Which dog breeds are aggressive?

Which dog breeds are aggressive?

Want to know which dog breeds are the safest for kids if you're thinking about getting one as a family pet? This study revealed that various groups and "experts" have varied views on which breeds of dogs are the "most violent," thus below are the 10 breeds on which most sources appear to agree.

Typically, aggressive dog behavior involves a threat to another individual being displayed by a dog.  Behaviors like barking, biting, lunging, and growling are all examples of aggressive behavior. Territorial defensiveness and protectiveness, fear, and social anxiety are all possible reasons for these actions.

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Let’s know about the dog breeds known for their aggression.


According to the American Kennel Club, the Chihuahua is the world's tiniest recognized dog breed. Toy dogs are those weighing 4 to 6 pounds or less and belong to the "toy" category of canine breeds. If you're looking for a variety, go for medium-length hair in a variety of colors.

Chihuahuas have their roots in the State of Mexico of Chihuahua, thus their name, and are among the oldest dog breeds in the United States. Christopher Columbus, the great colonizer, brought it to Europe for the first time.


The AKC places the Dachshund in the "hound" breed category. They might be as small as 8 pounds or as large as 32 pounds, and their hair can be any natural color or length.

Badger hunting was their primary use when they were developed in 17th-century Germany. A century ago, the breed was almost extinct, but it has rebounded to become famous dogs in America today.

Chow Chow

It is classified by the AKC as a "non-sporting" medium-sized dog. Depending on the breed, they might weigh anywhere from 45 to 70 pounds, and their long, thick coats can be any color from red to black to blue to cream to cinnamon.

It is unclear where the Chow originated, although it is thought to have originated either in China or Mongolia, where they were mostly utilized as hunt and herding dogs throughout the prehistoric period. President Calvin Coolidge had one as a pet, and it became popular in the United States during the 20th century.

Doberman pinscher

The American Kennel Club classifies Doberman Pinschers as "working" breeds of medium size. Depending on the color, they can weigh anywhere from 70–80 lbs and also have dense, glossy, short-haired coats in any of the following colors: red, black, blue, or fawn.

Karl Louis Doberman, a German engineer, is credited with creating the breed. The tax collector he was working for desired a canine that he could bring with him to more hazardous locations for protection.


The AKC classifies the Dalmatian as a "working" medium-sized dog. White with black or brown patch short, dense glossy coats vary in size from 45 to 60 pounds.

The Dalmatian's actual ancestry remains a mystery. Similar dogs can be seen pulling chariots in ancient Egyptian tomb art. They've been utilized as security dogs for carriages and goods ever since the late 18th century.

Socialization of Dalmatians should begin at a young age. They get along well with youngsters, but if their owner doesn't give them enough care, they may develop behavioral problems.

Their high level of energy needs frequent opportunities for them to release it via play and exercise.


The Rottweiler belongs to the "working" breed category and is classified as a big dog. Short-haired with straight, thick coats that are often dark with rusty or mahogany markings, they may weigh anywhere from 85 to 130 pounds.

The little German village of Rottweil gave its name to the Rottweiler dog breed. However, Rottweiler was abbreviated from its original name, the "Rottweil butcher's dog." Livestock herding and wolf hunting were only two of their early jobs. Later, they were popular as security dogs in the United States, and many were used by the armed services and law enforcement.

FAQs related to aggressive dog breeds

Which of your dogs is the most ferocious?

One of the most violent dog breeds, according to a recent survey of much more than 9,000 dogs, is the rough collie. According to a study conducted by the university of Helsinki, smaller dogs are more prone than mid-sized and big dogs to act aggressively, snarl, snap, and bark.

The most human deaths have been recorded by which breed of dog.

According to the infographic below, Pit Bulls are still the most lethal dog breed in the United States, responsible for the deaths of 284 humans in the last 13 years, or 66% of all dog-related deaths. Even though the breed only accounts for 6.5% of the overall dog population in the United States.

Is it possible to treat a dog that has become violent?

Is it Possible to Cure Aggression? ... However, curing a violent dog isn't always possible. Managing a dog's issue by minimizing his exposure to situations, people, or things that set him off is the only option in many cases. When coping with an aggressive dog, you always run the danger of being attacked yourself.

Aggression in dogs can have a variety of causes

Dogs often act violently against other dogs out of fear. For several reasons, a dog may exhibit fear-based behavior, including a scarred past with other dogs and maltreatment at the hands of former owners.

To wrap it up

Do you know dogs vary in their habits and behavior depending on the breed? If you have read the article, you will have the idea that we covered the most aggressive breeds in the dog's world. You will have to treat pups according to their nature, so you must know about the breeds. To know more about dogs and their issues, explore proud dog parents.

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