How to handle aggressive dog growling?

How to handle aggressive dog growling?

You want to enjoy hanging out with your dog but what’s that it just starts growling!

Aggressive dog growling is something that must be fixed at the right time. None of us want an aggressive and ill-mannered dog. That’s the reason you are here finding a proper solution to solve dog anger issues.

Firstly, let me take a moment to appreciate the effort that you choose to seek help from an authentic platform. You will be happy to know that handling aggressive dog growling is quite easy. 

Proud dog parent is intended to help dog owners taking better care of their darling pups. We are here with a detailed guide containing easy ways to fix aggressive dog issues. Just keep yourself engaged with the blog and try to follow it.

Note that, don't be fooled by the fake sites offering the wrong dog products. Most of the online sites are selling false information that is not helpful for dog parents. Their only motive is to earn money without even considering the dog's health. Therefore, make some effort to approach authentic sources.

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Let’s jump to the method of handling aggressive dog growling.

Be calm

Within the list of the ways to stop aggressive dog growling, the first one is your calmness. We believe that dogs get aggressive when you deal with them aggressively. That is the reason we ask you to be gentle when it’s about handling your aggressive dog.

Even, aggression or yelling is never going to help you and hence work as a trigger for your pup. There is nothing wrong if we say that yelling is nothing less than oil in the fire.

According to me dogs copy their owner's behavior and keep noticing how they react in situations. Maybe that's the reason your dog is reacting aggressively even when you are asking them to stop.

You may wonder to know that dogs can feel your vibe and as well as energy and react accordingly. So, by keeping all such points in mind we suggest the parents be calm with their dogs.


I know it’s something new for you to ignore your dog but it’s very important.

Do you know dogs growl to grab your attention! Yes, it’s not always the triggers that's forcing your dog to growl but it also happens when your pup needs some attention.

Dogs are experts in the association. They may associate your reactions with their behavior and then repeat such behavior for a similar reaction. It’s obvious that most of us try to stop our dogs from growling and that's the mistake we do. Dogs interpret this as a means to get your attention and growl very often. Therefore, learn to ignore your dog especially when there is no other reason.

Ignoring your dog while it’s growling will let it understand that it’s not the right way to get your attention.

It would be better to reward your dog when it’s calm and not growling or getting aggressive.  Practicing the tip means raising a well-mannered dog without even hiring a professional.

Distract your dog

If you can’t ignore your dog then you must distract it! Now the question is that how to distract my dog from certain behavior.

Distracting your dog is not tricky at all. You just have to throw attention-grabbing words such as verbal commands.

Let me take a moment to ask, did you teach basic commands to your dog at a young age? If not, then go back to this and make some effort to train your dog to react accordingly to commands.

Verbal commands such as "stop this" or "listen to me" will help you out in such situations.

Visit Vet

If you have tried all of the above-mentioned ways to handle aggressive dogs and still have no improvement then you must visit the vet. Arranging a trip to the vet is the last available option. However, before moving ahead to medicine, first, try the natural ways.

You must understand the fact that prolonged and untreated dog aggression makes the condition worst. Aggression may lead to further mental issues along with destructive behavior.

FAQs related to aggressive dog handling

Is it possible to handle aggressive dogs?

Yes, it is possible to handle aggressive dog issues by following proper ways for it. All you have to do is to be calm while dealing with your dog. It will be good to visit a vet to know the actual reason your dog is behaving aggressively. Moreover, it would be good to distract your dog when there is some Trigger in the surroundings. Although it is difficult you must ignore the aggression and try rewarding your dog's good behavior.

Should I hire a professional trainer for aggressive dogs?

Yes, you must hire a professional Trainer for your aggressive dog especially when you are involved in some busy routine. When your dog's aggression is getting worse, you must seek help from a professional trainer. In this way, you can get a well-mannered dog within no time.

Are training classes helpful to solve aggressive dog issues?

Of course, training classes are considered the best solution to help your dog overcome its anger issues. Training classes not just treat your dog aggression but create a proper exercise routine and reduce the other behavioral issues. They make sure your dog is behaving well towards other animals and even strangers. Therefore it is a good idea to get your dog regular in a training class if you want to solve its anger issues

To wrap it up

Dog aggression and growling should be treated at the right time. As a parent, you must understand that untreated dog aggression leads to further issues such as destructive behavior. An aggressive dog is less companion and more dangerous for others. You can’t take your aggressive dog out for a walk or exercise because you never know when it will attack others. Even, people stop coming to your home because of your dog's aggression. Solve this problem by reading the guide presented to you by proud dog parents. To know more about dog-related stuff, explore the website.

Also download our free ebook: Be Kind: Less Aggression, more love! In this ebook, our dog experts explain how to deal with an aggressive dog. 

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