My aggressive dog jumps. Help!

My aggressive dog jumps. Help!

An aggressive dog is a bad reality. But, do you know what’s worse than this? It’s when your dog jumps in aggression. It means your dog is another level of its anger and it can even tear someone down if not controlled. We can’t live without our dog but living with an aggressive dog is getting complex.

It's good that you are seeking help from authentic sources and hence get interacted with proud dog parents. Proud dog parents are intended to help dog owners taking good care of their pups. We are here with a detailed and easy-to-follow guide to help you.

At the same time, we want you to ignore online sites when it’s about getting dog products. Such sites are selling wrong information and accessories without even considering your dog’s health. Their only purpose is to grab money by putting your dog at risk.

So let's jump to the main topic and solve the aggressive dog jump issue.

Reward positive behavior

Firstly, know about the good and bad dog behavior. When your dog is jumping whether it’s aggressively or in happiness, stop it. Jumping is not an ideal dog behavior and you should not appreciate it at any cost.

You came home after a long day and your dog is ready to greet you by jumping. You may not find anything wrong with this behavior but it’s the root problem. When your dog is jumping in happiness and you are not stopping it, it means you are allowing it to jump in aggression. Dogs don’t understand the difference in energies and react the same way.

Therefore, you must stop your dog even when it’s jumping in excitement. It would be good if you offer him a treat when it’s behaving well.

You must not have a treat in your hand when the dog is jumping over you. Rewarding its calm behavior will let it understand the right way to grab a treat.

Verbal commands

Adopting a dog is not the end of the story you must make some effort to raise a well-mannered puppy. As a responsible dog owner, you must understand the fact that dog training starts from the first day it steps into your home. In this way, you must teach some basic verbal cues to your darling dog. There is nothing wrong if we say that verbal cues or commands are the parents' magical stick to use when their dog is having behavioral issues. For example, when it's about stopping a dog from jumping aggressively you must use a sit-down command.

You should be aware of the right time and right way to use verbal cues if you want your dog to behave well. When your dog is jumping aggressively you must say a verbal cue in an upbeat tone to grab your dog's attention. In this way, your dog will obey the order and stop jumping. According to proud dog parents, teaching your dog about verbal commands is the easiest way to cope with behavioral issues.

Distract your dog

Relating this point with verbal cues, try to distract your dog.  We are not in favor of yelling or being aggressive with dogs because it may make the situation worse. Instead, you can divert your dog's attention from jumping by using some nice way. Offering toys or using verbal commands are the recommended way when it's about distracting your dog.

Note that you must not offer treats or food when your dog is throwing tantrums. There is a chance that dogs may interpret this as wrong and Associate the way of getting a treat to aggression and jumping. Therefore you must be smart enough to distract your dog using some strategy.

Don’t give attention

I completely agree with your point that ignoring our dog is not easy for us. But we have to do this to raise a well-behaved dog. Let's imagine that it's not aggression aggression but just your dog's way to grab your attention. So when you are trying to stop it and even yelling at it, you are doing what your dog wants you to do. This is the reason we recommend you ignore your dog when it is showing aggression but there is no Trigger.

FAQs related to dog aggression

Is it possible to solve the aggressive dog jump issue?

Yes, it is possible to solve an aggressive dog and related issues. If the condition is still under your control then you should try to solve it at home by following the guide. While on the other hand if your dog's aggression is getting worse with its growing age then you must hire a professional. Training classes are another available option for you when you want to reduce dog aggression.

Should it muzzle train my aggressive dog?

Yes, why not. You must train your dog to carry a muzzle without denying it. A muzzle-trained dog is easy to handle when it's about reducing the barking issues and especially while grooming it. Walking a dog and hanging out with a dog becomes easy when it’s on a muzzle.

Should I train my aggressive dog to be social?

Yes, you must Train your aggressive dog to be social because it may reduce its anger issues. While training your dog to be social you must focus on its introduction to other animals and people. Training classes for hiring a professional trainer may help you in this condition.

To wrap it up

According to us, living with a dog is not just fun but it's a great responsibility on our shoulders. All of us wished to raise a well-mannered and friendly dog. But sometimes the triggers or behavioral issues in our dogs make them aggressive and hence they start jumping over people in their aggression. But the good point is that handling dog aggression is not as difficult as we think it is. If you have read the guide you will have some idea about the natural ways to manage dog aggression without even the help of a third person. Proud dog parent is available for your assistance so you must explore this site to solve dog issues

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