dog's teeth, causing plaque, tartar, and bad breath to build up over time. It is less likely that raw food will stick to your dog's teeth, which will help maintain his mouth healthy. Moreover, raw food contains occurs naturally enzymes that are beneficial to dental health.

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